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A mobile phone showing BBC News headlines
Keep up to date with the latest BBC News headlines in video on your mobile.

The BBC News Channel headlines summary, which is recorded for interactive TV and carried on the BBC News website, is available for you to watch whenever you want on your connected handheld device.

The news is updated round the clock and the summary is typically two to three minutes long, covering five to eight top stories.

To access the video headlines go to on your mobile and click on the video headlines link.

The BBC News video is free for you to access but your network operator will charge you for the amount of data you use. We recommend you check with your operator how much this is likely to cost before you begin.

See below for more information and terms and conditions.

How can I watch video on my mobile?
You will need a video compatible mobile device and media player to watch our video content. You must also have your SIM card activated to receive data. For more information, contact your mobile operator. This service is only available in the UK.

Which formats do you support?
For this service we support 3GP, Real Media and Windows Media file formats.

How much will it cost?
The BBC does not charge you or your network operator to watch the video. However, your operator will charge you for the amount of data you use.

You may find some costs are included in your existing price plan or that you can opt for a 'data package' or 'data packet' monthly fee that gives reduced charges for accessing the internet. If you are not sure what is included in your price plan, please contact your mobile phone provider.

Please ensure you fully understand your payment plan before using this service.

How do I play a video?
Simply select the appropriate link and follow the on-screen prompts. The video should automatically start playing in the

A video headlines summary on a phone
default media player software on your device.

My phone is telling me it has run out of memory. What should I do? You may need to create more free space by deleting some files - such as text messages, pictures and video clips.

Can I improve the sound quality?
Typically, mobile phones with built-in speakers offer low sound quality. For an improved user experience we recommend you use a headset.

Can you SEND me the link to the BBC News homepage?
If you text NEWS to 81010 we will send you a text message containing a link to the BBC News homepage. Each SMS message sent to the BBC for this service will cost 10-15p (network charges vary).

The BBC cannot guarantee that the link will work on your handset. So far as may be permitted by law, the BBC disclaims all liability for any loss or damage.

Why can't I get a connection to the content?
Please ensure that data services are enabled on your SIM card and that the correct settings have been entered into your media player.

How do I send you feedback?
Please let us know of any problems you encounter with this service. You can SMS your comments to 07764335616 or send an email to Please note that the BBC cannot respond to all feedback received.

Terms and Conditions

The BBC grants you a non-exclusive licence to the video file(s) only for your personal, non-commercial use and as otherwise set out in the BBC's Terms of Use. You may not download, edit, or use this file for the purpose of promoting, advertising, endorsing or implying a connection with you (or any third party) and the BBC, its agents or employees. The BBC will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result of or connected with the download or use of this file. For more information visit our website at

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