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Scrubbing Up: climate change

In this week's Scrubbing Up, paediatrician Dr Tony Waterston warns there will be a devastating human health cost unless we reduce our carbon footprint.

What do you think? Here are some of the comments you have been sending in to this week's Scrubbing Up.


"This doesn't mean everyone giving up meat! But just one meat-free day a week could make a difference to health as well as to the climate."

Yes... but is it really responsible to be encouraging people to eat meat six days a week?
Charley, Derby, UK

I for one am completely sick of hearing about this carbon footprint nonsense. Nobody in my estimation has come up with definitive proof that 'climate change' is caused by human activity. I'm also concerned that CO2 is now considered a 'pollutant' despite it being 100% necessary for life on earth. Now saying that by driving a car with a slightly larger engine than my neighbour I'm condemning children across the world to death... it beggars belief. Who decides that 200g/km is so much worse than 150g/km for example? Its all arbitrary, there's no scientific evidence to prove the link between human activity and warming, and its all an excuse to tax people on all aspects of human activity I.E. the production of CO2.
Mark Johnson, Reading, UK

I live a low-ish carbon lifestyle; I eat only plant based foods, never smoke or take alcohol or other drugs, cycle, walk or use public transport, exercise regularly, meditate, buy mostly locally grown food, buy 2nd hand or recycled stuff, consume as little as possible, live in a well insulated house etc, etc.

I seem to be very fit and healthy, look about 15 years younger than I am and enjoy a calm, slow and relaxed life. Low carbon IS good for you as well as helping the whole world.
Prue, Birmingham, UK

Climate change means that nature will reduce human population world-wide, by means of disease and starvation. Human-kind will wage wars over resources such as water and further reduce population levels. All this as a result of our failure to maintain sustainable population levels and to live in a sustainable manner - nature will redress the balance, we are too thick and greedy to do it for ourselves.
Scott, London, UK

Whilst I remain a sceptic when it comes to the whole climate change caused by humans idea, there is not doubt that we are ruining the planet we live on and something has to be done.

To hear arguments put across from respected doctors brings a refreshing change from the government telling us, who I think hardly anyone trusts to do anything but find new ways to Tax us, something which the whole "green" idea seems to be building towards.
David Craddock, Warrington, UK

This is all very well, but all the gains we make will be for nothing unless Global Population Control (GPC) is tackled simultaneously.
Kim Martin, Aylesbury, UK

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