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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 October 2007, 23:33 GMT 00:33 UK
NHS health check 2007: Facts and figures
The Healthcare Commission has published its in-depth analysis of the performance of England's 394 NHS trusts across a range of categories over the past year.

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The commission assessed the trusts on a series of criteria, focusing on their quality of service and use of resources.

Each trust was graded either excellent, good, fair or weak.

Quality of Services

The services measure included patient access, safety and the way the services are run.

The ratings reflect how well the organisation met basic standards of care and how it performed against existing and new national targets.

Use of Resoruces

The resources measure gauged financial performance - not just whether it was in debt - and included how it monitors spending and whether it provides value for money.


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The total number of organisations fell from 570 last year.

More than half of mental health trusts received a score of excellent for quality of services, and 55% received a score of excellent or good for use of resources.

The performance of Primary Care Trusts was the poorest for the second year running.


There are four Healthcare Commission regions: Central, London and South East, South West and North.

The Central region performed best for quality of services, with 21% of trusts scoring excellent, and a further 29% scoring good.

The South West region performed least well, with only 19% of trusts scoring good, and 16% scoring weak.

Regional comparison - Quality of Services

In terms of use of resources, the North region performed best, with 46% of trusts scoring excellent or good and 16% scoring weak.

London and South East performed least well with 34% of trusts scoring weak, and only 10% scoring excellent.

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The Central region fares well in the new-style assessment, with the highest percentage of organisations achieving an excellent or good ranking for quality of services, and the lowest percentage of weak rankings.

The South West has the highest percentage of organisations ranked weak.

On use of resources, the North region, which has the largest number of high-performing foundation trusts, fares best.

Regional comparison - Use of Resoruces


Last year, only two organisations scored Excellent for both quality of services and use of resources. This year 19 achieved excellence in both categories, including the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust for the second year running.


Trusts achieving excellence for quality of services and use of resources

Trust Type Quality of Services Use of Resources
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Acute Excellent Excellent
Birmingham Children's Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Calderdale and Huddersfield Acute Excellent Excellent
Cambridge University Hospitals Acute Excellent Excellent
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Chesterfield Royal Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Frimley Park Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Guy's and St Thomas' Acute Excellent Excellent
Heart of England Acute Excellent Excellent
Liverpool Womens Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Papworth Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Queen Victoria Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
Salford Royal Acute Excellent Excellent
Sheffield Children's Acute Excellent Excellent
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Acute Excellent Excellent
The Royal Marsden Acute Excellent Excellent
Yeovil District Hospital Acute Excellent Excellent
South Essex Partnership Mental Health Excellent Excellent
South Staffordshire Healthcare Mental Health Excellent Excellent

A total of 20 trusts scored weak in both sectors, compared to 24 last year. Four of the 20 scored weak for both for the second year running: Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


Trusts scoring weak for quality of services and use of resources

Trust Type Quality of Services Use of Resources
Great Western Ambulance Service Ambulance Weak Weak
Yorkshire Ambulance Service Ambulance Weak Weak
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Acute Weak Weak
Northern Devon Acute Weak Weak
Royal Cornwall Hospitals Acute Weak Weak
Royal United Hospital Bath Acute Weak Weak
Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Acute Weak Weak
Surrey and Sussex Acute Weak Weak
West Hertfordshire Hospitals Acute Weak Weak
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Acute Weak Weak
Cumbria PCT Weak Weak
Devon PCT Weak Weak
East and North Hertfordshire PCT Weak Weak
Leicestershire County And Rutland PCT Weak Weak
Luton Teaching PCT Weak Weak
Mid Essex PCT Weak Weak
Sheffield PCT Weak Weak
Surrey PCT Weak Weak
West Hertfordshire PCT Weak Weak
Wiltshire PCT Weak Weak
PCT = Primary Care Trust


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