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Last Updated: Monday, 15 January 2007, 18:24 GMT
Defending the IVF doctor
Panorama looks at the evidence against the man named as Britain's most successful test-tube baby doctor, on his offering unnecessary and unproven therapies to women seeking fertility treatment, potentially risking their health by offering unproven treatments.

Mohamed Taranissi, whose wealth is calculated by Sunday Times Rich List researchers to be 38m, has produced 2,300 babies in the past seven years for clients who regard him as a miracle maker.

So was he getting rich by playing on couples' hopes for creating a family? Three former patients of Mr Taranissi tell the BBC News website of their experiences.

Fergus' Story

My wife Georgina and I had two sons after treatment at Mr Taranissi's clinic.

Previously my wife had suffered a stillborn child and two miscarriages. Our first child Ryan was born in August 2001 as a result of conventional IVF treatment at the clinic when my wife was 41.

Our second son Ben, born in November 2003, was conceived after a treatment we were told wasn't sanctioned and was highly controversial.

The total cost of treatment was around 14,000. Nevertheless, I do not doubt Mr Taranissi's motives. In the time we were there he was working very long hours, seven days a week.

Conditions at the clinic were sometimes chaotic because of lack of staff but we never felt Mr Taranissi was trying to rip us off. He's very successful and we trusted him.

Virginia's Story

Virginia from Great Dunmow in Essex has two daughters: three-year-old Eleanor and Georginia, who is two, born after treatment at Mr Taranissi's assisted reproductive and gynaecology centre.

Ginny and husband Chris had been trying for a baby for three or four years.

I had a year's IVF treatment at a hospital which was unsuccessful. I looked on the website run by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and saw that Mr Taranissi's clinic had the best results.

When faced with the possibility of not having children of course you try to go the place which produces results if you can.

They picked up on a problem with my eggs that no-one else had noticed. I had one full IVF cycle and some of the eggs were used in a second, natural cycle.

Both were successful at a cost of around 5,000. Mr Taranissi was fantastic and without him I would not be a mother.

Linda's Story

Linda tried for seven years to have a child before her son was born after treatment at the clinic.

I had blood tests which might have highlighted why I had a previous miscarriage. I felt very cared for and nurtured.

The staff gave me hope every step of the way which is what you want as a patient.

We went to the clinic after noticing its success rate. Seven months after my son was born I fell pregnant naturally. I have no proof but I feel my treatment at the clinic may have set up my body to conceive successfully.

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