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'I don't get food I get at home'

Bert Goodes
Bert Goodes is a vegetarian

Bert Goodes has reached the ripe old age of 97 by following a vegetarian diet of organic food for the last 50 years.

However, since he has been hospitalised following a stroke, his weight has tumbled and now he is at risk of malnutrition.

His situation isn't helped by his strict dietary regime.

The hospital does its best, but cannot always provide the organic food that Bert swears by.

"Pretty grim isn't it? I've lost a stone, can't believe that," he said.

I'm interested in food, but I don't get food here that I cook for myself at home
Bert Goodes

"I noticed my legs have got thinner, but I didn't realise I'd lost 14 pounds (6.35kg).

"I wouldn't think I would be suffering from malnutrition in hospital.

"I'm sitting about all day - I should have gained weight, sitting around for five weeks.

"I'm interested in food, but I don't get the food here that I cook for myself at home.

"I pick at the food I have here - I've lost my appetite a bit, because I only eat organic food at home and they don't have that here.

"My friends bring in fruit - apples, nuts, dates, pears and bananas.

"In hospital I have yoghurts and rice puddings and sometimes rhubarb crumble."


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