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Tuesday, May 11, 1999 Published at 14:24 GMT 15:24 UK

Labour seeking Welsh partner
Labour faces having to negotiate a coalition to run the Welsh Assembly after a record performance by Plaid Cymru denied it an overall majority.
Slow turnout as politicians cast votes
Polling stations across Wales have reported a slow turn out as voting got under way for the National Assembly elections.
Funding row dominates Welsh campaign
The final countdown to the National Assembly elections on Thursday has seen the main parties caught up in a bitter row over a crucial 1bn European package for Wales.
Greens' poster stunt
The Green Party in Wales has ended its campaign with calls for Labour voters to use their second vote for a 'green option'.
Health managers fear populism in Wales
Welsh health managers have spoken of their fears that the Welsh Assembly's lack of financial powers will mean it may concentrate on populist rather than strategic issues.
Lib Dems rule out Welsh separatism
The Lib Dems say they will "not be party" to any attempts by Plaid Cymru to use the National Assembly to make Wales independent.
Chancellor makes flying Welsh visit
Gordon Brown urges the Welsh electorate to back Labour with both their votes in a whistlestop tour of the principality.
The best women for the job
Welsh politics will have a greater female focus after 6 May - and nowhere more than Delyn where all four main candidates are women.
End nears of 'eerie' campaign
With the vote only days away, there is concern over how many people will vote on 6 May, writes BBC Wales political editor Glyn Mathias.
Welsh education consensus breaks down
BBC Wales Education Correspondent Julie Barton on the key education policies of the main parties contesting the Welsh Assembly elections.
Pausing for the final push
With four days to go, the main parties relaxed, though the Tories faced tensions over their internal leadership battle.
'Vote twice for Labour'
Prime Minister Tony Blair and his deputy John Prescott have visited Wales to urge people to vote twice for Labour in the assembly elections.
Plaid challenge Blair on funds
Plaid Cymru has challenged Prime Minister Tony Blair to match European Union funds for revitalising the poorest parts of Wales.
Greens add colour to 'grey' campaign
The issue of genetically modified foods has crept unto the agenda for the Welsh Assembly elections as the Green Party have called for a complete ban on such crops being grown in Wales.
Tories attacked on Thatcher record
Welsh Tory leader Rod Richards has come under a blistering attack for symbolising the "contemptuous" Thatcherite past in Wales.
'Meditation could end Kosovo conflict'
The Natural Law Party in Wales has unveiled its campaign for the assembly elections by saying meditation could end the Kosovan conflict as well as problems of health and poverty in Wales.
Labour faces dither charge
Labour has been accused of "dithering" over health budgets in Wales, causing confusion for health authorities already millions of pounds in the red.
Plaid's vision of 'learning country'
Plaid Cymru aims to see Wales match the economic success of Ireland by creating a workforce for the future.
Battle bicyle brings Celtic Alliance
Writer Tom Davies is championing the cause of the arts and sport in Wales with a message from the heart - 'national pride is the name of the game'.
Welsh Campaign Diary
David Cornock, BBC Wales parliamentary correspondent, looks at an election campaign enlivened by preachers, manic and otherwise.
Labour's giant cheque for health
Welsh Secretary Alun Michael promises to spend 1bn extra a year on health in Wales, but Tories question how he arrived at the figure.
Tories counter 'shambles' claim
The Tories have insisted that their Welsh Assembly campaign will not be hit by the party's current internal crisis over the role of the private sector in public services.
Churches appeal for Wales to vote
Christian leaders appeal to the Welsh people to use their votes in the election for the National Assembly.
Lib Dems seek Michael pay cut
Welsh Labour leader Alun Michael should take a 40,000 pay cut for failing to deliver election pledges, the Liberal Democrats say.
Plaid challenged on business
Labour lays down a challenge to Plaid Cymru to prove it is not "selling out" Welsh businesses.
A healthy debate
The Tories and Plaid Cymru both chose to turn the focus of their election campaigns on health issues in Wales on Monday.
Divorce is costly - Lib Dems
The Welsh Liberal Democrats have unleashed a strong attack on Plaid Cymru saying the party wants a divorce from the rest of the UK, a claim denied by Plaid.
Nationalists query Labour pledges
Plaid Cymru continues its attacks on Labour pledges while Ron Davies calls for the return of a historic letter written by Owain Glyndwr.
Tories and Plaid criticise Labour on health
Conservatives and Plaid Cymru have criticised Labour's record on health with less than two weeks of campaigning left before elections to the Welsh Assembly.
Welsh campaign gathers pace
Labour's so-called campaign Saturday kicks off with all parties in Wales pushing for support in vital seats.
Michael pledges Welsh nursery places
Welsh Labour leader Alun Michael has promised a nursery place for every three-year-old in Wales.
'Welsh farmers at risk'
The government's "neglect" of farming in Wales is putting the whole industry at risk, claims Plaid Cymru.
Plaid taunt Labour over Michael's seat
Welsh nationalists have been labelled "pathetic" for suggesting Alun Michael may not win his top-up seat, writes BBC Wales' Political Editor Glyn Mathais
'Nothing sinister' about Davies' job loss
Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies has said there was "nothing sinister" about his former Cabinet post being left out of an online profile on Labour's own Website.
Influencing the assembly
BBC Wales Political Reporter Simon Morris looks at how pressure groups and lobbyists will make their voices heard in the new assembly.

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