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Tuesday, July 13, 1999 Published at 14:13 GMT 15:13 UK

1997-98: Second IRA ceasefire to the Nobel Peace Prize
Prime Minister Tony Blair meets the Sinn Fein president before the Good Friday Agreement is signed.
1995-96: Clinton's visit and the end of the IRA ceasefire
The IRA ends its ceasefire with the Canary Wharf bomb and violence breaks out at loyalist parades.
1993-94 The Downing Street Declaration and the IRA ceasefire
The Downing Street Declaration marks a breakthrough and the IRA calls off military action.
1990-92: Start of the talks process
The Birmingham Six and Maguire Seven are freed and Margaret Thatcher resigns.
1988-89: Gibraltar killings and release of the Guildford Four
The SAS kills IRA members in Gibraltar and loyalist Michael Stone opens fire at the funerals.
1985-87: The Anglo-Irish Agreement
The Anglo-Irish Agreement gives Dublin a role in the north.
1981-84: Hunger strikes and the Brighton bomb
IRA hunger strikers die and a bombing campaign begins in Britain.
1976-80: The violence continues
Marches organised by the Peace People are attended by thousands.
1972-75: The failure of Sunningdale
The Sunningdale Agreement on power sharing is brought down by unionist strikes.
1970-72: Internment and Bloody Sunday
Sinn Fein splits and 13 Catholics are killed during Bloody Sunday.
1968-69: The troops are sent in
British troops are sent to protect Catholics and the Provisional IRA is founded.
1939-67: Relative calm before the storm
Eire becomes a republic outside the Commonwealth.
1923-38: The fixing of the Irish border
The UK gives up its last possessions in the south.
1921-22: The Irish Free State and civil war
The formation of the Irish Free State and the Irish civil war.
1917-20: The road to partition
The rise of Sinn Fein and the partition of Ireland.
1910-16: The 'winning' of Home Rule to the Easter Rebellion
Home Rule Bill passed - World War I breaks out.
1850-1909: Parnell, Gladstone and the battle for Home Rule
A new word - boycott - enters the English language.
1695-1850: A time of revolution and the Great Famine
The Great Famine scars the Irish consciousness.
1170-1691: From Strongbow to the establishment of Protestant ascendancy
Ulster is conquered by the Anglo-Normans.

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