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Election 2001

The van at Land's End
6 June 2001

Jeremy Vine has reached the end of his journey in the Newsnight camper van.

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Labour poster
5 June 2001

Under a decade ago, Tony Blair became the first Labour leader to admit that Margaret Thatcher got some things right. As the 2001 election draws to a close, he said it was time to put Thatcherism behind us. Labour may be trying to frighten voters with images of William Hague wearing the Iron Lady's hairstyle. But when she went out campaigning today, the crowds adored her. Martha Kearney reports on why the former leader is once again centre stage.

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Tony Blair
4 June 2001

Prime Minister Tony Blair was quizzed by Jeremy Paxman on the big issues of the election. The Labour leader moved to reassure higher rate tax payers by saying they will not be "clobbered" by a re-elected Labour government. As he insisted he had no ambition to remove incentives from top earners he used soccer star David Beckham as an example.

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Mrs Thatcher
1 June 2001

Baroness Thatcher joined William Hague's campaign against a Labour landslide today. The Party seems to be breaking an election taboo - if you are behind in the polls, never admit the possibility of defeat. Matthew Taylor of the Institute for Public Policy Research, former Tory MP Phillip Oppenheim and the Liberal Democrat Peer, Shirely Williams, came into the Newsnight studio to discuss the latest Conservative campaign tactics.

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David Blunkett
31 May 2001

The Education Secretary David Blunkett acknowledges there is a shortage of teachers, but says referring to a 'crisis' in schools discourages people from entering the profession.

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SNP leader
30 May 2001

The Scottish Nationalist's leader reacted to William Hague's presence in Scotland today by saying the Tories were anti-Scottish, extreme and unelectable. In contrast, he claims, the SNP are pro- Scottish, moderate and poised for power. Except, of course, that this is an election for the British parliament, and the SNP is not even putting up candidates in nearly 600 of the seats at Westminster. Liz MacKean reports on what they are up to.

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William Hague and Jeremy Paxman
29 May 2001

The Conservative leader William Hague is interviewed about his policies and leadership tactics by Jeremy Paxman.

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Lionel Jospin
28 May 2001

Following the new vision for the EU delivered by French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, Britain's role in Europe continues to divide the three main parties. Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Menzies Campbell, the shadow Foreign Secretary, Francis Maude and the Foreign Office Minister, Brian Wilson, debate one of the most persistent issues on the political agenda.

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Naomi Wolf
25 May 2001

Does the sudden re-appearance of many women politicians at all the political party's press conferences in the last few days simply prove that Westminster remains an unreconstructed gentlemen's club? American author Naomi Wolf examines the evidence

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Gordon Brown and Michael Portillo
24 May 2001

We are halfway through the election, although to some of you it may feel like longer. Kirsty Wark talks to the men who would be chancellor: Gordon Brown and Michael Portillo. They tell us their thoughts on tax, spend and the desire to be Prime Minister.

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Europe flag
23 May 2001

Two entirely contradictory ideas of Europe were laid out today.
The Chancellor tonight was talking about it as vital to our national prosperity. The Tories were presenting it as likely to take away our right even to tax ourselves.

Martha Kearney reports on the conundrum and Jeremy Paxman interviews Robin Cook.

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Traffic jam
22 May 2001

From Birmingham, Jeremy Vine parks up the camper van for the night for a special debate on transport.

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Hospital ward
21 May 2001

Prime Minister Tony Blair outlined his vision for the future of public services under Labour's "mission for the second term". Newsnight brought together Health Secretary Alan Milburn and Shadow Health Secretary Dr Liam Fox to discuss the issues.

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19 May 2001

Is Britain becoming a meritocracy? Equality of opportunity has to be a good thing but is that what's being created?
Cronyism, tuition fees, and more selection at school could arguably favour a middle-class elite, widening, not narrowing the divide between the social classes.
Jeremy Paxman is joined by Mark Thomas; the celebrity hairdresser and millionaire, Nicky Clarke; the Labour minister, Patricia Hewitt; and columnist, Melanie Phillips.

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18 May 2001

When New Labour came to power one of the constituencies it thought it could rely on for support was the arts community - Labour's luvvies. But although there has been more money lavished on the arts and numerous drinks parties in Downing Street .. the luvvies are falling out of love with Labour.

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John Prescott
17 May 2001

Jeremy Vine drives the Newsnight Battlebus to Hull, to find out whether John Prescott's constituents are supporting him.

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Alistair Darling
16 May 2001

Labour has launched its manifesto promising a fundamental reform of the public sector, including the extention of the use of private facilities in the health service. Social Security Secretary, Alistair Darling, came in to the studio to discuss Labour's plans with Jeremy Paxman.

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Lib Dem Manifesto
15 May 2001

The Liberal Democrat manifesto: promises of more tax for better public services, page after page of costings, but if, as they suggest, the party won't be forming the next Government, what's the point of it all?

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Jack Straw and Ann Widdecombe
14 May 2001

Tonight Newsnight turns the spotlight on Asylum.
One of the big issues in this election campaign, Jack Straw, Ann Widdecombe and Lord McNally voice their parties views on this contentious issue.

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Gordon Brown
11 May 2001

Today the big election story is tax.
Labour is promising no increase in income tax rates - the Tories are demanding no tax increases at all - so who's telling the truth about the tax we'll pay?
And some new findings on why so many young people will not be turning out to vote.

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William Hague
10 May 2001

Tax cuts for motorists, tax cuts for pensioners, tax cuts for parents, for businesses and for savers. No tax cuts for budgerigar owners, though. Their manifesto allied tax cut promises to hardline messages on issues like immigration and crime. Newsnight's political editor Martha Kearney reports.

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House of commons
9 May 2001

The last face-to-face argument between Tony Blair and William Hague, saw an encounter most watchers seem to think Hague won. Charles Kennedy appeared to commit an astonishing act of honesty by saying his party would target about 200 seats they believed they could win - but therefore making it impossible for the party to form a government. Newsnight's political editor Martha Kearney reports.

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Tony Blair
8 May 2001

The orchestration of Tuesday's announcement was the usual Labour confection of children, hymns, teethy smiles, and earnestness. The Tories and the Liberal Democrats were left gathering whatever school children and photo-opportunties they could. Our Political Editor, Martha Kearney reports.

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