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Friday, December 17, 1999 Published at 17:04 GMT

Indonesia suspends new army powers
The Indonesian Government suspends moves to introduce a new law giving the army sweeping powers, following two days of bloody protests.
Bloody clashes in Jakarta
Indonesian police fight running battles with several thousand students protesting against a new security law.
Timor chooses independence
The people of East Timor vote overwhelmingly to sever their ties with Indonesia.
Megawati confirmed Indonesia victor
The final result from the 7 June Indonesian election confirms the victory of the opposition PDI-P, led by Megawati Sukarnoputri.
Indonesia's overdue elections
The 7 June elections were the most crucial Indonesia has known: Jakarta Correspondent Jonathan Head previewed the polling.
Indonesian government promises fresh elections
At the first meeting of the new Indonesian cabinet, President Habibie has bowed to public pressure and promised to hold new elections.
New president sets out his stall
Within hours of being installed as Indonesia's first post-Suharto president, BJ Habibie promises on May 21 to press ahead with the reform process and calls for support from all levels of society.
President Suharto resigns
Indonesia faces a new political era without President Suharto, who resigned on May 21 after weeks of mounting opposition to his rule. His Vice-President BJ Habibie was sworn in immediately.
Speech that ended an epoch
The text of President Suharto's resignation speech, broadcast live from Jakarta's Merdeka Palace on May 21, and the oath of office sworn by his successor.
Indonesian parliament to ask Suharto to go
Indonesia's parliament speaker says on May 18 that MPs will ask President Suharto to step down.
Indonesian radio reports Muslim leader's speech
On May 20, Indonesian Muslim leader Amien Rais tells thousands of students gathered at the parliament to strive for peaceful and constitutional reforms.
Death toll reaches 200
Piles of charred bodies were discovered in a burned-out shopping mall on May 15 as the death toll of four days of rioting in Indonesia rises to more than 200.
'Total anarchy' in Jakarta
After a day of uncontrolled rioting and looting on May 14, security forces moved into Jakarta and President Suharto seemed to indicate intentions to step down.
Suharto appeals for national unity
President Suharto is sworn in for a seventh five-year term. He told his people on March 11 that the only way to survive the economic crisis was to remain united.
Indonesia's ethnic tension: a chronology
The economic crisis led to food riots and attacks of shops owned by ethnic-Chinese. Many of the worst attacks took place in January and February.
New commitment to IMF deal
President Suharto signs a new letter of intent with the IMF on January 15 1998. For many Indonesians this picture of their leader bowing to the will of an international bureaucrat became a symbol of national humiliation.
Indonesia's 'Annus Horribilis'
The seeds of the recent unrest were sown in 1997 . Ethnic and religious violence swept the country in the early part of the year. There was further tension in the build up to parliamentary elections in May.