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Tuesday, 6 June, 2000, 13:21 GMT 14:21 UK
Who should be England goalkeeper?

Is David Seaman still the best man to fill England's goalkeeping jersey, or are rivals like Richard Wright ready to take over?

Three recent matches at Wembley have suddenly thrown the debate over the England goalkeeping position wide open.

David Seaman, Kevin Keegan's first choice, was blamed by many observers for Brazil's equaliser against England in the friendly at the Twin Towers.

And a week before, new squad member David James of Aston Villa dropped a cross in the FA Cup final, allowing Chelsea to score their winner.

But while both these keepers faltered on the big stage, young Ipswich number one Richard Wright was sensational in the Division One play-off final, saving a penalty and making an amazing point-blank stop in the closing minutes.

So should Keegan now choose Wright or stick with the tried and tested Seaman?

Or perhaps the time has come to promote Seaman's consistent deputy Nigel Martyn of Leeds?

Have your say.

Who should England's keeper be?

HAVE YOUR SAY Nigel Martyn should be the No1 choice. David Seaman has had a poor season and at 36 is a fast fading force. He was culpable in the goal that Brazil scored against England. He flapped at a simple cross and then went walk about. To make matters worse he tried to blame his defenders for the goal when he was the only person responsible. He has played poorly for England on a number of occasions. Remember the way he stayed on the ground after pushing a shot from Sweden out in the first Euro 2000 qualifier. This resulted in a soft goal for Sweden. England went on to lose that match and their qualifying programme never really recovered. I consider Seaman to be a big liability for England. We cannot afford to lose goals needlessly in the tournament.
Greg Archer, England

We cannot afford to lose goals needlessly in the tournament.

Greg Archer, England
Seaman is still good in the premiership, but against the likes of France, Italy and Germany, it's a different story. Nigel Martyn is a much better goalie. He should be England's number one and David James should be number two
Helen, England

In all honesty I think its good that the competiton for the position is so high. This will keep the candidates on their toes. What we need to concern ourselves with in scoring goals we seem to be scoring less than we are capable of.
Martin Judge, England

My opinion is that the English are too quick to give our players a hard time.Does anyone out there remember Euro 96 and what the great performances by David Seaman? It may have been four years ago, but he has proven his worth since then. Just look at what happened in the game against Italy at Wembley when England chaged their keeper.Just look at the things that Seaman has won and compare it to any other English keeper. Nigel Martyn has proved that he is very capable, but he has made some big mistakes for Leeds. I feel this will be Seaman's last tournament and he will perform exceptionally well. It is true that we need to look at a younger keeper otherwise we will have the Italia 90 situation where we have too old a keeper between the sticks. Richard Wright will become the No.1, I don't see why everyone is saying he played poorly. It was his debut and he did save a penalty.There is no pleasing some people. We should look at the chances missed not the keeper.
Richard,, UK

We should look at the chances missed not the keeper.

Richard, UK
Should certainly be Martyn, who I think is also the people's choice. He has had an excellent season and as he showed against Uruguay, the best we have. Seaman is prone to mistakes, and Wright as proven in the Malta game is not ready.
Paul Kahn, England

I have watched Nigel Martyn's league career from the very start being a Bristol Rovers supporter. It was obvious from his first season at the Rovers that this man was no ordinary keeper. David Seaman has now passed his prime as the goal conceded against Brazil so obviously shows. Nigel's time has come.
Kevin Garland, England

Nicky Weaver will be the England goalkeeper in a few years when he has gained vital Premiership experience with Man City. Richard Wright will also be there battling with Weaver, but its definitely time for Seaman to resign and let Nigel Martyn take over for the next couple of years at least.
Frank McGrory, England

It is pure madness that David Seaman has been between the two sticks for England for so long. Nigel Martyn has surely proved himself to Keegan in the last two seasons. David Seaman was a good keeper, he showed that in the Euro 96 exploits, but now 38 he is past it, even for a keeper. Martyn is now in his early thirties, the prime of a goalkeeper, so he surely has warranted his rightful place on the basis of his last two seasons.
John, England

Martyn is now in his early thirties, the prime of a goalkeeper, so he surely has warranted his rightful place on the basis of his last two seasons

John, England

Nigel Martyn should be given the number one shirt for Euro 2000. He has proved most consistent over the past season, whereas Seaman has begun to show his age. His mistake against Brazil emphasised this. Richard Wright is not yet ready for the top level, judging from the two penalties he gave away against Barnsley and Malta.
Leon and Tom, England

Experience is the only factor worth looking into. Seaman is still quite capable of being a decent keeper at this level and because of his superior experience he should be picked ahead of Martyn. Martyn should take over straight after Euro 2000, because by 2002 Seaman WILL be too old, and Martyn will require experience. Wright had a terrible debut game for England; I wonder what would have happened had that been James conceding 2 penalties and an own goal playing for England.

I wonder what would have happened had that been James conceding 2 penalties and an own goal playing for England?


This stuff about Richard Wright's experience is all so much bunk as far as I'm concerned, talent wise he's better than Martyn and seaman and has the kind of temperament that any goalkeeper would kill for thus making up for his lack of experience.
Jack Saunders, England

Richard Wright is not good enough and neither is seaman. seaman is getting too big and bulky, unlike his Birmingham city days, and Mr Wright makes to many rash challenges on strikers (if only he did not panic!!!)
Ray Froggatt, England

Mr Wright makes to many rash challenges on strikers (if only he did not panic!!!)

Ray Froggatt, England

DAVID SEAMAN should certainly be the England No.1. He isn't past his time he┐s the best goalie England have ever had. Just because he's getting old it doesn┐t mean he's losing his talent. I don┐t know why Keegan even had to think twice about him. everyone knows he's the best. He'll always be No.1 in my eyes FOREVER
Jo, UK

Seaman is obviously the best keeper. He has performed excellently for Arsenal this season and the gunners have put 6 past Martyn and Leeds haven't put any past Seaman!
Matthew Orfila, England

The gunners have put 6 past Martyn and Leeds haven't put any past Seaman!

Matthew Orfila, England

James is a quality keeper, and has been harshly treated for his performance in the FA cup final. Seaman made a costly error in the England game, and it was hardly heard of. James was far too harshly got at by the press, and he would have been a good choice to take, as he has proved himself worthy all season.
Tom, England

James was far too harshly got at by the press

Tom, England

Has Seaman had his day? I think that the time has come for him to lay down his gloves and make way for Martyn, especially after Martyn's impeccable performance last week. Lately, Seaman has appeared to be very sluggish, particularly during penalty shoot-outs. Don't get me wrong, he is still a fantastic keeper but I think Martyn will need these championships as a tester for the World Cup in a couple of years. By then Seaman will be out of favour.
Nathan Mint, England

Nigel Martyn should be given the chance over Seaman. The reason? Penalty shoot-outs.
Richard Niyi, USA

We think Nigel Martyn should be England's Number One then Seaman and then Wright. After watching Seaman's performance against Brazil and Martyn's performance against Ukraine we decided that Seaman takes too many risks by coming out of goal too often (as with Brazil's goal) and conceding. Martyn though held a clean sheet and made two terrific saves in the Ukraine match to secure a wonderful win for England.
Paul & Michael, England!

Nigel Martyn, no doubt about it. His performances for Leeds have been consistently outstanding whereas Seaman has lost his quickness and the ability to read free-kicks well.
John Ngo, UK

Seaman has been on the decline since his great displays in Euro '96. Martyn has been the best goalkeeper in the Premiership in recent seasons. Martyn should be our number one this summer.
John Krohne, England

Nigel Martyn should be given the chance over Seaman. The reason? Penalty shoot-outs

Richard Niyi, USA
Despite being a Scot, I cannot believe the decision by Kevin Keegan to leave David James at home for the championships. David Seaman will obviously be the placed between the posts for the forthcoming matches, but wrongly in my view. He did have his day when he was the best in England but now his record of last season for his club speaks for itself. Which Premiership goalkeeper had the highest goals conceded-to-shots ratio and the lowest saves-to-shots ratio? Both Nigel Martyn and David James have had tremendous seasons for their respective clubs and Richard Wright has been gaining rave reviews from all the critics for at least three seasons now. So come on Kevin lets have a bit of common sense and stop being nostalgic. I, being a Scot would love nothing more than to see England win the championships, but sorry boys, I think the Seaman factor will just edge you out.
Paul, Scotland

Seaman is well past his best. His reactions are too slow and he is not hungry for success any longer. He let England down badly in the World Cup '98. Nigel Martyn may be good but I would choose the Ipswich keeper as first choice with experience like Martyn as a back-up.
Julian Rowe, Herts, England

Experience counts at a tournament of such magnitude. Seaman is the most experienced and I think he should still wear the Number One jersey for England. Martyn should be the second choice
John Ndubi, Kenya

I think that England should still keep Seaman in the main line-up with Martyn in reserve. Let's not drop our own players in criticism. I'm sticking by Seaman and then Martyn.
J X, England

Experience counts at a tournament of such magnitude. Seaman should still wear the Number One jersey for England

John Ndubi, Kenya
I would choose Nigel Martyn as he has proved that he is the best keeper. David Seaman's performance this year has been very bad.
Alex Foo, Singapore

I think Martyn should be England Number One. He has had a fantastic season at Leeds and also looked far more comfortable in goal against the Ukraine than Seaman did against Brazil.
Liz Stephens, England

Thanks very much Dave, but it's time to make way for Nigel. He looked in superb form against Ukraine. Richard Wright should be made number two while he gains experience in the Premiership.
Alan Kendall, England

Although at fault for Brazil's goal, Seaman has never let England down and deserves to at least start Euro 2000. Nigel Martyn is the firm number two and should remain so. After Euro 2000, Seaman should step aside and Nigel Martyn should take over. Richard Wright should then become number two, hopefully with Nicky Weaver pushing him close.
Neil Shearern, Wales

Thanks very much David, but it's time to make way for Nigel

Alan Kendall, England

David Seaman is past his best, but still has massive experience at international level - much more than any other keeper. For this reason alone he should play at Euro 2000, because experience counts for a lot at major championships.
Nicholas Campsall, England

Why do we continue playing people who have obviously seen better days? This is now the case with Seaman. The same thing happened with Shilton at the 1990 World Cup and probably cost us a place in the final. Martyn should play instead.
Steve, England

Seaman's time has come. His missed cross against Brazil was further evidence of the big time having passed him by. With Euro 2000 expected to be as competitive as ever, games will be decided by penalty kicks. Can we at least have a keeper who has a chance of saving one!
Dave, England

The only possible reason for giving Seaman the jersey is his familiarity with England's defence (but whether they should be there is another question). It is inexcusable that Martyn hasn't been given a run in preparation for the tournament. The best keeper in England should be England's keeper!
Lars, Sweden

Seaman is the man, there is no question about it. He is a very solid performer, even if he has made the very occasional error. I believe Seaman has another two years under his belt at least.
Ulysses Christodoulou, USA

The old adage that a good player doesn't become a bad player overnight is certainly true, but Kevin Keegan was not appointed as England boss yesterday, and anyone who follows football can see that Nigel Martyn is playing as the senior member of an emerging side, desperate for honours and success. Seaman, however, is resting on his laurels and prior achievements in a team which is currently going through a stage of transition. There should be no place for sentimentality at this level of football. That is why the number 1 for Euro 2000 should be Nigel Martyn.
Stephen, England

Seaman has another two years under his belt at least

Ulysses Christodoulou

Seaman reminds me of Shilton in 1990, i.e. two years past his best. But it maybe too late to install Martyn as first choice keeper. After the finals Keegan should give Richard Wright an opportunity.
Simon, London, UK

I am dismayed that David Seaman is taking the flack for Brazil's goal. Seaman may have looked vulnerable and disoriented when the corner came across but the real culprit was Neville. Keegan should keep Seaman as no 1, he is the only goalkeeper England have with the experience and the ability of an international keeper.
Kev, England

Seaman should step down. Nigel Martyn is in such reliable form that he really should be given an opportunity to shine at international level. On the bench it's a tough one. I would love to see Richard Wright but I fear he's not experienced enough yet. I'd have David Seaman on the bench. Martyn must be played as the No.1 keeper.
James Mantle, England

Nigel Martyn should be No.1, with David Seaman No. 2. Nigel is more agile and a superb shot stopper.
James Doyle, England

I think it is time to give Nigel Martyn his international chance, I'm sure that he would do England proud in Euro2000. David Seaman is a great shot stopper, but in my opinion he doesn't move or get down quickly enough. Nigel Martyn is a great shot stopper and has also been consistent. My three goal keepers for Euro2000 would be 1) Nigel Martyn 2) David Seaman 3) Richard Wright.
Eddie , England

Nigel Martyn should be the number 1, he has to be given the chance ahead of the Euro 2000 finals, and probably will in the match against Ukraine. Seaman looked like he was stuck to his line when the Brazilians fired the corner across his goal. That shouldn't have happened, and Seaman is to blame partially for the goal that resulted form it.. Martyn would have dealt better with the corner. England's goalkeepers for Euro 200 should be : 1. Nigel Martyn 2. Richard Wright 3. David Seaman.
Malcolm , USA

It's time for Nigel Martyn to succeed David Seaman as England's number 1. Martyn is solid in goal and is rarely seen to have a bad game.
Dale, England

Keegan should look to the future and allow Nicky Weaver and Richard Wright to compete for the goalkeeper's jersey.
Carl Dean, UK

There is no doubt that David Seaman is a wonderful goalkeeper. But this does not mean he is the best in the business. I believe Seaman has had his time and that's over. If statistics are anything to go by, then Nigel Martyn deserves the England No. 1 jersey more than any other goalie. He has been outstanding for Leeds all season and he more than deserves to displace Seaman.
Abu, Canada

Keegan should look to the future and allow Nicky Weaver and Richard Wright to compete for the goalkeeper's jersey

Carl Dean, UK

Martyn must be first choice because you have to pick the best. He's best shot-stopper, most commanding, and the bravest. Nigel Martyn's the best keeper in Europe, and has been for at least the last two years.
Graham Bowers, Sweden

I think it will give everyone confidence to have Seaman as the last line of defence. Given the very real possibility of having two Arsenal centre halves, the case for Seaman's place in the 11 is even stronger. I always feel that when it comes to big tournaments, experience counts for everything with keepers.
Will Davies, UK

I think its definitely Nigel Martyn's turn, considering his position as the Premiership's number one English shot stopper. Carling opta statistics show David Seaman has had a poor season. Any goalkeeper playing behind the Arsenal defence should have substantially more than 5 clean sheets. He has the Premiership's worst shot stopping ratio, even worse than the first choice goalies of Watford, Sheffield Wednesday and Bradford. As for Richard Wright, I think he should go as number three to gain the competition experience.
Simon, UK

Martyn has shown himself to be consistently better than Seaman this season. There is no doubt he should play for England for the foreseeable future.
Steven Wright, UK

I think without a doubt that Nigel Martyn should be England┐s number 1 he has had a fantastic season and Seaman is now getting on a bit. I know Martyn hasn't had a lot of international experience but that is because he hasn't been given the chance. So, step aside Seaman and let Nigel get some experience so he can be can be one of England's heroes at Euro 2000.
Rachel, England

Nigel Martyn has to be the first choice goalkeeper for England. David Seaman is still a class act but the choice should be made on current form and there's no competition. At least Martyn should be given a chance in the run up, to prove he can do it again - and again. Richard Wright should be third choice behind Seaman.
Tony Gray, England

Nigel Martyn should go to Euro 2000 as the no.1 goalie and younger keepers Richard Wright and Nicky Weaver should be his understudies.
Jeremy, England

Had Keegan been really brave, he would have used Euro 2000 as preparation for the 2002 World Cup. He should have played Richard Wright in goal, dispensed with Adams, Keown, Wise, Ince, Seaman and Martyn and blooded a young squad in this tournament to prepare them for Japan and Korea in 2002. How else are young players going to gain big tournament experience?
Steve Horton, UK

I think a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming David Seaman is done and dusted at International level. He is still our number one and I reckon we should have faith in him. Whenever a major tournament crops up we always have to have to criticise a player. Before Euro 96 it was Shearer. Critics said he was past his best, but he finished top scorer in the tournament. Stick by Seaman and watch him come up trumps. Let's get behind our players and not write them off. Seaman has a good relationship with his defenders, especially Adams and Keown, which is vital for a successful team. Nigel Martyn will have his day - maybe the next World cup but for Euro 2000 Seaman has to be our first choice keeper.
Phillip Thompson, England

A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming Seaman is done and dusted. He's still our number one

Phillip Thompson, England

David Seaman has passed his best and it is time to give Nigel Martin his chance. David Seaman was the worst shot stopper in the premier division this year and appears to have lost sharpness. He has been a great keeper but I think it is time to move forward and give the younger keepers like Martyn and Wright a chance. Martyn has proved he is a great keeper with sound performances in the league and Europe this season. As before with Shilton, this could be one tournament too many for David Seaman and it could prove costly for England.
Shane Preskey, England

It's time for David Seaman to pass on the gloves to the next national keeper. Martyn is good, but Wright has the makings of a great keeper. Keegan shouldn't wrap Wright in cotton wool, he should send him into the international arena and let him start gaining experience now.
John Ryves, Banbury, UK

The only contender for Seaman's no.1 shirt at the moment is Nigel Martyn, but If we were to play him in Euro 2000, he should've been 'blooded' ages ago. A major tournament is no place to play an untried goalkeeping/defence combination. Nobody knows Adams and Keown better than David Seaman. At this level it is about the understanding between the goalkeeper and the defensive back-line, great sides are built from the back.
Trev, UK

Nigel Martyn was voted top Premier keeper last season. That says it all.
Mark, England

Surely after such a long period of time, Kevin Keegan should be trying and testing some of our finest talents in our country. The friendly matches that England are playing before the start of Euro 2000 is the perfect opportunity to give the other selected goalies a chance at a full 90 minute game. How else will they ever get to prove themselves to their manager and their country? Seaman is a great goalie and has served his country well, but he is not going to be around forever.
J.C. Burton, England, UK

Seaman may have been partially to blame for Brazil's goal, but I don't think there is any better man for the big occasion. I agree that Martyn should be given the gloves for the Ukraine match, and Richard Wright the opportunity against Malta, but for Euro 2000, there can be only one man - he with the big moustache and floppy hair!!!!
Aron Baker, England

It is time to blood a new keeper and that should be Richard Wright. I think he should be given the chance now so that we can build for the World Cup.
Jax, UK

Keegan shouldn't wrap Wright in cotton wool, he should send him into the international arena and let him start gaining experience now

John Ryves, Banbury, UK
Nigel Martyn should be given his chance at last. David Seaman has looked less commanding and certainly less agile over the last 12 months. Too early for Richard Wright to be first choice, but he should be taken as third choice leaving David James at home where he belongs.
Geoff Gale, England

Surely the time is right for David Seaman to step down as England's number one. I think Kevin Keegan stood by his man after the Brazil game to show solidarity with his players. But Nigel Martyn has performed consistently for his club at home and abroad this season. C'mon Kev, you know it makes sense!
Dom Fahey, England

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