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Last Updated: Friday, 12 August 2005, 22:16 GMT 23:16 UK
Anthony triumphs in Big Brother
Anthony Hutton

Anthony Hutton has triumphed as the winner of the Big Brother, taking home a prize of 50,000.

The 23-year-old from County Durham beat Eugene Sully in what was one of the closest fought votes in the programme's six series.

Anthony, a 1970s dancer, cheered and shouted as the result was declared.

Eugene, a former BBC engineer from Crawley, also claimed 50,000, after Big Brother offered half the 100,000 prize fund to him on Wednesday.

'Off the scale'

Kinga Karolczak and Makosi Musambasi were earlier evicted from the Big Brother house as the series reached its climax, with Kinga in fourth place and Makosi in third.

On leaving the Big Brother house, winner Anthony said the reception from the crowd outside was "unbelievable" and "off the scale".


He told presenter Davina McCall: "I haven't got the vocabulary to describe how I feel but I feel absolutely mint."

Eugene, 27, described Anthony as a "great person" and a worthy winner.

"I was very chuffed to still be in the final, let alone come second," he said.

Eugene said he believed he had won so many votes because he was "quite a nice person".

Earlier this week Eugene became 50,000 richer after being offered a choice to take half the prize money or leave it all for the eventual winner.

Asked if he would consider dating following his success, Eugene said: "If they want me for the money then they're not going to get me. If they want me for the personality then maybe."

Davina McCall and Makosi Musambasi
Makosi (right) admitted she was "gutted" to lose the contest
Anthony said he was not disappointed that the top prize fund had depleted thanks to Eugene's earlier decision.

"If it had been a toothbrush I had won I would have wanted to do it," Anthony said.

"If I had a choice of 100,000 or winning I would have picked winning any time."

Bookmakers Ladbrokes earlier said it had taken more than 1m worth of bets on the result of the Channel 4 reality show - almost double the previous record turnover.

It was thought that Makosi's chances of winning were reduced after allegations were made in a newspaper that she was an actress hired through a talent agency.

'Amazing people'

Big Brother host McCall refuted the claims on the programme and Makosi said: "I wasn't acting."

She added: "I have never been to acting school. Probably if I did it, Halle Berry move out of the way."

Makosi, 24, originally from Zimbabwe, was met with a chorus of boos as she left the Big Brother compound and throughout her eviction interview.

She admitted she was "gutted" that she didn't win the contest.

Kinga's bawdy antics prompted some viewer complaints
"I am not going to lie about it because I have never lost in my life," Makosi said.

"I am gutted that I did not take the 50,000. I am gutted that I did not walk out the winner but at the end of the day there are so many ways to make 50,000."

Kinga, a 20-year-old market researcher from London, said she was not upset not to have won after becoming the first finalist to be evicted.

"There's so many amazing people in there and so many characters," she said.

Kinga only became a housemate two weeks ago after Orlaith McAllister decided to quit the house.

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