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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 February, 2004, 14:40 GMT
Avengers and Spooks are 'cool TV'
Patrick Steed and Diana Rigg, The Avengers
The Avengers - a cool TV show, according to Radio Times
The Avengers, Miami Vice and BBC hit Spooks have been included on a list of the "coolest" TV programmes ever made.

The decades-spanning list, published in this week's Radio Times, extends from political drama The West Wing to cult shows like Twin Peaks and The Prisoner.

State of Play, Queer As Folk and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation also feature.

"At its best cool TV makes you want to leap from your armchair and shout 'Yes! I want to live like that,'" said Radio Times TV editor Alison Graham.

"It makes you think, 'I want to wear sunglasses to work and walk down corridors in slow motion!'"

Radio Times compiled the list ahead of the screening on BBC One next week of the first episode of Hustle, centred around a gang of con artists in London.

Miami Vice
The 1980s US crime drama Miami Vice also made the list
Here is the list in full, in alphabetical order:

  • The Avengers (1961-69)

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2001-)

  • The Man From Uncle (1965-68)

  • Miami Vice (1985-90)

  • Murder One (1996-97)

  • The Prisoner (1967-68)

  • Queer as Folk (1999)

  • The Saint (1962-69)

    James Gandolfini, The Sopranos
    The Sopranos is a current example of cool, the list suggests

  • Seinfeld (1993-2001)

  • The Sopranos (1999-)

  • Spooks (2002-)

  • State of Play (2003-)

  • Twin Peaks (1990-91)

  • The West Wing (1999-)

Your comments:

Sex and the City, it is so true to women and the clothes in it are fantastic. Definately my all time favourite cool show with The Office coming second.
Jane Love, England

The Avengers: Cathy, Emma, Tara and Purdey kicked ass with style and wit in a way that Buffy can only dream of.
David Keel, London, UK

Last of the Summer Wine is one of the coolest programmes ever made. You can relax knowing its one big family show - and Nora is pretty cool! You gotta admit it!
Danny Weaver, Manchester

As a child in the 60's there was nothing I wanted more than to grow up to look like Emma Peel and be able to wear those sexy catsuits.
CIndy, Farnborough UK

Where's The Sweeney? (you're nicked, Radio Times) It is definitely the coolest programme this country has ever made.
Simon W, London

It's got to be The Professionals. Ford Capris screeching through the streets, 70's haircuts and leather jackets. Pure class
Johnny, London

Cool - what is cool? Cool is Dylan the hippy rabbit. Cool is Ermintrude chewing a flower. Cool is Zebedee boinging us to bed and cool is Brian the snail, because he is. The Magic Roundabout is one degreee removed from ice, the Magic Roundabout is cool, ask Florence. Miami Vice cool? NAAAAAH! Naff 80's clothes and a fake Ferrari have never been cool!
Rick Hough, Knutsford, England

Interesting list however i believe there are a couple of startling omissions, namely; 24, Scrubs, Cracker & Cheers. I've seen Spooks a few times and didn't rate it all.
Chris, Dublin,Ireland

Murder One is the coolest show ever made - will the BBC ever repeat it?
Steve Haygreen, London, UK

What?! No 24, Sex in the City, Friends or Will and Grace? I find it odd that Seinfeld made it in considering it's constant lack of public awareness/hysteria compared to such stalwarts as Friends... but maybe Friends isn't cool, just funny - even though we all now want to have a coffee house at the corner of our street that has massive sofas and over stuffed arm chairs... would we have as many Starbucks without it? Ok, so maybe that's not so much of a good point...
Robert Martin, Liverpool, UK

It'd be a travesty if the original Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) series didn't rank somewhere in the Top Ten.
murray de schot, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My coolest TV show of all time would probably have to be Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997) with Teri Hatcher in it. She still rocks my boat.
Herbert B., Davao City, Phillippines

Miami Vice was and is still the coolest show on tv. Ferraris, yachts, an alligator called elvis, classic 80's music, designer clothes and good stories...
kam, uk

What , no Magnum PI? That show eptimised cool. Driving about Hawaii in a pair of shirts and cool shirts , helicopter trips and living in a mansion
Boris Bocker, UK

why no nypd blue, hill street blues, the sheild will make the list soon?
mark, herts

It's got to be The Professionals. Ford Capris screaching through the streets, 70's haircuts and leather jackets. Pure class.
Johnny, London

What , no Magnum PI? That show eptimised cool. Driving about Hawaii in a pair of shirts and cool shirts , helicopter trips and living in a mansion and not to mention the girls. Come on get a grip Magnum should be on the list
Boris Bocker, UK

What no 24? maybe that'll be in the Super Cool list.
Jamie, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

It has to be the original 1960's version of The Twilight Zone. Some of those episodes were just amazing. There was one particular episode that had Dennis Weaver caught in a continuous dream where he sentenced to die in the electric chair. The only problem was that his death will cause everything else to cease to exist. Wonderful stuff!!! You try and write that into an Eastenders script today and get away with that - or have they done that already and I've missed it?!
John O'Brien, Woking Surrey

The Saint is the coolest on TV. Always has been and always will be. Timeless classic. Watch out for the sign of The Saint, he will be back.
Stickman, Wales

I pity the fool that forgets about the A Team!
B. A. Baracus, London, UK

Miami Vice - it changed the way men felt about pastels and socks
Alyson Donnelly, Maryland, US

The Persuaders, Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, Aston Martin - what more do I need to say...
Roger, Sutton, UK

'Open channel D' The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is by far the best show of all time!
Catherine , Cambridge Cambridgeshire

Miami Vice - I was stationed in the U.K. during Miami Vice's run and it embodied the U.S. in the 80's. It changed the way men felt about pastels and socks. The background music was taken from our LP/CD collections. It was so current and hip and made me long for home....
Alyson Donnelly, Severn, Maryland - U.S.

I definitely think that Patrick McGoohan's Danger Man (Secret Agent in North America) should be included -- both the half and full hour versions.
Michael Orr, Toronto,Ontario, Canada

There can only be one: Magnum p.i.
Marc Nasser, Paris, France

Where's Homicide: Life on the Street? It's the coolest, best written cop show ever made.
Nigel Smitrh, London, UK

Sapphire & Steel - Joanna Lumley & David McCallum - electric.
Ian Baldwin, Buntingford/ UK

Moonlighting! Sparkling banter and crackling chemistry between the two leads
Nicki, York

Simon - never mind the Sweeney man, if you want cool it's the Professionals...
J, Farnborough, Hants, UK

This Life. Not only cool, iconic and British, but well written, well acted and original. Shame the Beeb canned it, but then it wouldn't have achieved its' cult status.
John Howes, UK

Moonlighting! Sparkling banter and crackling chemistry between the two leads. 80s TV at it's absolute best.
Nicki, York, England

There seems to be a BBC bias, seeing that Seinfeld is on, but Frasier isn't (nor Friends or sex in the city). I suspect a conspiracy, which reminds me, where's the X Files...the truth is out there!
JJ Jackson, UK

Forget your modern girly rubbish like Sex and the City and Ally Mcbeal: what about Magnum PI? In what other series could the actor get away with winking at the camera?
Rob Storr, London

What about the Professionals!? Leather jackets, sideburns, silver Capris and a "wakka-wakka-wakka" soundtrack. What more could you ask for? Bodie and Doyle beat Steed and Peel into a cocked hat!
James Jackson, London

Spooks but not 24? Huh. Seinfeld, while probably being the best show on the list, isn't what I'd think of as being "cool" (but the BBC needs to repeat it damn it!)... What about Alias?
Tom H, UK

The list is seriously wrong. It doesn't even list The Professionals, let alone put them in the top 10... 3.7 to 4.5 - over...
Darren Wadland, Chelmsford, Essex

The A-Team is without doubt the coolest TV programme ever made
Mike, London

Suprised to see that the simpsons didn't get a look in, it has major appeal across the generations that makes it unique. what about all the cartoons we used to watch as kids? where are they??
william morris, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire

No X-Files? How can this show have been overlooked while rubbish like Queer As Folk gets a look in? Criminal!
Steven Leicester, Sheffield, UK

Oh come on you are missing some of the best of the 80's. Airwolf for the only mach 2 helicopter in exsistnace; The A-Team for 50 squillion bullets but only murdoch ever got shot and both times in the stomach; KnightRider for the talking car - and you say that isn't cool up to date spooks is already on the list fantastic;
Trevellyon, didcot uk

The A-Team is without doubt the coolest TV programme ever made
Mike, London

24, without a doubt. I'm gutted its' on Sky and not BBC 2 anymore but refuse to but a minidish!
Matt Smith, England

I can't believe that the A-TEAM is not on the top 10. What were these people thinking ?
Miguel Rio, London, United Kingdom

Blake's 7, obviously! What, is that just me, then?
Nick, Crawley, UK

Come on, now! How can "24" not be on there?! And "Six Feet Under" is pretty cool as well.
Annie Hall, Brussels, Belgium

Whoever compiled this list needs to re-define their understanding of cool... Seinfeld cool? Funny.. yes! But it is generally because of their un-coolness, geekish-ness, etc. Where's the Sweeney! I know someone else mentioned it... but glaring oversight if it is not number one on the list! Miami Vice rather than Starsky and Hutch!!! What!? And a list of cool tv without Later..! or The Tube is simply incomplete... and very un-cool...
Lee Hambly, UK

In response to Robert Martin: Seinfeld is cool precisely because of the lack of general awareness among the general public. You can drop a few references (yada yada, soup nazi, etc) into conversation with a new acquaintance to judge whether s/he's one of the select few - or whether he watches naff, obvious, mass-market dross like, ooh, to pick a show entirely at random, Friends. And I want to know what happened to The Flashing Blade...
Tim, Thailand

I would also include:- 'Our Friends In The North'; 'This Life'; 'Father Ted'; 'Fall And Rise Of Reggie Perrin'; and 'Monty Python'.
PJB, Teddington, England

Come on, where's Kojak? Where's The Equalizer? And, of course, the absolute coolest show ever, The Professionals, with smooth Bodie, sensitive Doyle and curmudgeonly Cowley!!
Dolores, Manchester, UK

Where is This Life? It had sex, bad language, drugs, professional misconduct and all in a handful of episodes
Matthew, Northampton

Cool programmes? The Avengers is the all-time coolest in spite of the fact they tried so hard to make it cool. For effortless brilliance these days I'd have to say Scrubs and Six Feet Under respectively kill and bury the opposition. Coolest moment ever: the piano being flung from a trebuchet in Northern Exposure.
Simon Thompson, London

Where is This Life? It had sex, bad language, drugs, professional misconduct and all in a handful of episodes.
Matthew, Northampton, UK

Personally my favourite 'cool' show is the Professionals from the late 70's early 80's - if nothing else for the incredibly tight trousers!
Jane, Southend, UK

Other cool shows - This Life (how cool was Daniella Nardini?), Sex in the City, Scrubs, Buffy.... What one person thinks is cool, another thinks is rubbish. Nice to see The Prisoner make it - cult TV at its best.
Pam, Edinburgh

Come on where is the Simpsons in this list, and I am guessing there are cult show such as Dr Who and Star Trek who really should have made the list (although not my cup of tea). How can Queer as Folk be classed as cool; it was just different, not in my eyes cool.
Lara McNamee, Epsom UK

Twin Peaks, definitely! It's time it was repeated - as soon as possible!! Good chance to see David Duchovney in drag again...and the log lady.......
Peter Thompson, Ealing, London

There are some truly great shows listed here (CSI, Miami Vice, The Man from Uncle, The Prisoner) but all of them revolve around the same theme: good versus evil. When I was a child I wanted to jet off with the Robertson's in the Jupiter 2 into Outer Space in "Lost in Space". But my lifetime favourite on TV will always be Andy Pandy in his blue and white suit with the white bobble.
Jane Britcher, London, England

Where is Friends, Only Fools and Horses, Blackadder and 24 I ask. They are funny, interesting and above all quality and that equals COOL.
Alex Hatch, Chesterfield, England

Some people seem to be blurring the lines between what's popular and what's cool
Nelson, Oxford

What about that always wanting to be a member of the Blakes 7 crew when you were a kid (only thirty-somethings need answer). Remember making countless wrist communicators out of sections of squash bottles? Beats 'cool because they're violent' type stuff any day. Anything that glorifies breaking the law, violence, drugs etc is instantly cool these days. Just think of where our culture and economy will be in a couple of generations time!
Richard, England

My favourite programme of all time has to be Marine Boy.

Surprised Cold Feet did not get a mention.
Phil Manning, Guildford UK

24, Spooks, Red Cap. These are okay, but the 80's is where cool emanates from. The A-Team, the Fall Guy, Airwolf, Knightrider, The Dukes of Hazzard, Worzel Gummidge, POB, Portland Bill, The Fraggles, The Muppet Babies, M.A.S.K, Centurions.. Ahh to be 10 again!!!!
Grant, Edinburgh

The Avengers with Dame Diana Rigg, for me, are the best. Unfortunately, The Sopranos, cannot be viewed here in Italy. I don't think that Italians are willing to see it. For the rest of the list, I have my doubts. Miami Vice cool? Or Seinfeld? What about Fawlty Towers? Far better than Friends or Seinfeld. That was pretty cool, huh?
Eridan Fetahagic, Rome, Italy

The list seems to have it pretty bang on, the sopranos and The Man from UNCLE are the very definition of cool. Some people seem to be blurring the lines between what's popular and what's cool. Scrubs, while being popular (maybe not so much over in the UK) isn't cool, because I have never heard anyone say "Oh I wish I was like JD!"
Nelson, Oxford

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