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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 April, 2003, 09:45 GMT 10:45 UK
Millionaire cheats appeal 'unlikely'
Diana and Charles Ingram
Diana and Charles Ingram say they are innocent
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? cheats Charles and Diana Ingram are unlikely to appeal against their convictions, the couple have told the BBC.

The Ingrams insisted that they and co-conspirator Tecwen Whittock were not guilty of using a series of coded coughs to con their way to the show's top prize.

They couple have also denied that they are about to cash in on their notoriety by starring in US TV shows or adverts.

Mrs Ingram told the BBC's Hardtalk programme: "We're keen to clear our names and reputations."

An appeal is "under review but probably unlikely", she added.

Charles and Di are aware of the enormous worldwide interest in their story
David Thomas
Major Ingram said: "Each of the defendants are separate on this, but I'm unlikely to appeal from my point of view, everything came up within the case."

It has been reported that the couple stand to make 2m from the worldwide interest in their story.

Their spokesman David Thomas told BBC News Online: "Charles and Di are aware of the enormous worldwide interest in their story and offers have been made.

"Whether these are serious or not, they neither know nor care.

"They are not in Hollywood. They are in this country defending their names."

The Express newspaper reported that they had been approached to endorse cough medicine and host a quiz show.

Major Ingram told Hardtalk that their guilty verdicts were "absolutely awful" and that an ITV Tonight programme about the case was "disgraceful".

'No scam'

Major Ingram, 39, said: "None of us cheated, there was no planning to cheat, no attempt to cheat, no scam. The verdict was perverse."

Major Ingram was scathing of the ITV Tonight programme, which showed extensive footage of the episode in question and was watched by 15 million people.

He said: "To call it an opportunity for the public to decide is disgraceful, it was wholly and utterly one-sided and far away from what actually happened."

It would have been far fairer and more honourable to have shown what Charles would have really heard
Diana Ingram
Mrs Ingram said the programme was "absolutely disgusting".

Referring to the programme makers' decision to enhance the recorded coughs, she said: "It didn't represent what happened with the studio.

"It would have been far fairer and more honourable to have shown what Charles would have really heard."

The Ingrams denied they were motivated by greed and dismissed claims that they had had a dressing room row following the 1m win.

Tonight editor James Goldston rejected the couple's arguments.

He said: "The programme was not unfairly or selectively edited in any way. We are sure viewers will have made up their own minds."

Diana Ingram and Major Charles Ingram
"This is all entirely unfair and wrong"

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