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Friday, 6 September, 2002, 08:49 GMT 09:49 UK
Your wishes: Wendy Richard
Wendy Richard
Wendy Richard has spent 17 years on EastEnders
Your messages to EastEnders star Wendy Richard, who has been diagnosed with cancer seven years after she was given the all-clear after her first battle with the disease.

Hi Wendy, it's Trevor Meacham from the Windsor Castle. Haven't seen you for a few years now, I'm working in Australia. Just wanted to send you best wishes, you've beaten it before, you will beat it again. Love, Trevor
Trevor Meacham, Australia

A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer the same day your story was on the front page of the papers. She had a mastectomy and so far is doing fine. She wants to send you her love and strength and so do I. Very best wishes from us both.
Penny, England

Hope all goes well. I've loved you since the days of Are You Being Served. You are fantastic in EastEnders - never miss an episode! Keep your chin up! All best wishes and God bless!!
Sharon, USA

Hi Wendy, you won't remember me but I'm an actor and met you on Noel's House Party a while back and we also met when you toured in a Noel Coward, in fact I went back to your flat and you showed me your frogs. I asked you for an autograph for my friend, and typical you, a signed card was sent within days,,..that's you all over, a nice, thoughtful lady. I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care Wendy, love David Hampshire x
David Hampshire, England

Get well soon, and thanks for all you do for cancer charitites. I lost my mother to breast cancer last year and it has been particularly hard on me, but I still continue on urging anyone to get checked, and always get a second opinion. We always enjoyed you on Are you Being Served? and on EastEnders. Keep fighting cancer, good luck and God bless. Charlie Kent, United States

Keep strong Wendy. You are in my thoughts and prayers. All the best.
Mr Fergal Hanrahan, UK

I am sending you my very best thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery.
Kathy Dungan, USA

Be positive, keep smiling and all will be well!
Louise, UK

My thoughts are with you. You are a very strong lady. I wish you the very best at this difficult time.
Kate Loughran, England

Good wishes and prayers for you coming from Oxford, Mississippi where we still have Are You Being Served shown on public supported television. Thanks for all the laughs! We love you here!
Virginia Lee, USA

My mum went through breast cancer and it was a very difficult time that required us all to be strong and positive. My thoughts are with you during this testing time.
Michelle, UK

So sorry to hear of your illness. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all the years of laughter you gave us as "Miss Brahms". Hope you can make us laugh again soon. Best Wishes from Canada.
Lorraine, Canada

Dear Wendy, you are a very strong woman and you are you are going to be fine. My prayers are with you.
Ingrid Morgan, USA

We all enjoy your work and wish you a speedy recovery. Take care!
Diana Delgross, USA

Please get better soon we know that you are a fighter! So you do your best because you know that are the best... we love you so much.. see you soon (Oh yes - sort Lisa out because she is way out of line!)
Pelin, London

I think you are a very brave lady. Get well soon.
Hayley Jones, England

I have been a fan for a long time so it saddened me to learn of your operation so make a speedy recovery and get back to Albert Square soon. Take care.
Graham Malley, USA

Good luck Wendy - you're gonna be OK!
Linda Jones, England

Wendy, Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Be strong and know that you are not alone.
Darlene Floyd, USA

I wish you a speedy recovery with no further problems. I wish you hope and I wish you a long life with only the good things life has to offer.
Marla Berger, United States

I am sure that everyone's wishes and prayers are with you. For those who believe in karma you can be sure that the great joy and laughter you brought to others will be returned to you in the future..... a long future.
Marty Mulcahey, USA

I have loved both of your characters so much. My daughter just had breast removed and is doing well. I wish you the same. Prayers and love to you from Fort Worth, Texas.
Peggy Marrs, USA

Hi Wendy, being a huge fan of you in EastEnders I want to pass on my best wishes to you at this time and hope you have a speedy recovery. You are a huge asset to EastEnders and I'm sure they are missing you on the set. If you ever visit BBC Beaumont House do say hello to us all. PS: I hope your little dogs are being well cared for.
Steve Williams, England

We are so glad you are a fighter. You're going to win this also!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Rosebud, Shreveport, La.USA

Dear Wendy, you are a truly brilliant actress and have brought untold pleasure to me over the past 25 years. Sending you my very best wishes for a full recovery. You are always in my thoughts.
Jess Cully, England

My thoughts are with you but I'm sure you will bounce back fighting fit.

I recently did the Flora Women's challenge which you attended, to see all those women from every age running/walking for charity brought a lump to our throats. I will certainly be running again next year for even more cancer research.
Sam, England

Bless you Wendy for battling against this - and indeed also for your work on behalf of so many other sufferers. We look forward to many more years of your legendary TV prescence. All the very best for a continued improvement.
Garry, ex-pat in Orlando, FL

Best wishes for a full recovery. You're the best! We love you in both shows - Are You Being Served and EastEnders.
Gary, USA

Hang on in there sister is fighting the same battle and I send you my positive thoughts.
Doreen Thorogood, England

Wishing you well and the strength to fight this awful disease. Love Sarah.
Sarah Rogers, England

We wish you a speedy and full recovery, Wendy. Our family has been through a similar experience this year so we know what you and yours are going through. You'll always be the ageless Miss Brahms to me....and the girl who eventually gave in to Mike Sarne's plea of "Come Outside!"
Alan Wightman and family, U.K.

Hi Wendy, will be thinking of you. Love and best wishes.
Paul Devine, UK

Hi Wendy, I hope you make a quick and complete recovery asap as we need you back on Easties! We love you!
Daniel, England

Good luck in your latest battle. You can do it. My thoughts are with you.
Christina Speer, London England

The years of entertainment you have given the world have been wonderful, but are not enough. You must get well, until you do the world will be just that much duller. Your full recovery will be prayed for and your return will be anxiously anticipated.
Adele Vera-Angel, USA

Dear Miss Richard, My best wishes for your speedy recovery and return to good health. I have had cancer twice myself and I know how important a positive attitude is for recovery. Good luck to you.
Kathleen Ryan, U.S.A.

Wendy, be as strong as Pauline!! Find the strength and you'll get through it. Best wishes.
Becky Astley, England

Dear Wendy, please accept my sincere very best wishes for a speedy recovery. We have so enjoyed your acting over the years and now watch you from our home in Burgundy. All my very best wishes.
Marjorie Aylett, France

Dear Wendy, I am so glad to hear that the lump has been caught in time. I too had a cancerous lump removed from my neck several years ago which turned out to be Hodgkins Lymphoma. The treatment was successful, thankfully and my mother gave me the most important piece of advice......Keep a positive mental attitude. It worked for me and it sounds like it works for you too. Best of luck.
Mr Cris Peploe, London, England

I know from reading your autobiography what a fighter you are. Please put all of that energy to work to get well soon. And, thank you for all of the pleasure your talent has provided in creating the characters of Miss Brahams and Pauline Fowler.
Helen Waugh, USA

Have read of you in BBC News. Though I don't know you, haven't seen your work, I heartily wish you health, speedy recovery. Let your fans see you soon and enjoy. Good luck!
Tynysh, Kazakhstan

We have been fans of Wendy since her Are You Being Served days. We wish you the best and please know how much you are loved and appreciated around the world. We wish you a speedy recovery.
Krista McKinley & Christine Balina, Canada

I've enjoyed watching you over the years in both Are You Being Served and EastEnders. My thoughts and prayers are with you and know you will pull through this!
Sara Fisher, USA

I am very sorry to hear of your recent operation and cancer diagnosis. My family has enjoyed watching you in Are You Being Served? over the years. We have been touched by this disease too. My mother died from multiple myeloma last year after a ten-year struggle. Her spirit, faith and her will and desire to live are what kept her alive, against all odds. Remember that there are people all over the world thinking about you, wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Keep smiling and keep the laughter in your heart! With sincere best wishes, Alan Hutchings and my father, John Hutchings.
Alan Hutchings, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Best wishes for a quick and full recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.
Daniel Marx, New Zealand

Everyone sees you as the cardigan-clad and fed up Pauline in EastEnders, but I think you are a great actress and and seem a lovely person in real life and I wish you all the luck in the world to get over your illness. I have very fond memories of watching Are You Being Served with my parents as a child and thinking what an attractive woman Miss Brahms was!! Good luck!!
Wendy Riordan, UK

Very best wishes and God's blessings for a full and speedy recovery - we love you here!!!!!! Very truly yours, Cynthia.
Cynthia Weidner, United States of America

I was really sorry to hear of your second diagnosis of cancer. My prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery.
Elizabeth, Canada

Miss Richard, please accept our most sincere good wishes for a thorough and speedy recovery from your illness. We will miss you on EE and eagerly await your return in wonderful health. Sincerely, Hinda and Dave Farmer.
Hinda and David Farmer, U.S.A.

Loved all your shows so good luck for the future. Take care. Regards from two lost English.
Charlotte & David, Australia

Wendy, thoughts and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery! You have been an inspiration both as an actress and in your charity work, you give so much, you are a special person much loved by the British public. God bless you.
Mike Noble, London,UK

Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope this is the end of the scare for you. I dread the day I will be diagnosed. I have no reason to believe it will happen, I just think it will catch up with us all at one time or another. Let's hope this is the last time it catches up with you.
Sally, England

So sorry to hear of your shock recently, I wish you all the best for a fast recovery and maybe (if you and your bosses allow you!) a long recuperation period. Best wishes. Damian (and all my Dutch neighbours who I have got watching Eastenders over the past three years!)
Damian Hicklin, The Netherlands

So sorry to hear about your recent illness. I know exactly what you are going through. I have been a great fan since Mike Sarne days. The family and I wish you well.
Nick Salmon, UK

Stay positive and enjoy life! Let your loved ones circle around you and give you their support. Best wishes, Vanda.
Vanda Taylor, England

I hope recuperate and never think about doctors any more. I lost my cousin Natasha this May who used to live in Colchester for the last 30 years with her husband and son. She had lung cancer and underwent two operations, but she was always very optimistic. When I called her from Russia she always answered the phone with the words, "Hello, I'm still alive". This is not that optimistic, but when you face the problem don't lose your heart. My best wishes for recovery, Irina.
Irina, Russia

Wendy, my sister-in-law has had the same experience. She had breast cancer in 1998 and then last year found a lump in her neck, she had the lump removed at Charing Cross hospital and went through a course of chemo and has now been given the all clear. I am sure you will be the same, my thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless.
Janet Swaine, England

We pray for your speedy recovery and our very best wishes.
Judy Roberts, Vienna

Wendy, I wish you all the very best and hope that you recover fully. I have enjoyed your TV work since The Newcomers, and, although not a fan of EastEnders per se, very much enjoyed your work in it during the early years. Would love to see you doing some other things!
Paul Williams, England

Get well soon. Blighty needs stars like you!!
Lou, England

Wishing you all the best Wendy and hope you are feeling fit soon. We have always enjoyed your character in EastEnders, especially when you make your feelings known. All Pauline really needs it a bit of romance to make her feel young.
Jo Dear, UK

Best wishes, get back soon and keeping us smiling. A true professional.
Ian Angus, UK

Keep thinking positive! You can do anything if you want to. I hope you are soon feeling stronger and able to be back on screen. Thinking about you.
Tia, England

Purrs and prayers from me and the cats.
Jeanette, England

Bet well soon, i know how tough it can be.
David, England

I've loved watching you here in the States ever since I was a child. Now I am older, and love watching you on EastEnders, as well as repeats of Are You Being Served? Your work is superb, you are an outstanding actress, and I wish you all the luck and blessings in the world as you deal with this disease. My thoughts remain with you. Best of luck and warm wishes, Tanya.
Tanya, USA

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Richard Daly, Russia

Keep up the good spirit. It will be hard, but don't lose focus of your spirit. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
S Coelho, UK

May there be a special prayer for every minute of viewing pleasure you have given the world! Many thoughts and prayers are with you at this time!
Michael A Schwartz, USA

All the best and get well soon. I am a very big fan of you.
Ingrid Prins, The Netherlands

I have watched you so much on telly and enjoyed every minute... please get well, I really care about you.
Yvonne, USA

Wendy, Many prayers for you - and a speedy recovery. You have been a real blessing all these years and helped to make many a person's life brighter. May you soon be back to doing more of the same.
Cheryl Jane Bean, USA

Hope you get better soon as we will miss you entertaining us. With love.
Joan Kelly, South Africa

Dear Pauline Get well soon, we will miss you from EastEnders. You are a great actress, and we almost share a name! Lots of love Paul xxxxx
Paul Brandon, England

Wishing you a speedy recovery - we continue to enjoy Eastenders here in Botswana.
David Cropper, Botswana

I loved you in Are You Being Served and then when I found you again on EE I rejoiced! You have always been a source of happiness to me. Please know that my thoughts are with you. I will keep praying that it all comes up clear! Take care & come back to us soon. The Square just won't be the same til you're minding the laundrette again. All my love.
Candida Miller, USA

Dear Wendy, Hope you get well soon and feel back to the your feisty Fowler and Ms Brahms ways in no time. Sending you every good wish, Aisling. (Irish girl backpacking in Australia).
Aisling Glynn, Ireland

Dear Miss Richard, we are great fans of yours and hope you have a speedy and full recovery.
Shatzie and David Hamilton, USA

I sincerely wish you God`s blessing and continued strength in your new battle. Always trust him no mater what.
Annie, Canada

God Bless you Wendy, you have given my years of pleasure via the TV. I look very forward to the joy you will be giving your many fans during the many years ahead. Be strong and get better soon. Best Wishes, Richard
Richard Schuler, USA

My mother and I wish you all the best in your recovery. Your determination and fighting spirit have always been apparent from Are You Being Served to EastEnders to Just A Minute (I still say you got robbed last time).

I'm 28 now and have always thought you were the coolest person on television, man or woman, I admire you greatly and wish you well. Kindest regards,
David Devine, Oregon, USA

Best wishes from all your many fans here in America, and just as Britain stood with us last September, we stand with you now and wish you all the best. EastEnders can't/won't be the same until you return.
Nathan Samples, United States

Be strong and be happy Wendy. Best wishes, Peter.
Peter Scott, Oman

Living in South Carolina, I am not able to see your EastEnders performances, but Are You Being Served? plays here often. You have made me laugh so much in your Miss Brahms role that the least I can do, in return, is to send my very best wishes and to let you know that I will be praying for your full recovery.
Yvonne Duty, USA

Oh my dear, Wendy Richards...You are in my thoughts and prayers with you always. Can't be, I hardly believe you have already had a cancer removed. Hope you are on the road to recovery real soon. My beloved mother passed on, 3 March 2002 of liver cancer with Hepatis C Virus and edema, couldn't have surgery or chemotherapy because it was too late for her high risk health. She died on my hands. I still miss her very much. I am home alone with my companship cats, Lassie and Chassie. Get well soon, Wendy! Love, Debbie.
Debbie Boggs, America

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Come to Oz to recuperate!! I'll look after you!
Christine Burroughes, Australia

18 years in America now, have followed EE religiously since I have been here - wasn't on when I left UK. Good luck and be strong, you have the true grit of a survivor. Love and best wishes from an MS survivor - you can do it girl! xxxx
Sue Scott, USA

So sorry to hear you are unwell, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, I can't watch EastEnders out here in Hong Kong, but whenever I come home to my parents, I always try to catch up. Best wishes, Joanna.
Joanna Claydon, Hong kong

I could not believe what I was reading when it said about you having cancer. But I know you are a fighter as well as a great actress....I am addicted to EastEnders and just love to see what everyone is up to next. I hope you stay well, and my thoughts are with you! Keep up the good work luv! Take care now, love Natalie xxxx (27yrs old).
Natalie Reece, England

Miss Richards I think I have seen every show of Are You Being Served about three or four times over. You are one of my favourite stars. Being from Canada we did not get many of the later programmes from BBC so it was difficult to say where you had gone. It is still the Coloniess you know. I hope very much that you will be okay and will continue to give enjoyment to your fans for many, many years as you have for me. It's funny as the years have passed, I could almost do the part of "Young Mr. Grace" now, myself. Well, not quite. I think he must have been around 100 years old or so?? Just a joke. Take care of your self and be well. I will always remember you.
Nolan Moss, Bahamas

I'm very sorry to here about the cancer and I hope that you are well soon. You're such a lovely lady and I wish you all the best!
Ellie Hunter, England

Love EastEnders when I'm in England. Particularly your character. All the very best wishes for full and speedy recovery.
Alan, Hong Kong

Wendy, we have enjoyed so many, many hours of your fine work. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Our heartfelt prayers are with you... Ian and Margaret Williams formerly of Oxford and Chelmsford, England.
Margaret Williams, USA

Wendy, Sending you all sorts of good vibes and hugs across the water as you recover. Keep that winning, positive attitude so you can keep doing the things you love. God bless. Every good wish.
Joanie, USA

I was so in love with you when I was younger. I admire you now. Get well soon. xx
Alastair Mackintosh, UK

Dear Wendy, I was sad to find out that you have cancer. I pray that you will over- come it.You made me smile in the 1970s, so there is no reason why you should be in this condition.
Michael Diali, Nigeria

Wendy, Get well and recover from this soon. Your acting on EastEmders is really appreciated.
Conrad Downes, Brasil

Best of luck Wendy, you can do it again as you did before.
Brian Calcraft, Canada

You can get through this Wendy! Just keep having those positive thoughts. Lost of love and best wishes, Lyn.
Lyn, Australia

Dear Wendy - I pray for your recovery. Two years ago I was told my advanced cancer was incurable. Well, here I am - completely recovered. Prayer can work.
Sue Hudson, USA

Wendy, we wish you the best, it has been a while since you sent us your picture for our scrapbook. I have survived prostate cancer and Mary has breast cancer, she is survibing too, so you have our prayers to be with you at all times, God bless and press on.
Harold and Mary Vernon, USA

Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery from Calgary, Alberta. My mom and I love Are You Being Served re-runs. They are a total escape from the stress of daily life. We don't get EastEnders here unfortunately.
Carol Greenwood, Canada

My best wishes to a wonderful actress who has made me both laugh and cry.
Jamie Swain, USA

Wendy, good wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for entertaining us so well over the years and look forward to seeing you for many more.
Gaye Batiz, USA

Dear Wendy, I was saddened to read that you have had to have an operation. I remember you from many years ago as my "oldest" friend as Lindy Sellars, daughter of June Bland from the Newcomers days! Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.
Miyuki, UK

Dear Wendy, having watched you from Are You Being Served? days, I feel as if you are a close friend. I do want you to know that my POSITIVE thoughts and prayers are with you.

You have done such a lot of good, and encouraged so many others through your example - now it's time for us to let you know how much we care.

Enjoy life for today - and keep your chin up!!
Gail A. Duffner, USA

Wendy, I've been a fan of yours since you were on Are You Being Served? I am now watching you on EastEnders. You are too wonderful to lose this battle to that hideous disease. Keep up the fight.
Jennifer, USA

Good luck, my dad had cancer. He's ok, you have to be too, theres' no point in thinking otherwise! Look after the ones you love, wind up the ones you hate and have fun. With any luck you'll have to answer for the winding up!!!
Toby, UK

Everyone will be sorry to learn of your health difficulties. I am sure you will bounce back to thrill us as always as Pauline.
Pam Gross, United Kingdom

Dear Wendy, I was so sorry to hear that you've been ill, and wish you a very speedy recovery. I am English, living in New York, and watch every episode of Are You Being Served, which is screened on American television each night! It is the most wonderful programme, and your acting in it is superb. You portray Miss Brahms' character superbly, and should be extremely proud of a classic series which keeps us ex-pats here enthralled, over and over again. With very best wishes for a speedy recovery, we are all thinking of you over here.
Chrissie Iles, USA

You can beat this Wendy - all it takes is a positive attitude and faith. You WILL come out on top. All good wishes to you.
Jane Robinson, UK

Wishing you good health and carry on with your brilliant acting. You play the part so well and a strong woman role which is much appreciated!
Nicola, Britain

Stay the course. We are cheering for you.
Dorothy Grimes, United States

I work on the street next to where you live and it's always a treat to see the real you when you are out with your dog. I hope you get through this - I'm sure that if anyone can, you can. My thoughts are with you.
George Forth, London

Hello Wendy I'm British (actually love, I'm a Londoner) but I live in sunny Sicily. I always watch EastEnders when I come to England and when I'm in Sicily I read what happens from the BBC internet site. I also remember you from Are You Being Served? I hope you make a speedy recovery and hope to see you on screen soon. Love Anna.
Anna de Francisci, Italy

Your wit and charm has entertained me for many years, be strong.
Nancy, Canada

I too, am fighting cancer. Keep fighting and keep your spirits up... this is the only way to rise above our battles. Hang in there! My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you.
Gwenne Alleyne Hensel, USA

I'd just like to pass my best wishes on to Wendy Richard. I've been a huge fan of Eastenders and have watched it since the very first episode (when i was just six years old). Loads of love, Nigel x
Nigel, UK

Good Luck, flower. Try looking at some of the non-orthodox methods of controlling this evil. Herbs can do well in most cases. All the very best, now as always.
Dave Southern, UK

I do hope you recover soon. You are a brilliant character actress and we will miss you while you are away.
Charles G Blake, UK

Dear Wendy, I have watched you act on television for most of my adult life. It has made you like one of my family, a beloved aunt. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Annie, UK

Wendy, we fell in love you when our local PBS station aired Are You Being Served?" in the 1980s...May God grant you a speedy recovery.
Sue W, USA

I am a huge non-British fan of Are You Being Served and occasionally watch EastEnders. Hang in there and keep thinking positive thoughts. You have brought millions of smiles to your fans faces - let us take this opportunity to encourage you to wear one too!
Beth Glash, USA

As an ex-pat living in Texas, we still watch you in Are you being Served, and of course we devour our weekly dose of EastEnders on BBC America. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish you the speediest of recoveries.
Jennifer and Klaus Schwarzenberger, Texas - USA

Keep fighting Pauline, you have the stuff it takes. We have all been enriched by your performances over the years. Regards.
Pauline Potter, San Francisco, CA USA

Hello Wendy: I am a huge fan of yours, I have loved your work ever since Are You Being Served made its public TV debut. I have only seen a bit of your work on EastEnders and you are wonderful! I love your autobiography, it was so good I couldn't put it down and I am looking forward to reading it again! Belated congrats on your well deserved knighthood yahhhh! I am praying to god that you will be a billon percent cancer-free so you can continue to do the wonderful work you have been doing! A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND ALL THAT YOU CONTINUE TO DO!
Sandra Beasley, USA

So sorry to hear about your illness. You will be in my prayers. I've watched you play Pauline Fowler since the beginning of EastEnders - it's my favourite show! Please take care of yourself, Best wishes, Rita.
Rita O'Reilly, USA

Best Wishes for a full recovery. Hope to see you back in Albert Square very soon. From a long time fan.
Debra Pizzolo, United States of America

Sorry to hear that it has returned. Stay positive and keep well, we need good actresses and you are one of the best! Lots of hugs and much love.
Jo, United Kingdom

We love you here in the USA and wish you a speedy recovery!
Scott Jeffery, USA

Dear Wendy, best wishes for a speedy recovery. I've had cancer of the breast and had to have a masectomy. I am now 4 years clear. I do hope you will keep smiling and a positive attitude is just what you have. All my love Ann xx
Ann Brown, Lincoln, UK

I'd just like to let you know that you are one of the best quality actresses EastEnders have. I hope you will get well very soon. Best wishes from Scott family.
Natasha, England

From those of us over in the "states" who love you for all the entertainment you have brought us over the years, thank you and please get well! You are in the prayers of friends and family. Get well very soon!!!
Laura Gibbon, USA

Hi Wendy, just wanted to say Hi and that I am thinking of you.Take care. Helena (Call My Bluff)
Helena Taylor, UK

Dear Pauline, my thoughts are with you especially at this time, just as they were with you 7 years ago. My dear mum was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after your battle with the disease then. I am sure you will recover as you did 7 years ago. My very best wishes.
Anna Djemil, UK

You are such a pleasure to watch on television and I hope that you get well soon and are back for us all to enjoy very soon. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.
Lorna Moore, England

Wendy - you got over it once - you can do it again. Go for it girl! With love from a breast cancer patient. xxx
Trish, UK

God bless her. She has given our family so many enjoyable moments on television. I wish we could be there in person to say "Hello. Thanks. Get well - soon."
Fred Klein, USA

All my best wishes to you, Wendy, for a fast recovery back to full health.

You have been such an important part of two of the best TV programmes ever and, as I have been lucky enough to meet you twice, I also know what a lovely person you are.

Thinking of you xxx
Karen Inskip-Hayward, UK

Praying for you and your family at this difficult time. You proved that you can beat this evil disease once, keep your chin up and know that there is support from everyone around you. God Bless.
Sarah Rosthorn, England

I have watched virtually every episode of EastEnders and you have been and still are the star of the show. Get better soon Wendy and we look forward to seeing you back on the show. Love The Beattie Clan.
Janet Beattie, Netherlands

Best wishes on a full recovery, keep that beautiful smile beaming! Cheers!
Cathy Hamlin, California, USA

Sorry to hear the news. I'm going through treatment for breast cancer myself so I've some idea of what it's like. All the very best with any further treatment!
Shena Aitkenhead, UK

Get well soon Wendy, you're the best thing since sliced bread.
Victor Wansborough, England

My husband & I wish you all the best for a speedy & full recovery. Although we have never watched EastEnders, we continually enjoy listening to Shirley Brahms' cockney accent on the older series, Are You Being Served? & Are You Being Served, Again? I refer to the latter series as "country-style". Perhaps you can come across the pond for a visit in the future, to be interviewed by one of our PBS stations. That would be thrilling. Again, best wishes!
Barbara Ruth Blacher-Hecht & Marc Hecht, USA

Mrs Slocombe says get well soon girl! Customers need you...
Edward Reitano, USA

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Enjoy watching you on EastEnders. Your character is at the heart of the show.
Olivia, Ireland

Please get well soon so you can come to NY again and have a curry with us.
Doris Evans, USA

Dear Wendy, Firstly you are a fantastic actress, and secondly PLEASE look on the bright side of life, and keep your family/friends close, they'll support you through thick and thin... All the best, take care Chris x
Chris Hakin, UK

Keep your pecker up girl.
Terry Gunnell, England

Wendy, I feel like you have been an older sister as I've been watching you on TV for as long as I can remember. From my younger days in Scotland watching AYBS to watching you every week on EastEnders and the occassional AYBS and Grace & Favour repeats here in Canada. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back on our tellies very soon.
Stephen Foster, Canada

Things are sent in this life to blimmin well try us and everytime we just keep on fighting until we win. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that your future gets brighter every day x
Claire Daniels, England

Wendy - really hope the operation went OK and your fighting spirit will be back on our screens soon.
Richard Wright, UK

Sorry to hear that you're having another cancer scare, best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery - and a nice new cardie for Pauline when you get back!
Isobel Pike, UK

We know you will be positive and this is what works. Keep smiling.
Lesley Harvey, England

I can no longer get EastEnders in Toronto, but keep up on the news via BBC Email newsletter. My thoughts are with you in you fight with cancer. Keep on fighting and prayers help too. From a fan Bonnie Curr
B. Curr, Canada

Wendy, keep smiling & laughing, it's the best cure!! You've done it before and you'll do it again - win that is. Regards.
Hugh, UK

Get well soon, Wendy. Think positively and imagine yourself in perfect health.
Lynda Wright, England

Please pass on my regards to Wendy. I really did not know what to write, but felt I wanted to say something, since she has a place in the hearts of so many. I wish her a speedy recovery and am thinking of her. With love and best wishes, Mark x
Mark, London, England

Dear Ms. Richard, My family and I have enjoyed your work a great deal. We hope you are comfortable and we pray for complete recovery for you. "Miss Brahms" continues to endear herself to the entire world. Get well soon.
Susan Sutton, USA

My prayers and best wishes to a true veteran.
P. Hogan, USA

My thoughts and prayers are with you Ms. Richard! I have been a fan of yours for some time, and have enjoyed your book and the few autographed items I've gotten from you in the mail in the past. Love and prayers.
Richard Gonser, USA

Please don't let it get you down. You must be positive. I have been there. My heart felt wishes for your speedy recovery.
Arthur Sparkes, England

Good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
B Mason,

Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery Wendy. I have watched EastEnders since it began and never miss it.
Colleen, Australia

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