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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 April, 2003, 11:02 GMT 12:02 UK
Madonna plans 'morality tale'
Madonna with daughter Lourdes
Madonna was let down by the books she read to her daughter
Madonna's venture into children's books will see her writing morality tales based on Hebrew texts she is studying.

The pop star has signed a deal to write five books that will be based on the Kabbalah religion, the first of which will be called The English Roses.

Madonna said that she wanted to achieve something deeper than the "vapid and vacant" books that were available for young readers.

She also said the idea of writing the books was suggested to her by a Kabbalah teacher and she originally planned to co-write them with husband Guy Ritchie.

In an interview for music channel VH1, to be screened in the UK on Good Friday, she criticised children's books for not containing any life lessons.

Now I'm starting to read to my son, but I couldn't believe how vapid and vacant and empty all the stories were

Madonna said: "I have a teacher I've been studying Kabbalah with for the last almost seven years now, and he's suggested that I write some children's stories based on a lot of things that I've learned in Kabbalah - so that's what I did."

She said that husband Ritchie had got caught up writing scripts so the responsibility for writing the books fell solely to her.

'No effort'

She added: "He did stay really involved - you know, he's my greatest critic. Whenever something gave him the retarded tingles, he was not shy about letting me know."

The impetus for writing for children came after reading to her daughter Lourdes.

"Now I'm starting to read to my son, but I couldn't believe how vapid and vacant and empty all the stories were," she said.

"There were like no lessons, just all about princesses and like the beautiful prince arrives and he takes her for his wife and nothing happens, no efforts are made.

"Nobody asks her what her opinion is, or I didn't see anybody struggling for things. There's like no books about anything."

Speaking to Will & Grace actress Megan Mullally she also explained why she split her time between London and Los Angeles.

"I find that people in Europe are much more interested in the quality of life, they're not so work-oriented," she said.

"They're not willing to stay in the office 12 hours a day, they know how to enjoy life better. But Americans know how to get things done quicker."

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