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Thursday, 5 July, 2001, 00:25 GMT 01:25 UK
Madonna concert: Your views
Madonna plays the guitar during a concert in Barcelona
Madonna: Performing in the UK after eight years
Madonna may have been on the music scene since 1984 but she is still the undisputed queen of pop.

The Drowned World tour is her first since 1993.

On Wednesday, 4 July, she played her first UK gig at Earls Court, London. More concerts will follow on 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 July.

There was some criticism of the ticket prices - which ranged from 40 to 85.

But the scramble for seats saw an estimated 30 million attempts at getting through to hotlines, making the shows among the fastest selling of all time.

So what did you think?

Did her performance justify the ticket price? Can Madonna still cut it live after all these years? Or should she throw in the towel and leave it to Britney?


I have just walked in the door, it finshed five hours ago and one word can sum it up - AMAZING. Madonna gave a fantastic performance and whilst the tickets were expensive, you have to look at all the work and dedication that has gone into it and the cost of staging it. I would pay to see her all over again. And boy she cuts it! Big time.
Jamie, UK

July 4 show was just fabulous and thrilling.
Agha Pasha, UK

Madonna didn't let her fans down, she could have taken an attitude whereby she would have considered us happy to be there and watching her on stage belting out a few hits.

However, she pulled out all the stops, her and her dancers made the show one in a million, it was an amazing spectacle and an event that I'll never forget. For all those who have yet to see her, you are in for one amazing night and for the millions who will miss out - oh dear!
Lee Noble, England

A good gig, but not worth the price. People are over-rating Maddonna, look at the poor albums she released in the 90s when she lost the plot. It was only on the last two albums that producer William Orbit saved her career and she should remember that. Her acting attempts left a lot to be desired, too.
Martin, UK

I think 87 was too much for the show. She only sang two old(er) songs, and shouted profanities at us. Yes, it was a good show, but not as visually stunning or cohesive as her past shows.
Nathan, American ex-pat in France

The tickets were expensive but worth every penny. My advice is: see her and then see her again!

Richard Allen, England
Went last night and I thought it was rubbish. The old girl had to keep sitting down all night. There were none of the classic Madge tracks and she kept playing the guitar which became so annoying I was tempted to go on stage and shove the thing where the sun doesn't shine. Very disappointed, preferred Robbie Williams who seems to know how to entertain his audience.
Chris, UK

I'm not sure why, but as Madonna's music has become more interesting, she has become duller. The innovation of previous shows last night was missing (I've seen her most times she's played in the UK).

Weren't the BackStreet Boys flying on wires a couple of years ago? And I've always found the old scary woman in a kimono scenario a tad racist - even when Annie Lennox was doing it in the 80s.

And, really, if you're going to try and establish yourself as a serious musician (look at my geetar!) then maybe you ought not to use huge video screens which show every time the lip-syncing goes wrong.

But the crowd reaction was amazing - she has an incredibly loyal fan base who dutifully shelled out for the merchandise and customised their own black T-shirts with gold sequined letters.

Office workers across the land, prepare to be bored by the office airhead when Heat comes out next week.
Ed Granger, UK

I saw Madonna's concert last night at Earls Court and I was blown away. The music was amazing and the costumes were fantastic. Madonna was great! The first half of the show was the best part - songs from her Ray of Light album that told a story in pop-opera style.

For one song, Sky Fits Heaven, the dancing was choreographed as a martial arts fighting scene. Using wires and harnesses, Madonna and her dancers performed an amazing acrobatic fighting scene. The whole show was amazing. Finished off by a farewell comment from Ali G.

The tickets were expensive but worth every penny. My advice is: see her and then see her again!
Richard Allen, England

I saw Madonna last night and it was the best concert I have ever seen. She certainly knows how to put on a show. The dancing was amazing and she sounded great all night. Great costumes, great was just fantastic...
Anthony, UK

Why only two old hits? The montage at the end of the show of her previous incarnations really showed how much fun she used to be, an element lacking last night

Hannah, UK
Madonna does it again. She rocks. She is the best live performer the world has ever seen. Despite the fact that it's enough for most people just to be in the same room as her, she delivered a visually amazing, acoustically flawless show that beats even her Blonde Ambition masterpiece.

She has answered her critics yet again and exceeded the expectations of even her most diehard fans. She is, without doubt, the best. When it's Madonna, Music really does make the people come together.
Paul, London

Surely a paying audience should expect the extraordinary as standard? Although Madonna's concert was well thought out and choreographed, is this what we should be getting from every act?

The most amazing music performances I've ever been to have been 'smaller' bands in smaller venues and a lot cheaper!
Dominic, London, UK

I enjoyed the concert thoroughly but it would have been a bonus if she would have sung three or four of her old tracks. Material Girl, Like a virgin, Cherish and, of course, Vogue.
Neil, UK

Madonna may be a modern day icon, but last night she was resting on her laurels. While Music and Ray of Light were credible albums, they're not what we love her for. Why only two old hits? The montage at the end of the show of her previous incarnations really showed how much fun she used to be, an element lacking last night. Sell your tickets on the internet, New Madonna's not working.
Hannah, UK

It was a very well choreographed and organised show, but it lacked emotion and feeling

Nick, UK
It was an extraordinary show. I've been a fan since the beginning, and having never seen her other tours, the lack of older songs was a bit of a drawback but not a disappointment. The costumes, sound and her new guitar talent made the last 18 years worth the wait!T
Celine Vonmay, UK

FANTASTIC! 40 was not a lot to pay for such an amazing show. I'm not a diehard fan, but I was impressed. Madonna's performance was the best live act I've seen.
Emma, UK

I saw Madonna at Earls Court last night and it was a very well choreographed and organised show, but it lacked emotion and feeling.

Madonna failed to connect with her audience, a feeble attempt to get people dancing at the end really is not good enough.

The lack of classic tracks certainly didn't help the cause. It would have been nice to have seen people dancing in the aisles but the opportunities did not arise and twenty five notes for a programme? What a complete rip-off.
Nick , UK

Madonna was absolutely fantastic last night - she is still the queen of pop. I am a huge Robbie fan but this just blew him away. Holiday, Don't Tell Me and Music were highlights - Mads should feel very proud.
Patricia Orr, UK

Great show - brilliant music/lights/dancing - but two problems - sound quality was appalling - don't know if it was the venue or what. Also, way too short for the money - think she was taking the audience for granted a bit.
Andrew Newman, UK

I saw Madonna last night and thought that it was absolutely amazing; it was worth every penny

Cheryl, UK
I was there last night, I thought Madonna was amazing. I see no reason why people should feel let down because she did not play many of her older hits, it was after all, the Drowned World Tour - not Greatest Hits.
Susan Smith, UK

Madonna may be the Queen of Pop but only for those who can afford it. The price of a ticket was almost the weekly income of those in receipt of benefits.
Elaine Smith, UK

The show was great, although it would have been much better had she sung some of the older songs that got here where she is today. I do think that she (or her record company) are rather greedy charging 40 plus per ticket and expecting us to spend 25 on top of it for a tour programme.
Gavin Compton, England

25 for a tour programme. You people in the UK are being ripped off. It was only the equivalent of 15 pounds in Paris!
Chris, Belgium

I saw Madonna last night and thought that it was absolutely amazing; it was worth every penny. So much energy and creativity and I was so impressed with her guitar playing. Loved the costumes and her voice sounds better than ever. Only downside is the cost of t-shirts and programmes etc. But just wish I was going again!
Cheryl, UK

Well, I'm sorry to regress to the level of a pre-teen, everyone but Madonna was just fantastic! Yes I confess, I was one of the foolish hordes who forked out sixty pounds of my hard-earned cash... and boy was it worth it! The most impressive aspect of Madonna is the way she has remained current by constantly reinventing herself. It is also impressive to see a 42-year old women looking great and ruling the world, in an age when everyone tells us we are 'past it' by age 25. Long live the Queen of Pop!
Steff Johnson, Altrincham, UK

If she had rested on her laurels and played her old hits then she would have been criticised for that. She was being bold and innovative

Dean, UK
The show was superb! It was non-stop music and action - entertainment at its best! The enjoyment from both the crowd and Madonna herself was clearly evident and she gave everything! Fantastic!
Niki French, Wales

An out of this world fantastic experience! Like seeing Cirque du Soleil with Madonna as the star. One major gripe though - 65 for a vest top that I now realise is for sale on her website at $ 9.95 (21). Not a bad mark-up - 300 per cent!
Karen Chiswick, England

As a long term Madonna fan I enjoyed the show but I was very disappointed that Madonna did not interact with her fans, she has a history of taking her fans (who have made her millions) for granted and the Drowned World tour highlights this.
Rob Steven, England

When Madonna comes on stage it's like a small atomic bomb going off. The show did not lack emotion, were half of you asleep? Songs like Secret and Paradise (Not For Me) or Nobody's Perfect were just brilliant. People keep going on about her not playing old stuff, probably because she has a new sound, new look, or simply moved on. And why simmer in the past when your very hot at present? If Holiday and Music didn't get you singing and dancing, nothing will. I'm glad I went to see her in Paris, the French know how to party!
Steve Lancaster, UK

She was fantastic. This time she really showed her talent, and didn't hide behind her dance routines and set. She has had so many singles in the charts that she was never going to please everybody. If she had rested on her laurels and played her old hits then she would have been criticised for that. She was being bold and innovative.

I have seen all of her tours and although it didn't match the spectacle of the Blonde Ambition tour, it was well worth seeing her after such a long time. I don't think we have seen the last of her on the stage. She will be back with a greatest hits tour and whoever gets to go to those concerts is going to be a very lucky person. At the end of the day, it was Madonna on the stage in front of us, and for me that was enough!
Dean Morrison, UK

We have always been fans, but now to have seen her live....WOW! She was brilliant

Andre and Donna, UK
Having seen the Drowned World Tour show on the 4th July and reading some of the comments in this message board, I feel sorry for Madonna. Sorry that so many people just didn't seem to get it.

Firstly, Ed Granger, there was no lip syncing...all was sung live. The video screens were out of sync slightly.

People who complain that she didn't sing enough old songs: I am glad she didn't. It would have been so easy for her to sing all the classics, guaranteed to make everyone happy, but ultimately too easy. Showcasing where she is now is far more relevant and impressive. She isn't Celine Dion after all.

The Brit Punk section, with the swearing and the "God save the Queen".. Come on people, she was playing a character and paying tribute to the British punk movement, don't take it all so literally.

Great show. Those who didn't like it, well, I'm sure Britney will be touring again soon, and you can enjoy that without having to think, it clearly isn't a strength for many of you.
Andrew Owen, UK

We have always been fans, but now to have seen her live....WOW! She was brilliant, I would have liked her previous songs too, but she was there for her Drowned World tour, not 'the best of', so give her a break! Thanks Madonna for a great night!
Andre and Donna, UK

She's brilliant but only at conning fans to pay rip off prices. What a con when she drops her microphone, you could still hear her! What a fake - go and see some real musicians i.e. rock bands. Some of whom are in their fifties and still play live, not pre-recorded
Chris, UK

A very selfish show aimed at pleasing critics and not fans

Bethany, UK
Thanks for your comments Andrew - I never thought I'd be criticised for not understanding Madonna because she's too 'deep'.

But I'm a sound engineer and do have to point out that she was clearly miming for some of it. There is, of course, a lag between what you see on the video screen and what you hear - not noticeable at the front more so at the back. But on two occasions I saw there were vocals but a firmly shut mouth.

Anyway, give your idol a break, mate - her shows have always been more about theatre than music and she is in her forties.
Ed Granger, UK

I was at the opening night of the Earls Court Madonna gig and the atmosphere was electric, she will always be the queen of pop
Sarah Mitten, UK

Madonna was going for image credibilty rather than pleasing her fans which was a shame. Considering the price of the tickets she should have sang a few more songs - the show was too short!

She always says how much she loves the UK yet she charges us more for merchandise than she did in her other Europe shows - a complete rip off! A very selfish show aimed at pleasing critics and not fans.
Bethany, England

I regret the 450 that the night eventually cost us. However, as with all bad relationships, I blame myself for allowing myself to have been taken advantage of

Danny, UK
I went to the opening night and my first Madonna concert - it was explosive and the imagination mind-bending at times, anyone who can slag this concert off or Madonna's new style cannot really enjoy the true professionalism of her music.

Those who do bring her down are only trying to get attention - wake up and smell the coffee, she's back stronger than ever. Class, that's all anybody should say.
Peter Townley, UK

My girlfriend and I were approached by ticket touts in Chelsea and were eventually offered the best tickets available at 90 each.

We saw an amazing show, no doubt, but it is a great shame that Madonna has abused the power her fans handed to her in the first place.

I think we all agree that what we wanted and deserved to hear were more of the classic Madonna songs that made her famous in the first place.

Where would Madonna be without those hits and without those supporters who have been with such artists ever since? Also, assuming the capacity was around 14,000 people at Earls Court, the approximate revenue on ticket sales alone would have exceeded 950,000 for one night.

This figure does not include the vast amount of interest on the ticket revenue between when the tickets were originally purchased and the actual date of the gig. Nor does it include the profit from the extortionately priced merchandise that most of us, including myself, still purchased with almost blind loyalty.

Surely it would have cost hardly anymore if Madonna had been willing to play for more than 90 minutes.

In an extra 15 minutes she might have given us more of her older numbers. I regret the 450 that the night eventually cost us. However, as with all bad relationships, I blame myself for allowing myself to have been taken advantage of.

I think all her fans reading this will agree with me and I therefore challenge Madonna to respond.
Danny Rolnick, UK

I saw Madonna on July the 6th and am not quite convinced it was such an amazing show as the critics would like us to believe. So she plays guitar? It got really annoying by the end, it's like, who cares? The geisha bit was amazing though, I have to say.

Or why did she only sing new material? She is so self-absorbed that she doesn't care what we want to hear.

I was disappointed that she didn't feel it necessary to speak to us, except when she swore at us. How dare she think she is above us all. I am not convinced yet, but am still going 3 more times, and hope very much that by the end I believe that she is worth the insane amount of money I have spent.
Heinz, United Kingdom

I don't want to see a 42 year old woman running across the stage singing Like a Virgin!

Andrew Stewart, UK
Madonna is still the Queen of Pop! Her gig is amazing, stunning and as fans we love her more than ever. I must also congratulate the BBC for the excellent show There is only one Madonna and for the fabulous work you have done Online and on Ceefax.
Didier, Belgium

Saw Madonna on Friday and must say that although it was fantastic just to be there watching a performance by a legend, there were more than a few things missing....

First, she didn't bother to say hello until about the fifth song, which came anyway in the form of an obscenity. Nice. I must say, I felt she didn't really want to be there. Also, why the bland songs that no-one is that bothered about? When she had so many more to choose from?

I know she has a new image and I wouldn't ask her to compromise her artistic integrity or anything... but Madonna "Queen of Pop" is not a rock star (yes, ok, she can play the guitar, but are we really bothered?), and Madonna, we know you can dance better than that.

A lot of money and excitement for a very impersonal touch. Can't say that I'd have missed it for a million though!
Julie Williams, UK

I have been a besotted Madonna fan for most of my life, I went to see her at Wimbledon for The Girlie Show which was truly amazing, Unfortunately, I walked away from this Drowned World concert feeling extremely let down by her. I have heard all of the reviews and so far they have been fantastic, on Saturday she seemed like she didn't even want to be there. The only time she actually spoke to the audience was when she swore at us.
Jayne Mitchell, England

Why do the press always describe these shows as "sell-out" when they are not. I easily booked five tickets seated together from the Earls Court box office yesterday afternoon. Hardly a sell-out (yet)!
Kash, UK

What a great show! Having seen Madonna three times, I've got to say this was a great show. If there had been performances of the older tracks, yeah it would have been fun, but we have seen them all before! This show was more about the present, and well worth it. My only hope is Madonna tours again, but the feeling I get is this was the last one. All in all an excellent night.
Nutz, UK

Who cares if the tickets cost 85.00? She is worth every penny

Garry Bird, England
Saw Madonna on July 4th and she ROCKS! The show was very different from her previous tours which judging from some peoples' reaction is a tad disappointing for them. I myself loved every minute of it.

What I don't understand is people constantly complaining about the fact that she didn't sing many old songs. People have to realise that not many artists have the amount of hits or back catalogue that Madonna has.

Madonna is an artist of the moment, there is no need for her to keep rehashing old hits and to be quite honest, I don't want to see a 42 year old woman running across the stage singing Like a Virgin! It would be boring not only for Madonna but also for her fans to have this repeated time and time again.

When Madonna performs she doesn't deliver just one song after another, she delivers a story. The show was amazingly choreographed, fun and visually intense. My only disappointment was that she didn't talk to the audience that much, but hey, when you see a West End musical, the actors don't say "Hello"!
Andrew Stewart, London, UK

What can I say but this lady is a living legend. I was blown away by her magical performance. A Madonna concert is more than a night out, it's a life experience and one not to be missed. Who cares if the tickets cost 85.00? She is worth every penny. The only thing I cannot understand, why not perform in a bigger venue, she could have filled up Hyde Park with 100,000 fans for a week. Although there are a few gripes from people re her selection of songs, she did belt out a few old ones, Human Nature, Secret, Holiday and it was the Drowned World tour.
Garry Bird, England

I thought the show was fantastic, she truly is an incredible performer. However, she was more "rock chick" this time and less of the girlie fun Madonna that we've come to know and love!
Stephen de Martin, London

To those people demanding the old material, why did you bother going? Why didn't you let a real fan have the ticket you wasted?

Sarah, UK
I saw the Drowned World tour in Paris and London and loved every minute of them! I agree with Garry Bird when he says it's a life experience - it really is. I've seen Madonna seven times now and she really is worth the money.

I can't believe there are people complaining about the missing old songs - let's see Madonna's critics select 20 songs from a back catalogue as extensive as hers and put together a 2 hour spectacle show with all the style and quality that she did - I don't think anyone else could do it.

She is without doubt a fantastic singer, dancer, storyteller and performer. I thought the swearing at the audience and the expletive on her guitar strap were hilarious and should really be taken as they were meant.

People really ought to lighten up, relax and enjoy the music. If the rumours I'm hearing are true, she'll be back with some extra dates at the end of the year - in which case I'll be there again! There really is only one Madonna!
Mario Thomas, United Kingdom

I have been her fan for more than ten years and I was so happy to see her show at Earls Court. But I was really disappointed by her. Maybe I should have just enjoyed the singing and dancing, but I couldn't ignore the message she was trying to give us Chinese people She is a real artist but her hatred and ignorance make me sad. I am her fan no longer.
ZW, China

I went to see Madonna at Earls Court on Thursday 12th, and I have to say I was absolutely blown away. I would describe myself as a die hard fan and I was not disappointed or let down in any way.

The sound was amaxing and yes, she was singing live, on the occasions when she dropped the microphone, she was actually choreographed to do so. I thought the selection of songs was fantastic, who wants to see the same songs over and over?

To those people demanding the old material, why did you bother going? Why didn't you let a real fan have the ticket you wasted? I had a great time singing and dancing to all the new stuff, as did the other real fans that were there. Next time she tours, if you aren't interested in the music and you can't be bothered to cheer and clap and you don't know the words, don't waste everyone's time by going!
Sarah, UK

Madonna that we have loved for her energetic dance routines and songs had changed too much

David Headley, England
I saw Madonna at Earls Court on 4th July and have been out of the country since so was unaware of the views of other fans on this website. I'd just like to add a few more thoughts.

I would have loved more 80s stuff, but Madonna's voice has changed so much since then that it wouldn't have been the way we remember it. Also, I'd hate to have to be doing some of the stuff I did in 1984 now and I guess she feels the same. Judging the reaction she got from the audience when she did Holiday, it might have been an idea to do it at the beginning to get everyone in the mood for a party.

In the 80s and 90s concerts got too big with artists trying to out-do each other and all we got for our money was a speck on a stage at the other end of a vast stadium. At least we actually saw Madonna up close. In the 80s as a student I worked 3 days in Tesco to earn enough for most concert tickets. How long does it take to earn 40 now? If the tickets were overpriced how come they were so oversubscribed? Supply and demand? The concert would still have been full at ten times the price.

My main criticisms would be the swearing, which she seemed uncomfortable saying, and what was that white trash accent bit in the middle?
Sue, UK

I managed to get tickets for the last UK show on 12th July 2001 and the build up to the event was massive. The atmosphere was electric and when she appeared on stage you just knew that the ticket price was worth every penny. The show was non stop, the quality of performance was at its best. The only word that really sums up what has been the best night of my life is "WOW". Madonna truely rocks!
James Stables, UK

OK, so the prices were high, she should have sung older songs but come on people, she does not charge as excessive as Barbera Streisand and why sing the old stuff? Music moves foward, if you want the old stuff, rent a video or DVD or buy her CDs. The fact is she is different from the others in her league, she moves forward, not backwards, the show was incredible and only those who love her will love it. If you are going to complain, give me your ticket, bottom line, Madonna rocks.
Lloyd Kandasammy, Guyana

Nobody should expect an artist still in full flow to have to drag out 15-year-old hits to keep the crowds coming in

James G, UK
I saw Madonna, July 9th. I was impressed with the stage and lighting. However, having been a fan for over 17 years and been to most concerts in England, I left feeling a little sad that maybe the Madonna that we have loved for her energetic dance routines and songs had changed too much.

Why she chose to sing some of the songs from the last two albums over the great Madonna anthems surprised me. Having said all that, I would have paid three or four times the ticket price to see her, because she takes you on a journey without knowing the destination. She was good. I hope she does not stay away too long! Eight years was too long a wait!
David Headley, England

I saw Madonna's final show at Earls Court on the12th. This was not as "theatrical" as the Girlie Show or as big 'n' brash as Blonde Ambition but what it lacked in spectacle, it made up for in sheer energy. Despite the fact that large sections of the crowd stood motionless through the whole thing (erm, hello, you shelled out 70 quid to see Madonna and didn't bother even tapping your feet?), Drowned World had a dancey, clubby feel that obviously pleased her loyal fans.

Nobody should expect an artist still in full flow to have to drag out 15-year-old hits to keep the crowds coming in. Holiday, Human Nature, La Isla Bonita, Secret... that's enough golden oldies for me. Bring on the banging Orbit/Mirwais sounds! Can't bear the thought that this is her last tour ever, though...
James G, UK

I saw the show on the 12th of July and thought it was brilliant. The only thing I thought was wrong with it was the venue. As I was seated near the back on the right hand side, I couldn't see either of the screens. Saying that, I do realise I was lucky to go as many people could not get tickets and I would not have missed it for the world.
Emma, UK

I would just like to say that I saw the concert on the 9th July at Earls Court and thought it was absolutely wicked. It is the first time I have seen her and it was definitely not a disappointment. I took five hour journey on a coach to get there but it was worth it. I would have paid 10 times the price for the ticket. I would have liked her to sing Like a Prayer and Live to Tell or Like a Virgin but the concert was still sensational. She is still the queen of pop.
Vicky Salter, England

I can't help but think that people missed the point of the show. I saw Madonna in Paris on the 27th of June and then again here on the 12th of July and she was incredible on both occasions. The show was a journey. Each and every song was handpicked to describe a part of the journey and the lyrics were always appropriate to what was going on on the stage. And to those who took offence at the Geisha section, Madonna once said herself that she does not seek to endorse (or criticise) a way of life, but to describe one. Apart from all of which, the concerts were bangin'. Lighten up!
Kevin Jepson, United Kingdom

I saw the show on the 7th of July and I thought that it was amazing. Madonna puts such a great amount of effort into everything that she does. She is a real entertainer unlike many 'popstars' that are around today.

I was lucky enough to be four rows from the front (sitting for a while behind Mr Madonna himself Guy Ritchie and Claudia Schiffer). The show was fantastic and I did not regret paying 85.00 for the chance to see my idol that close up. Madonna is still the best!
Catherine Gill, UK

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