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Wednesday, 16 January, 2002, 10:10 GMT
The Brit Awards: Your views
Gorillaz have six Brit nominations this year
Gorillaz, the band who turned down their Mercury music prize nomination last year, have been nominated for six Brit awards.

Other musicians up for awards include, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Dido, Craig David, So Solid Crew, Travis and The Strokes.

One notable absence is U2, who won two awards last year including a lifetime achievement award. This year, Sting gets that honour.

So what do you think?

Do you agree with the Brit nominations - have the judges picked the best British talent?


Another banal and frankly incoherent list from an institution which makes the Grammy awards look cutting-edge. Anyone who can nominate Geri Halliwell as the best female artist of 2001 has no ears.

Here's hoping Aphex Twin wins- that would at least make thw whole tawdry farce a bit more entertaining.
Edwin, US

Another predictable and stale selection for the Brits. The cats that make the nominations have little idea. At least the strokes get a nod but in a year of good music we could have seen a nomination or two for the Charlatans, New Order or Air in the international category. Still I'm sure Ian Brown will win best male.
Max Power, UK

Muse should be nominated for best British single - although they would have no chance if commercial radio listeners are voting for it!

Simon Messenger, Australia
Gorillaz? Robbie? Kylie? Forget them, this year's Brits belong to The Strokes - Newcomer, Album and Group, The Strokes are taking those international babies home to N'Yawk! Oh, and surely the obligatory 2 Brits for S Club 7, sweeeeeeeet...
Steve, England

I think the judges have picked the right people, notably, Sting receiving a Lifetime Achievement award is so cool. He deserves it.
Edwin Curtis, Canada

I'm thrilled that Sting has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Next for his KNIGHTHOOD!
Bev, England

No I absolutely do not think the best British talent has been picked. I feel that Radiohead has been overlooked again. I mean come on they are the greatest musicians by far in Britain. I would love for them to someday get the credit they are rightfully due.
Brian Atkins, USA

I'd like to see the Brit Awards become more like the Mercury Music Prize, which is all about the acutal music and the boundaries it breaks. The Brits is just a glossy commercial event that takes its cue from records sales and the over saturated 'pop idols' that just sell well. I mean Geri Haliwell! Robbie Williams trying to ape Sinatra! There are many more gifted musicians that are more deserving of this event.
Andy Devs, London, UK

I'm utterly disappointed U2 are not nominated for any award. They deserve it as much as Travis or Robbie did.
Klemen, Slovenia

I feel that a change is coming to the music scene. Genres other than pop are now gaining more and more surport over pop.
Tom Cooper, England

Don't the organisers of the Brit Awards realise how stupid it looks that Craig David can be nominated two years in a row with the same album? Do this mean that, theoretically, he could WIN the award twice? Or if he had won last year, would he not allowed to be entered again? Whatever, such duplicate nominations doesn't say much for the British record Industry. And what about Atomic Kitten - Best New Act AGAIN?!! What is the point in having a 15 month qualifying period? The Awards should reflect the music of the preceding year i.e. everything released between January and December. There are too many nominations for records that came out in 2000. And is there really any POINT in Bob the Builder being nominated?
John Magee, Bangor, Northern Ireland

Once again the Brit Awards panel have turned the ceremony into a farce: nothing but a chance for record industry suits to back slap themselves

Keira Burgess, England
Please Please Please no more Robbie Williams... Who does he think he is now? Frank Sinatra? Dean Martin? Well Mr. Williams you have a long way to go yet...
Jason Mitchell, Canada (Brit Student)

Any one else wonder what happened to U2 this year. Its not like they need the accolade but just seems strange.
Joe, N. Ireland

No nomination for the Manic Street Preachers? There should be - Know Your Enemy was the best release in a generally poor year, as proven by Kylie Minogue's nominations.
Kim Coates, Scotland

Lets puncture these giant sized egos and completly ignore the lot of them , so that they can accept their important world changing award in front of a massive global TV audience of 3.Can we please get things in perspective.
Alex Finlayson, England

I think once again the Brit Awards panel have turned the ceremony into a farce: nothing but a chance for record industry suits to back slap themselves. Last year Primal Scream, Terris and Destiny's Child were overlooked, this year Robbie and Kylie get four nominations each? It's a disgrace that these judges cant seem to look further than the Top 40 when deciding on the candidates! If Travis represent the most innovative music in Britain today then I'd eat my vinyl! I hope Radiohead get best band so Thom Yorke can show the whole thing up for what it is.
Keira Burgess, England

How on Earth have U2 not been nominated for any awards. During the past year they've been on a different planet to every other band. They've had the highest grossing tour in the world which has been praised by pretty-much everyone, their last album has sold over 10million copies and they've been nominated for 8 Grammys and have swept the board in most end-of-year awards, including the very prestigious Rolling Stone awards. It seems to me that the Brits are trying to drum-up some controversy in order to get publicity, as there is no other reason not to even nominate them.
Tom Heinink, England

What is it about Radiohead that is so consistantly "brilliant" to warrant year after year praise from certain areas.? Okay, they are alright but what do you really think of them when you are sober or not stoned???!!!
Tony Patterson, Canada

Muse should be nominated for best British group, best single for 'Plug in Baby' or 'Newborn' (although they would have no chance if commercial radio listeners are voting for it!!), best album for 'Origin of Symmetry' and best video for 'Plug in Baby'
Simon Messenger, Australia

The Brits, once again, prove how contrived they are nominating loads of drivellous pap for awards

Wayne, Netherlands
I think some of the more mature acts have been overlooked, for instance New Order and Paul Weller (though Weller's was a live album), Embraces album also contained some note worthy songs. Craig David deserves more recognition than Robbie. After buying over 100 albums this year, there is more to music than that mentioned in the awards...
Mark Smith, Japan

What I find most amusing is that Aphex Twin (Richard James) was nominated for the "best British male solo" category. If you know anything about his music, this is definitely an unusual choice given the conservative nature of most music award organizations. What would be even more amusing is if James won - I don't think the Brits or any other music award would be looked at the same way again!
Jonathan Fingas, Canada

Gorillaz....Gorillaz...a name certainly not worthy of such a lofty set of nominations. No one can deny that the "creators" of Gorillaz have talent (albeit not much), but what about the other great British acts. Bands such as Travis, Radiohead, and esp. U2 cannot be placed below the Gorillaz! Speaking from an American perspective, you are not only denying some of the UK's best and most famous talent, but you're also mocking yourselves by making this decision. Thank you.
Mike Pearce, USA

When I heard the UK Top 20 on the World Service, I didn't think "Hmm, music is great this year", but rather "they don't deserve awards for this rubbish". What happened to the great British music of the 1980s? Is the pathetic fare I heard in the chart really the best we can do? I blame the industry fior promoting lacklustre and unimiginative blandness, but we need some new artists who know how to sing and play instruments. Maybe then the British music scene can return to the heady days of Britpop, Beatlemania, and other peak years. In the words of a rather older song "You've either got, or you haven't got... style"!
Michael Jacobs, Israel

Please, please, please, don't let Robbie win anything, that talentless buffoon, who dances like my uncle at a Xmas party and sings like my mate down the pub

Chris Brown, England
The Brits, once again prove how contrived they are nominating loads of drivellous pap for awards. Blue? Westlife? Hear Say? Oh come on please! When will they start recognising talent instead of the earning potential of a band? There is so much talent in the UK right now (Silver Ginger 5, Antiproduct, Johnny Zhivago, The Cherrykicks, Plan A - bet you haven't heard of any of them) but instead they are all being ignored as earning potential is seen over true entertainment. I say death to manufactured pap, and death to the Brits whilst at it!
Wayne, Netherlands

As I am rather unfamiliar with the inner workings of the UK Music Awards, which I attribute to an unfortunate case of Americanitis, I don't know for certain if the Award includes a "Best Songwriter" award (or something comparable). Sting would be the obvious winner, as he has consistantly produced the highest calibre of narrative lyrics for almost twenty years. I applaude him on his Lifetime Achievement Award. It is a choice well made.
Brendan, United States of America

I think the Strokes should be high on the agenda for best newcomer, their talent excedes much of the other bands.
Mickey Hewettson, UK

Jamiroquai for best band - why? They have to be the dullest, most monotonous band in existence. Bland MOR warblings over some cheesy sampled beats, sung by a man who still thinks wearing a tea-cosy is cutting edge. Yawn!
Chris, England

Where are the White Stripes for best international group? Surely they should win. And Dido is up for best newcomer 2 and a half years after her album was first released
Sparticus, Wales, UK

A very strange choice of nominees - exactly what we've come expect from the Brit Awards. Delightfully eccentric!
Marc Edwards, Wales

Another sad nail in the coffin to Britain's dinosaur of an awards ceremony

Mark Thomas, UK
Please, please, please, don't let Robbie win anything, that talentless buffoon, who dances like my uncle at a Xmas party and sings like my mate down the pub. The spectacle of him ruining Frank Sinatra clasics at the Albert Hall was more than my sensibility can take, people who encourage him should know better.
Chris Brown, England

I don't understand how U2 were left out. They are nominated for 8 Emmys and were voted best band by Rolling Stone mag.
Conor Dolan, UK

Craig David sadly missed out last year, and truly deserves recognition this time around.

Sadly for the past year, there has been a lack of quality music. The big sellers have been the manufactured bands who just jump around on stage, with their sing along songs. Thankfully Dido managed to sell well, partly due to her wide ranging appeal, to young and old.

The only thing that prevented the year becoming completely souless was the talk of RadioHead's Kid A and Amnesiac albums. With it's very weird electronic effects and silent screams of emotion. Many people considered it a brave move, certainly didn't turn out to be a foolish one. How many bands are brave enough to take a leap from the norm?

They are one of the most innovative bands to date. They certainly deserve an award for innovation. Though the same could be said about Gorillaz though they are largely a new group, though with people who have been in the music business for quite a while. They too have brought a much needed creativity boost to the British music scene, mixing funky beats with computer comic book art. Their music video's are some of the best I have seen. The creativity involved ought to be considered for the Turner prize.
Tony B, N.Ireland

Well, I have to say I'm suprised at you all. I think the charts are great. Robbie, Destiny's Child, Kylie, S-Club 7, Hear Say, they're all such great bands. Brilliant musicians who have obviously worked very hard at their music skills and honed their instrument playing abilities to express true feeling and emotion. Someone shoot me now!
Tom, UK

Are the judges really trapped in the year 2000? Another sad nail in the coffin to Britain's dinosaur of an awards ceremony. I don't personally think genuine talent has a hope in hell of getting noticed by this meaningless, blinkered ceremony.
Mark Thomas, UK

How could you overlook Mick Jagger?!

Charlie Johnson, USA
I fail to see how a band with Damon Albran as the lead singer can be included in the Best British newcomer award.
Jon Morgan, UK

Richard James (the Aphex Twin) up for a Brit award! Who would have thought it? The Blips and beeps maestro of sometimes deranged, sometimes beautiful, always original electronic music has consistently been pushing back modern musical boundaries for the last 15 years. I would love to see what would happen if he actually wins. As his fans know he has a very twisted sense of humour....
Paul Thompson, England

I know I am treading on thin ice here but what's all this with Craig David? I know my comments sound just jealous, but unfortunately I have no idea why he gets nominated for variuos awards. I know he made a big impression with his initial records but I would suggest he was no better than any other solo artist I mean look at Ronan Keating and Robbie Williams. They have been at the top of the UK music ladder for years and are only now really reaping the awards. And good luck to the Stereophonics, the album, the attitude and nationalism, keep it up boyos!
Sanchez, Wales

One thing to say: U2 are obviously too good to be nominated. It looks like the awards panel are just trying to give the others a chance!
Charlie, UK

Can somebody please tell Craig David he needs to write more than two tunes; can somebody please tell Robbie Williams he will never be within a million miles of Sinatra; and will somebody please tell Geri Halliwell to put some bl**dy clothes on! Obviously the Brits aren't going to do it.
Helen Ferris, N Ireland

A total farce (as usual), this event has never been about recognising the best of the talent in the UK music scene, it's always been purely a marketing scam for the major record companies.
Mark Kennedy, England

The Brits is the new Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. A joke

Paul Reid, Scotland
Aphex Twin HAS to win best male solo artist. He represents what little scraps of sincerity and ingenuity struggling to survive in the market-driven, anti-inspirational corporate machinery of contemporary music, be it pop or otherwise.

Richard James is a pioneer who has led the way for electronic music and innovation that has infiltrated all realms of the media, and it's about time that he got the recognition he so badly deserves.
Duncan, UK

Surely U2 should be nominated for at least one Brit. They are undoubtedly the biggest British band, if not THE biggest band in the world. This year has been an amazing year for them and to be nominated for so many Grammys and not a single Brit shows the Brits nomination system in its true light.
Mark Trueman, England

How could you overlook Mick Jagger?!?! His new album is great stuff! I'm disappointed! Sting is boring!!
Charlie Johnson, USA - Chicago

Pathetic is the word I would use to sum up the UK music industry at this moment, when a cartoon band can be nominated six times, it just underlines what a complete joke this is. Record companies now have complete control over the entire UK record industry as evidenced by the proliferation of designer boy and girl bands which also continue to dominate the charts. Still, it's exactly what the youth of today deserve. Totally mindless "entertainment" for a completely mindless generation. Enough to make anyone puke.
Rod Mansell, UK

Isn't it about time they had a category called "Best Karaoke Dancing Troupe" since that's what the British music industry is turning into?
Richard, UK

These events are getting sadder and sadder. The sooner the music industry releases its savage strangle hold the better. How many times do we have to see the likes of Sting, U2 and Elton John rolled out. It's got nothing to do with music and everything to do with profit and marketing.
Robin, UK

I expect Bono and the guys had a sleepless night last night

Si, London
Let's nominate Craig David again because he did not win anything last year and not nominate U2 at all! The Brit Awards proves once again it is a complete farce. Shame on Frank Skinner and Zoe Ball for presenting an award ceremony with zero credibility.
Peter C, UK

U2 should be nominated for best albumn (All That You Can't Leave Behind), best band and best single!
Matt Jackson, UK

I'm confused. How can Dido be a newcomer this year if she won something last year? And poor old U2 not getting voted for the Brits, I expect Bono and the guys had a sleepless night last night. Final thought: I wonder what the odds are on Craig David getting nothing again?
Si, London, UK

I think they have the words "best" and "most popular" mixed up in their awards... there are so many bands that are SO much better than the stuff that is just in the charts and if they could use these awards to give people like that some recognition and to give the general public an idea of the great stuff that's out there if you just go out and find it, then it would do a lot more good than just giving Robbie Williams another accolade.

While people like Spiritualized were busy defining a whole new genre, they were ignored, while acts that just pumped out the same old boring pop stuff (mostly now residing in the "where are they now" file) were winning accolades. It wasn't until after Spiritualized had a breakthrough with "Ladies and Gentlemen..." that they were even nominated.

The charts are there for the popularity part of it, can't we have awards for actual talent instead?
Paul Thomas, United Kingdom

Isn't it telling - the public are trusted enough to vote for Best British newcomer, Best British video and Best Pop Act - the 3 categories least respected by the industry pundits. Then it's up to the usual company cronies voting for everything else.

Isn't it about time that the Brits opened up the voting group (perhaps to something like the Oscars academy) or just had everything voted for by the public? It really is all a bit patronising - in fact weren't the video and pop group categories invented purely to keep the public interested? And the nominations of Craig David and Radiohead for the same material two years in a row is just embarrassing.

Here's hoping Gorillaz, Radiohead, Craig David and Bob the Builder sweep the board - now they will be acceptance speeches I'll look forward to seeing.
Paul Steven, Scotland

On the whole the nominations have been good and let's hope giving the Gorillaz their deserved awards will restore some much needed credibility to the Brits.
Campbell Hayden, Scotland

How did Geri Halliwell get nominated?

Alexandra Bone, UK
What British talent?
Al Hall, England

I know these are pop awards and must appeal to a mostly teenage audience but where is Badly Drawn Boy? The Hour of the Bewilderbeast is a classic. It's hard to accept the committee's decision to nominate aging artists like Elton John (who certainly aren't to teenage taste) while overlooking brilliant new talent.
Ian, UK

How did Geri Halliwell get nominated? I think PJ Harvey has to win, she is a brilliant artist, and deserves more recognition in this country!
Alexandra Bone, UK

The Brits are a farce and I wouldn't be surprised if the Gorillaz refused to take part (as they did with their Mercury Music prize nomination) because they (and the Strokes) are the only ones with real musical ability. Robbie Williams does not have much more talent than the average karaoke singer you'll find down the pub on a Friday night - his latest album just goes to show that when "comparing" himself to the likes of Frank Sinatra.
Matt W , UK

A scandal. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to have some competition for Robbie and Craig David. The best newcomer category is a joke. Starsailor or Turin Brakes should win but as Radio 1 listeners are voting here someone like Atomic Kitten will win (although I don't know how they can be classed as newcomers). Craig David is not dance in my book. And the biggest scandal is that U2 are not in the best international category. The Brits is the new Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. A joke.
Paul Reid, Scotland

I don't think that any real music fan really cares about the Brit awards. The whole thing is an exercise in marketing and attempting to boost flagging sales in the post-Xmas lull. The fact that acts as bland and unchallenging as Gorillaz, Dido and Craig David are nominated reflects how poor British music has been over the last couple of years. Doubtless the guilt of the judges not awarding Craig David any Brits last year means he will come away a big winner!
Robin Hall, UK

It is equivalent to an empty room winning a "top" art award

Idan, UK
Why are there no nomination for U2? I think that they should be in the running for something, Live act for Elevation tour?
Ben Grist, England

It says a lot for the state of the British music industry when manufactured "groups" with no talent can receive Brit nominations (not mentioning Atomic Kitten in particular at all). Also, why have last years' albums been nominated AGAIN? Is there nothing worthwhile out there, or are the Brit people just nominiating what they think the public want to hear? There are talented songwriters out there who can play their own instruments and perform live on their own merit - please acknowledge this!
Jennifer Stewart, Scotland

I find it quite ironic that the stars listed under the "Best Pop Act" are all manufactured acts with no apparent musical talent other than being able to hold a note and look good! Bring back the days when a pop band actually played instruments and wrote decent songs. I feel rather sad when considering the demise of British Pop!
Yvonne, UK

The Brits. The best comedy show on TV.
Eralp, England

I think the Brit Awards can quite safely be re-named the S***T Awards.

Whatever you wish to call them, the word "music" should certainly not be used in association with this event. It's not about the music, but about the marketing and image. It is equivalent to an empty room winning a "top" art award, or McDonalds winning an award for best, most wholesome and healthiest food.
Idan, UK

In response to Mark Trueman above, I'm sure U2 would be keen to point out that they are certainly not the biggest British band in the world, as they are not British.
Chris, England

It's good to see that The Strokes have been noticed in this year's nominations

Ciaran Corkerry, England

Everyone always professes surprise for the Brit nominations, seemingly forgetting that they complained about exactly the same things the previous year - mainly "My favourite band wasn't nominated". The Brits, like every awards ceremony, walks a line between critical and commercial success. Hence the inclusion of critically adored artists such as Aphex Twin and The Strokes to keep the "real" music fans happy alongside the more mainstream and bigger-selling acts such as Dido. Having said that I'm surprised U2 were not nominated if their album falls into the catchment period, as they are popular with both critics and record buyers, although I can't stand them. I thought the Best International Album category had been invented to give more awards to bands like U2.

The most intriguing aspect is the fact that EMI acts have significantly more nominations than the other labels, where the noms are usually shared out quite fairly. I suspect the actual wins will be more evenly distributed. Tips: Dido for Best British Female, Kylie for International Female, Basement Jaxx for British Dance Act (unless Gorillaz don't win Best Band, in which case they will probably win a Dance consolation). British Newcomer might surprise a few people if the indie fans can unite behind one indie candidate in the voting, someone like Starsailor could pip Blue.
Chris Miller, England

How U2 were not even nominated is a crime against music. I've been lucky enough to have seen them in concert three times and each time has been better than before. How can groups such as Hear Say, Steps, Westlife etc. ever be referred to as musicians?

They are just puppets of greedy record companies trying to make a fast buck, whilst these impressionable performers will disappear in Blighty, never to be seen again, where as groups such as U2, artists such as Madonna, Prodigy have been around forever, playing music that some people may or may not like, but also evolvin their particular genre in music to new levels.

It's a sad state of affairs if Bob the Builder can get to number one, and if George Harrison reaches number one next week, two deceased artists in consecutive weeks occupying the top spot will surely show the state of the present music scene.
J-P, England

The Brits are a farce. I cannot believe the Stereophonics have received ONE nomination. They are a true musical band and like countless other 'alternative' bands, have been overlooked. Is the Brits about the record industry's or the the general public's taste in music? Some of the manufactured pop is catchy but let's get back to perspective and to the real musicians who worked their butts off and deserve recognition.
Tracey B, Uk

It's good to see that The Strokes have been noticed in this year's nominations, they deserve it.
Ciaran Corkerry, England

No nomination for The White Stripes? Crazy!

Richard Joynson, England
How New Order's Get Ready album got ignored just beggars belief. If may have been just about the best homegrown group of songs, but it obviously didn't SELL enough copies to warrant a nomination.

That's how the Brits come across to anyone with more than two brain cells. Whoever sells wins. What about the talent?

P J Harvey may have been nominated, but I'll be surprised if she wins ... even though she righlty deserves the award.

What about Zero-7's debut long player (outstanding). The Charlatans (career best). U2, Travis, Turin Brakes, Royksopp. The list of missing artists goes on and on and on.

It's time those pen pushers behind the Brits woke up and took notice. You're making this country and the whole industry a laughing stock.
A J., London

No nomination for The White Stripes? Crazy! What about The Gents on grannysmithsdotcom?
Richard Joynson, England

Nice to see Nelly Furtado nominated for Best International Female Artist and Best International Newcomer, but where is the nomination for her SUPERB album "Whoa Nelly!" ? Exuberant, positive eclectic and funny, Nel is the future of Rock'n'Roll!! And she's cute too.
** Ace **, UK

I saw more talent in the band playing my local last Saturday night than I have in a whole year's worth of commercial music. It seems these days that to get a record contract, you must forefit all your talent and good taste. Long live Gnutella, where I can download some real music. It's cheaper, too.
Ash, England

Isn't it about time the music-buying public had a bit more of a say in the Brits?

Come on everybody - call me cynical but don't you all realise that this is less about talent and achievement and more about marketing and sales. Kylie, Robbie et al getting awards is not coincidental. Expect Steps to receive Life Time Achievement award in five years.
Gavin Keen, UK

I shall not be giving the Brits a second thought. The charts are so full of talentless indivduals these days, it has turned into a glorified Karaoke. I'm afraid the real talent gets smothered and rarely receives the exposure it deserves. Shame.
Nik, England

Having read the above all I can say is moan moan moan! Music is music whatever form it takes and it certainly does not take a worthless awards ceremony to make Joe Public realise what is a great band or singer. How about The Who as best newcomer?
I an Cope, England

I am extremely angered, due to the amount of coverage made of the Brit Awards. I feel they are over-advertised and the artists who are included are "cheap" artists - they never produce music that people want to hear.
Kyle, St Helens

Isn't it about time the music-buying public had a bit more of a say in the Brits? Every year we only get to vote for one or two awards, which always go to the most popular teeny boy band of the moment (A1 last year for example) because the votes are conducted by popular radio stations. What we need is a selection of ordinary members of the public from all age ranges to represent the views of real music fans.

However, I'm pleased to see that there's a varied range of artists in this years nominations. The Brits used to be too snobbish towards popular acts who weren't considered 'serious' enough. Can't understand why Geri Halliwell gets a mention though. If she can get nominated anyone can.
Amanda, UK

Ian Brown definitely deserves the best male award

Stewart Leggett, England
I'm sure U2 must be 'really gutted' by the snubbing of their achievements by the industry suits. Still, they can at least sip a pint of Guinness in a Dublin pub, safe in the knowledge that they do not need the help of the industry marketing machine. With more than $400m and the respect of several million of us around the world - something the likes of Hear'say, Steps etc can only dream about - they boys can sleep well in their beds.
The Edge From Pizza Hut, Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Aphex Twin....At the Brits......How refreshing! Perhaps there is still hope for the music buying public after all.
Chris Kemp, UK

The Strokes will have a big night and that's great, at least you Brits recognize them!
Yankee Mark, USA

The Brits are now on a par with the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. If Kylie, Robbie, Geri, Dido or 'So Solid Crew' win anything, I'm leaving the country and taking my Zero 7, Turin Brakes and Elbow CDs with me.
Larry, UK

King monkey for best male!!! Ian Brown definitely deserves the best male award due to him leaving the best band ever and still have a succesful solo career! Plus he is brilliant live! Nuff said!!
Stewart Leggett, England

Okay, so the Brits are our musical equivalent of the USA's Oscars (i.e. voted for by the Men In Suits) but really, at least the Academy can tell a good movie from a positively dire one. Oh yeah, and no-one gets two stabs at the same Oscar in consecutive years.
Craig, Scotland

The Mercury award has more genuine credibility and often awards genuine new talent

Vince Millett, UK
Who in god's name nominates these sad so-called musicians for awards? Robbie, Kylie and the over-rated and over-played likes of Dido and Craig David have had their time, now let's see the success of The Strokes and other decent bands being acknowledged. Just take David Gray - his White Ladder album has sold over 1,000,000 copies in the UK and it is now 14 times platinum in Ireland and 3 times platinum in the UK. Come on guys, get your act together and start nominating the bands that deserve to be rewarded, not crappy, miming pop stars!
Sarah McNiece, England

I would love to know how Atomic Kitten have been nominated in the catergory of best newcomer, when their first single hit the charts in December 1999! Even their album came out in 2000 so how can they be "newcomers" to 2001?
Neil Gary, UK

I think that Stereophonics should swipe at least 10 awards.
Stacey Rees, Wales

Do the organisers of the Brit awards have ANY idea what dance music is? Craig David and Gorillaz as Dance acts? What's going on?
Dave, UK

The Brits is a cynical self-serving fake awards system run by the big four record labels to achieve massive free publicity for their own acts and therefore increase sales of their predictable and extremely unadventurous products. Oops, I mean "acts".

The Mercury award has more genuine credibility and often awards genuine new talent.
Vince Millett, UK

The British public deserve everything they get with these nominations

Rob, England
Whoever puts these nominations together is just lazy. Craig David again? - who cares that U2 aren't nominated. There are so many other bands out there making better and more relevant music. What about Turin Brakes, Elbow and Mercury Rev? The Brits is a waste of time - it just celebrates the mainstream money making acts, and igores the real music makers. Suppose it will be Destiny's Child for best 'R&B' artistes!
Rob Sheppard, UK

Much like everyone else I am disappointed that bands such as Muse, White Stripes and Powder Finger weren't nominated but this has as much to do with personal taste as Marketing and Sales. Unfortunately not everyone can be nominated. One thing's for sure, I am quite chuffed U2 haven't been nominated!
Jemima, UK

If one more person says; "I can't believe U2 weren't nominated" I think I'll puke. They are a great band, don't get me wrong but come on, they have been nominated for awards at every music bash for the last five years. They're day, along with the likes of Sting and Elton, has been and gone and its time to start looking for and awarding new talent, and by that I mean real bands that play real instruments and write their own songs and not miming catalogue models in matching outfits with matching dance routines.
James, UK

For you people who are so surprised U2 got no awards, did you listen to All The Dull Material We Should Have Left Behind? Talk about weak, and a departure from a groove that was nice indeed. Yawn, their toast if this last release is any indication.
Greedy, USA

The British public deserve everything they get with these nominations. If they're fully prepared to listen to this rubbish (songs and 'artists' that lack any credibility or meaning), then they deserve to put talentless mannequins on a pedestal. I'm with Wayne (Netherlands) lot listen to this rubbish and leave the good stuff for a select few of us that have got an ounce of taste.
Rob, England

The Brits is simply a chance for Music Industry bosses to give themselves a slap on the back

Adam Wade, UK
If we're going to divvy up awards to such blatantly manufactured pop products, let's have awards for "The Best New Soap Powder", "Most Popular Light Bulb" or "Lifetime Achievement in Oven Cleaning". Makes about as much sense.
Steve Harrison, UK

I think it's sad now that music is more business driven than anything else. The nominations reflect sales, and just act as further publicity for those already overexposed. I'm waiting for next year's nominations for record executive of the year, A&R man of the year - are they any less important in 'pop' these days than the musicians?
Ant, UK

The judges have done well, but the So Solid Crew? All they seem to do is shout to music, and putting them up for an award is a big mistake. At least other artists have the talent to sing.
Claire, UK

It's a shame that what should be a chance for Britain to show off its most innovative, exciting and talented musicians has become so derided. It should be mentioned, not that I'm a fan, that Craig David does write his own lyrics, which while they may be trite and naive, at least aren't actually written by 80s has beens (Atomic Kitten) or Scandinavian pop factories (A1 etc). I'm not too sure about whether it exists or not, but there should be a best lyricist category as this seems to get overlooked.

Also I'd like to see more of the experimental, cross over types of music represented: brit asian, soca, world etc. The discrimination that has plagued the music biz here for years, and lead to the setting up of rival awards such as MOBO, should be got rid of once and for all. It'd be nice to see all British talent represented, not just the acceptable face of pop.

The Brits have always been about POP and mainstream acts. Other awards ceremonies rightfully get more respect, such as the Mercury Prize, as they provoke thought and introduce new listeners to obscure and often more interesting acts. The Brits is simply a chance for Music Industry bosses to give themselves a slap on the back.
Adam Wade, UK

It's a bit like giving a Good Food award to Heinz Baked Beans on the basis that they're one of the biggest-selling product lines in supermarkets

Paul Vincent, UK
I am extremely angered, due to the amount of coverage made of the Brit Awards. I feel they are over-advertised and the artists who are included are 'cheap' artists - they never produce music that people want to hear.
Kyle, St Helens

I can't seem to find Big Country on any awards list these days. Considering the premature death of Stuart Adamson, perhaps they should be nominated for something at the Brits. After all Britain contains both England AND Scotland.
Ian, Scotland

That Radiohead and Craig David are being nominated for the same albums as last year illustrates how much of a farce both the Brit Awards and British music as a whole have become. We are clearly now reaping the rewards of investment in formulaic manufactured bands at the expense of originality and true musical talent.
Benjamin Gardner, England

Let's face it, the Brits aren't about good music, they're about music as a commodity - it's a bit like giving a Good Food award to Heinz Baked Beans on the basis that they're one of the biggest-selling product lines in supermarkets. For Baked Beans read Atomic Kitten, Westlife or any of the other musically inert, lifeless clones who dominate the chart. Give the award to Bob the Builder, I say!
Paul Vincent, UK

Awards ceremonies merely mirror the current charts and record-buying public: devoid of inspiration, imagination, talent and soul. Publicising the over-publicised egomaniacs with delusions of importance and their self-indulgent, hugely boring projects. Lining the pockets of record companies already determined to fleece the kids and stop the proliferation of new non-manufactured talent. Depressing stuff.
Ian, UK

Once again we see frankly perplexing nominations from a bland and predictable awards. Who in their right mind would nominate Kylie for anything? One answer, her record label that's who. I shan't watch it again this year, I consider my self to be above the status of 'lowest common denominator'. When will the industry realise that there is more money to be made by being original and groundbreaking, than repetitive and focused on a small section of the population. I am surprised Steps aren't up for everything including lifetime achievement!
Matt, England

I think it's been a much better year in terms of nominations

Steve Welch, England
I can see that the panel has obviously been blinded by Kylie's hotpants and Atomic Kitten's revealing outfits! How on earth can they be getting several nominations between them, whilst bands such as U2 and the FANTASTIC Starsailor are being overlooked?! I thought the people on the panel were supposed to be experts Music to them is obviously miming whilst trying to do a ridiculous dance, rather than standing on stage, performing live with instruments, thrilling a crowd that's over 5 years of age!

Seeing as the Brit Awards now have the same credibility as the Smash Hit awards, let's start awarding real talent in a different ceremony.
Erla, UK

Surely Muse should receive credit for their recent album - for a 3-piece band the sound is unbelievable - Radiohead watch out!
Darius G Laws, England

Pleased about Sting - can you believe the first Police single came out 25 years ago?!? And he still is knocking out the hits and looking cool with it. Disappointed with the lack of new talent - it must be difficult nominating people and bands for a Brit when most of them are either manufactured or one-hit-wonders!
Gaz, England

I think it's been a much better year in terms of nominations - it is good to see people like PJ Harvey, Ryan Adams and Radiohead nominated as the Brit Awards doesn't usually cater for such diversity. However, some of the choices like Radiohead's Kid A as best album (it was released over a year and a half ago!) and Dido as best newcomer seems very silly. And the Manics should have got a mention too.
Steve Welch, England

People are entitled to listen to and enjoy whatever they like without being judged by the likes of blinkered self-righteous people

Claire, England
The Gorillaz are a virtual band with cartoon videos and yet they still come across as more real and more credible than the vast majority of modern manufactured chart pop. What does that say about the state of modern pop?
Rick, UK

Any reason why U2 (an Irish band) should be nominated in the BRITS for anything other than Best International Group?
Joe D, Bermuda

Yes, excellent to see The Strokes being nominated. But come on, Brit Awards judges, how about nominating The Ramones, The New York Dolls and Talking Heads while you're at it.
Ben, UK

You people can chelp on all you like about people not playing their own instruments or writing their own songs blah blah blah. Music is about entertainment and the likes of Kylie and Robbie etc. deserve some recognition for the fact they obviously entertain people and people enjoy their music as proven by record sales. And for anyone who has claimed the people who like this music are 'mindless' and made any other derogatory comments I'd like to say, who do you think you are? People are entitled to listen to and enjoy whatever they like without being judged by the likes of blinkered self-righteous people like you. I like pop music, I also like a varied range of relatively more obscure bands. And whilst I will agree there are some anomalies in the Brit nominations, at the end of the day, does it really matter that much?
Claire, England

U2 are NOT british, and the fact that they get nominated for Brit awards every year shows the true lack of British talent out there. The fact that there have been so many comments on their failure to receive a nomination this year doesn't show that their 'time has gone' (last year was their most successful since 1987) or that their music has become less relevant (ATYCLB sold 10,000,000 copies and is still in the charts). It simply shows that the Brit awards are spiteful and introverted, as is shown by the fact that U2 swept the Grammy awards this year and last year, was named best band by Rolling Stone and had the most successful tour of the year (for the fifth time).

They have also been selected to play at the Superbowl. I can't see Travis or The Strokes getting those kind of accolades. Their day has not gone. Their continued success shows that they are bigger than any award or any opinion. Mark my words: most winners of Brit awards will not still be making music in ten years, and most of their 'fans' will grow up and realise their music sucks. U2, on the other hand will be releasing more new music, and having more critical and commercial acclaim. If you thinkIi'm wrong, I made the same prediction ten years ago.
Mike, USA

But I will be happy anyway as long as Geri Halliwell doesn't win best female artist

Stephanie, Northern Ireland
Unfortunately the British music industry seems to be geared up for 7 - 14 year olds. I know my daughter loves all the "manufactured bands" and the accompanying merchandise, and that's exactly the audience the record companies are aiming at. I hope my daughter sees sense in a few years time and starts to apprecite real music, not manufactured pap (for my ears as well as my sanity).
Lee Carter, UK

Craig David - like what has he released this past 12 months? It was a crime that he wasn't recognised in last year's awards, but he hasn't achieved anything here this year.
Me, UK

Very predictable, very safe, same old names.This industry has become stale just as it was before the punk era. The Strokes are the best newcomers by miles.
Paul Read, England

I'm not bothered about the lack of Welsh acts nominated in the Brit awards this year. In my view the Manics have done nothing special nor has any other Welsh band other than the Phonics.

And isn't it funny that when EMI are in big BIG TROUBLE!! that the commercial pat on the back Brit awards should give their artists the lions share of the nominations? Hmm, I wonder...
Homer, Wales

The usual deal from the Brits! No offence against the Gorillaz but they always single out one group and give all the awards to them. At least some categories are now voted for by the public. But I will be happy anyway as long as Geri Halliwell doesn't win best female artist - PLLEEEEASE!!
Stephanie, Northern Ireland

Quote Here

Name Here
Dear Brits panel, I wonder if you can help me. I'm thinking of setting up a new awards ceremony honouring the Most Marketable music in each category, however shabbily average the music may be. Would you mind if I saved a bit of time by cribbing your set of nominees? (PS a plague on you if Radiohead are overlooked AGAIN).
Johnny Morrissey, England

Geri Halliwell?? You must be having a laugh!!!
Nadine, London, UK

I think that the Brit Awards are totally biased with British artists only. Why are Atomic Kitten and Dido nominated in the newcomer categories when they are already more than two years old? I remember Westlife getting nominated for international newcomer only last year when they were already two years old! Just because they are not from UK, that does not mean that they are not nominated in the international group..Blue is only less than a year old and they are nominated in two categories? Please live up to the standards of being the most prestigous awards in the UK!
Yeo May Chiau, Malaysia

What about Depeche Mode for best UK band?

Peter Cameron, UK
It's funny how the BRITS have always seened irrelevant to me, no matter what my musical taste might have been at the time.

These days I have been listening to Ryan Adams, Mull Historical Society, and U2 - as well as dusting off my old Big Country and Skids stuff... so I am not surprised that they are either not nominated, or doubt that they will win...

But just how do they decide if an artist is nominated, surely if it was popularity, then U2 are in, and if it was record sales, U2 would be in... it just seems to be controversial to raise publicity... Perhaps they need to introduce some new categories... how about these... Track Most downloaded off the Internet... www site with the most hits...
Keith, UK

What about Depeche Mode for best UK band? Martin Gore for best songwriter. Twenty years later and they're still producing gorgeous music and moving in new directions with Exciter: a mellow fusion of electronics, country and blues.This is one UK band which is consistently overlooked. It's criminal. It also restricts the listening public's exposure to all sorts of music and possibly budding musician's creativity.
Peter Cameron, UK

Craig David's album should not have been allowed to have been nominated two years running. Even though the rule is an album has to be released between August 7 2000 and November 19 2001, there have been plenty of solid, well selling albums released by UK artists in this period that have never been nominated. Artists such as Sophie Ellis Bextor, Russell Watson, Jamiroquai. Additionally Dido and Atomic Kitten as newcomers two years in a row and Atomic Kitten released their first single in 1999! If the voting panel did not feel that there was any potential talent that warranted being voted as newcomers then do not include old ones.
Craig B, United kingdom

How much is made from the "brits" compilation CD every year?

Mat H, England
As with most award ceremonies the Brits has been a farce since its inception. I'm astounded by everyone's surprise. At least we can hope for PJ Harvey and Aphex Twin.
Ben H, UK

Aphex Twin tremendous. Everything else teeny pap.

Why, oh why, oh why does the music business (particularly in Britain) continue to promote dismal acts such as Dido, Atomic Kitten, Hear'say etc. when there is a wealth of talent out there, and then continue to pat themselves on the back!

I can tell you why - because one man and his computer are a damned sight cheaper to pay than a complete band of musicians, too much credence is given to the opinions of the "music press" too, fair enough they might have an A-level in English, but what has that to do with music? The vast majority of them have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The same is true for the majority of radio DJs too, just listen to the likes of Zoe Ball or Sarah HB, I'm sure they are very nice and intelligent folk, but when it comes to music they have no idea!

The music industry is reluctant to invest in new TALENT because it takes time and money to develop and the record companies and retailers want a large and fast return on their "investment".

Call me cynical but that is the reason behind the farce we call "the brits" and how much is made from the "brits" compilation CD every year? hhhhmmmmnnn!
Mat H, England

Not too bad, overall. Congrats to Sting, he REALLY deserves that. Good luck to Craig David and Travis. Dido has it in the bag - she's the best!
Catherine, Wish it was UK

Kylie Minogue? That's so yesterday...Dido? Gorillaz? Who/what are they? Enlighten us yanks, please. We're so full o' pretzels we can't see the British Isles for the seas.
Anglepoise, USA

Where in the world is U2? Arguably one of the best rock bands in the world has a spectacular year and is then ignored? The Brits are a joke.
Elizabeth Gipson, United States

The Stokes? Who will be listening to them in two years time?

Orac, UK
It would be nice to think that the more alternative nominations this year meant that the Brit awards had some sort of hope of redeeming themselves, but in sad truth these are most likely only token nominations for the press to chew over till the awards take place and are given out yet again to the most commercial acts of the last 15 months.
A C Godliman, England

At last people are beginning to notice the absurdities of Brit (not to mention most other) award ceremonies but unfortunately this is hardly news. Much as I love her to bits, I used to laugh in the eighties when I'd see Kate Bush nominated for best British female artist when she'd not released an album for three years, nor toured in six.

This only adds to the belief that the awards are just a tax-dodging back slap for the chosen "beautiful people" and one highly cost effective advert for the music companies
Bill, UK

Why has Dido been voted for best newcomer when she was nominated for 'Best Female artist' last year? The awards make no sense, No U2, No Madonna, No Destiny's Child. This proves yet again it's who sucks up to the record industry.
Shanine Salmon, England

Stop blaming the Brits! I may be wrong but I was under the impression that the public votes for let's blame ourselves -- WE are the ones who make people like Robbie and Geri rich. for U2 - if they had any Irish pride they would have rejected last year's Brit awards by saying "we aren't British, we're Irish - get your countries straight." But they didn't -they hog up anything they can find.

One thing about the Brits, though: you can't criticise the American Grammy Awards too loudly, not after these past several years.
Valerie, N Eire

56 million album sales worldwide and Depeche Mode still get no recognition in their home country. I Feel Loved, a single that Radio One deemed too 'irrelevant' to add to the playlists has been nominated for two Grammy awards and yet The Brits as remain as pedestrian as ever. Pathetic. The Stokes? Who will be listening to them in two years time? They are no different to Hear'say in that their music provides nothing that you haven't already heard before.
orac_uk, UK

What are So Solid doing up there? They did nothing good yet, no-one even knows how many there is of them and we can't understand a thing they say except I got 21 seconds to go.
Sarah Appleton, England

We've got all the right nominees this year, there's some great acts there this year. It's a shame that Westlife haven't been nominated for more but I hope all Westlife fans are going to help them win best pop act this year. I also think that Blue deserve to win best newcomer, they've certainly had a great year.
Zara, England

What do you expect? The judges still think pony tails for men are cool. At least Annie Lennox and Eddie Reader are no longer nominated every year! I think the Brits should amalgamate with the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party PS U2 are not British. PPS I don't want Craig David to be awarded for thinking he's IT.
Grumpy, Scotland

No I don't think that these are good choices at all, I think Westlife should be in for more and I also think that Gorillaz shouldn't be, they are terrible.Call that music? Now it think it should get sorted. It's discraceful!
Vicki, England

The judges are right on. Gorillaz has a unique sound that has not yet been done over a million times like many other groups on the market. I also agree with the nominations for Kylie Minogue, as she has rediscovered success with happy, dance-able hit, "Can't Get You Out of my Head," which looks like it may even make the charts in the US.
Kevin, USA

Once again the BRITS are the laughing stock again. Where are Turin Brakes and Elbow in the Best Album category? One guarantee is that Robbie Williams will win Best Video considering it's being voted for by the readers of Smash Hits.
Dameon, England

I'm proud to be British and everything British, however that is, until it comes to our 'music industry'. I am married to an Australian and constantly get a ribbing at our teeny bopper 'Top forty' chart and now the Brit awards. The sad thing is that I agree with her. I thought the Brit awards were supposed to represent the entire British Isles taste in music and give a fair reflection of that in the nominations. However, once again any monkey who looks pretty, can hold a microphone and sing a song is up for an award (I wont even bother to list all those that fit into the above categories).

I detest the tripe that is played on our radios these days and cannot wait to leave these fair shores. Hopefully then I won't have to hear it on a radio or read about so called 'talented' manufactured bands in national newspapers or even see them advertised and glorified on our televisions.

Please, music industry bosses, give our nation its musical respect back. From the amount of people who have written in complaining about these awards it shows that there is something inherently wrong. And if Geri Halliwell, Bob the Builder, Westlife or Atomic Kitten win anything I will be on the next plane out of here.
James, UK (soon to be elsewhere)

The Brits is just a lesser version of the Smash Hits Poll for old people with no imagination - where are the Super Furry Animals?
Dan, UK

You are all completely bonkers! U2 have contributed so much to the world through their music, an amazing tour and their work with third world debt. They were healing for people grieving over September 11 . . . This only proves to me that there are nasty control freaks who rig award shows!!!!! U2 deserved to be in the nominations at least. They work very hard and it's not them that demand the recognition, it's the fans who demand it. They don't need a trophy or a certificate. They already have their reward. At each show every fan felt arms of love all around them and we all reached back and returned the love. It's about one spirit, it's about binding together. I guess you would have had to have been there!!! Which obviously you weren't.

It's not that they have to win, they just should have been in the nominations.
Lisa Cost, USA

Well that was generally predictable - although who'd have thought that Aphex Twin would've got an award. U2 were surprisingly ignored, as was Jennifer Lopez. Congratulations to Gorillaz - they've been probably the most innovative group of the past year. Dido deserves best British Newcomer - the question had to be asked how she got nominated for "Best British Female" in an awards period when she had not yet had any chart success - singles or albums.

Best Album is a joke - where was "J.E.E.P."? How did "Born To Do It" get back into the category, and how come they still chose "Kid A" over "Amnesiac" - bizarre! Best newcomer - should Atomic Kitten be back in - well, I'll say yes! They've finally broken out into being VERY successful - rather than just pop also rans. Shame no newcomer nominations for so many great acts ("Bob the Builder"? "Tweenies"? "DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies"? "Hear'say"?!?!?!?!?) and on a more serious note, "My Vitriol" and "King Adora" were both bigger this last year than either Turin Brakes or Elbow. Surely they could've kept the old format of 20 - although it would be difficult to choose the last five, with Gorillaz, Mis-teeq, So Solid Crew, Starsailor, Dido, Blue, Atomic Kitten/Hearsay all possible winners.

In general, however, a good set of awards - please make Robbie does not win more than one award (he should win one just so we can hear an awards speech from him!)
Matthew, UK

I'm sure the other music is fine, but my votes are for Robbie Williams all the way! Not only is he willing to take major risks in all directions - he keeps it fun for us at the same time! In all categories - RW is number 1. Come conquer the USA!
Richard, United States of America

The nomination of Bob the Builder for Best British song must be an ironic sideswipe at the amount of manufactured pop that is dominating the charts at the moment...right?!?!

Also what has happened to the Best British and International Rock Act category - and where are the nominations for acts such as Muse, Tool, Alkaline Trio, Ash, Weezer, Feeder, Rammstein, Greenday, System of a Down etc?
Odarka, Manchester, UK

Three of the five albums nominated for best album are from 2000, in fact two of them are from 1999, how can these awards be taken seriously when they can't even find five albums from last year?
Gavin Hewitson, Holland

I am very glad that Aphex Twin has been nominated for best British male. Compared to much 'popular' music today his tracks are works of genius, and I'm glad that his talent has been recognised.
Greg Bedwell, United Kingdom

I did enjoy the comment that the extended period for nominations was because Gabrielle's "Rise" "was a sleeper". Umm, aren't the Brit Awards supposed to be about quality not sales? If the album was good it should have been nominated. Thank god for the Mercurys.
Chris Hopkins, UK

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