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Sunday, 30 December, 2001, 20:22 GMT
Vote: 2001's music scene
Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue: Currently on the crest of a wave
Vote for the artist or band that made the most impression on you in 2001 - and send us your views on the year's music.

Who was the best music act of 2001?

Kylie Minogue


So Solid Crew

The Strokes


Michael Jackson

Victoria Beckham

Mel B

Mariah Carey


27 Votes Cast

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion


Bah, Mariah shouldn't even BE on that list. Travis baby!
Dat Nguyen, USA

I voted for Kylie because, as it has already been pointed out, she's the best of a bad lot. Come on, Michael Jackson? His crotch grabbing antics are not even remotely interesting. If this is the best list that anyone could come up with, music is in a sorry state indeed.
Renee, Canada

Kylie, undoubtedly, was the queen of UK's Pop Music.
Derek, Hong Kong

I think we need a music revolution la punk 1977

Steve, UK
Where's Madge? Why is she not on the list? She has more talent in her little finger than all the others on your list, bar one, Michael Jackson, and his best days were over a decade ago.
Paul Warren, UK

I think there is such a far too much snobbery surrounding music tastes these days. Bands like Hear'Say and S Club 7 are condemned because they don't play instruments in the band or write their material, so it appears the ability to sing is considered a very poor second to the ability to play an instrument. Musical talent should not be so strictly defined - talent comes in a variety of forms be it singing, dancing, playing an instrument, writing tracks, producing, managing, promoting etc. Every talent has a part to play. Hear'Say and their peers supply light-hearted, enjoyable pop tunes - where's the harm in that?
Jo Harper, England

In line with other comments, there are better artistes out there (U2, Elton John etc). I'm getting tired of hearing the same drum 'n' bass, choreographed to death rubbish - I think we need a music revolution la punk 1977.
Steve W, UK

What about The Charlatans - they've released the best album of the year - Wonderland and been excellent live in both small venues and big Arenas. And they've achieved all that despite Tony Rogers having to fight off cancer. They are Rock!
Anna, UK

Yes, Kylie is an absolute babe and makes good music - good luck to her. The UK's chart music scene has been trash. Plastic stars who can't sing and who are famous (only in the UK) for 5 minutes. Why can't we have some decent music by talented people? Let's hope Alvin Stardust makes yet another comeback, at least he knows not to take this pop trash seriously!
Sean Jose, working in South Korea

The So Solid Crew are without a doubt the act of 2001. Lyrically, no one can touch them. Eminem could learn a thing or too by reading the lyrics that deal with teen angst and modern youth issues so intelligently and eloquently. You Don't Know will surely go down over time with Nirvana's Nevermind, Radioheads The Beds and U2's Joshua Tree. Long Live SSC!
Justin, UK

Mel B? The Strokes? Where are Travis and Dido in the list?-Both of these acts brought us great singles and albums this year!
Terry Anderson, UK

What about the criminally ignored Ian McNabb? Despite having his only hit, Icicle Works, in 1984, Ian continues to produce work that is head and shoulders above any other singer/songwriter today.

This year he released two albums, and there were two fantastic tours.

If you like David Gray (who supported Ian in the early nineties) then you'll be blown away by Ian McNabb. I defy anyone to dislike him once they've heard him. Give real music a chance!
Paul Chapman, UK

Why not ignore all the record company manufactured pap, and get out and listen to some real music in the local pubs and clubs?

Gary, UK
When will the world wake up and realise that Shaggy is a joke who ruins every song he makes a noise on. I say "makes a noise" because he doesn't sing, he just makes gravelly sounds and utters undecipherable words.
Tom Tucker, Britain

Kylie Minogue seems to have rediscovered herself as far as her image is concerned. I remember 13 years ago when she was in a similar chart topping position.

What ever you think of Michael Jackson, people like Hear'Say aren't even as good as he was 30 years ago! His new album is perhaps a little misguided, but if Kylie can come back from obscurity - Michael Jackson surely can do the same in the future.
Joe Taylor, England

Turin Brakes were the greatest revelation of 2001. Blinding. Dandy Warhols not far behind. 2001 was also the year I discovered Kathryn Williams and Eva Cassidy. So, jolly good then.
Jim, UK

The Strokes were just fine, but there was another one that said "small is beautiful" - the wonderful Natural History by I Am Kloot, with some really great songs.
Laurens Leurs, Belgium

Why not ignore all the record company manufactured pap, and get out and listen to some real music in the local pubs and clubs?
Gary, England

If you think that music in the UK is pap, you should hear some of the stuff they put out over here. Out of the group, I would definitely rate The Strokes above all the rest. Their album is fantastic.
KD, Brit in the USA

I think that Anastacia is fab. Her album is fab. Mis-teeq are ace, too. I got their album for Christmas - it rocks.
Martha-Louise Browell, England

Looking through your 10 nominations for best music act of 2001 I can't help but feel depressed about the current state of the music industry.

Maybe I'm getting old, but just look at them. Is this list for real? Is this really the pick of the crop? Victoria Beckham? ! She can't even mime properly! Come on! Maybe we need a "best of" list for music fans over the age of 15?
Steve McCall, Switzerland

How could you leave Elton John, U2 and Paul McCartney off your list, BBC? So much for promoting the really talented British and Irish acts who sell worldwide.

Kylie's Fever wasn't even released here in the States and as for Hear'Say - well what can I write? They may as well sing the jingle for McDonald's commercials: "We love to see you smile" has about as much substance as their singles.
Steven Roelofs, Chicago, USA

Shaggy deserves it! He's this year's best.
Novi, Indonesia

I would rather vote for Dido. Her album is superb. Shame that this country has got bad taste in music. I feel so ashamed of being British.
Gary Hunt, England

Kylie beats the rest hands down!
Paula, UK

I presume Michael Jackson was put on the list in error.

Bob, UK
Erm, did Travis not release the best album of the year? Although they can't really compete with the class of Kylie or Posh, can they [smirk]?
Simon Langton, UK

Michael Jackson is the king of pop and the king of dance. He has consistently produced work worthy for other artists to pay him millions of pounds just to use his songs to further their careers, eg Mariah Carey, Shaggy, Alien Ant Farm, Vonda Shepherd.

His dance choreography is recognised as the best in the world. Artists like usher, Jennifer Lopez and Destiny's Child need choreographers to make their dance routines on video & on stage look good, Michael Jackson has no choreographer - he is his own.
M A Hussain, Scotland

I must be getting old but I've only heard of half of those. My vote goes with Dido or Eva Cassidy.
Ellen, UK

So Solid Crew have been one of the best acts this year. Their hit 21 Seconds proved so good it stayed in the charts for more than five weeks.
Dan Harrison, England

You seem to have missed Stereophonics off your list! After releasing their best album to date this year, surely they deserve a mention.
Tim Spindler, UK

Kylie deserves her success. She has kept working hard at her music career, whatever people have thought of her. It's great to see she still looks terrific and can perform far better than many of her younger contemporaries. Also, she has managed the rare feat these days of releasing two albums in two years. Hail, Kylie, Princess of Pop!
Andy Funnell, UK

Bland rubbish? Most of it is, yes - but have none of you heard Dido? Here With You is great - on a par with Robbie's Angels.
Ken C, England

I presume Michael Jackson was put on the list in error.
Bob, UK

The Strokes are the only act on the list with any talent. They are the best rock act to come out in years. The fact that Kylie Minogue won is ridiculous.
Chloe G, USA

I didn't want to vote for any of them, but I voted for the Strokes because at least they write their own music. I would have voted for Muse, My Vitriol or Bush because they are from the UK, they write their own music and they have true talent.

If I had to choose one of those acts, I would choose Blue. But really, I don't think any of them should win!

Em, England
The BBC should change the voting poll. What has Michael Jackson done for the music industry in the UK, and what has he done for the listener (apart from put them off his music more). Sort it out, Beeb!
Luke, Wales

For sure, this hasn't been Mariah's best year - we all know that - but she keeps on showing her great talent and passion for the music! We enjoy ya, we love ya and we appreciate ya!
Minerva Oliva, the Canary Islands, Spain

I think Mariah Carey's work has been incredibly good this year, but people are not even giving it a chance. The fact that she has changed some things in her music does not mean she now has bad music. I think she deserves a lot more credit for what she is doing. At least she is really an artist and writes, produces and sings.
Felipe Estefan, Colombia

Sorry, folks, but it was the White Stripes.
Robert del Valle, USA

I've voted for Shaggy because he has done tremendously well to return to the top of the charts after a six-year gap. His excellent year was topped by two fantastic live performances on the Christmas Day Top of the Pops.
Gordon D. Brown, England

If I had to choose one of those acts, I would choose Blue. But really, I don't think any of them should win! I know Kylie probably will, but that'll be partly because of what she wears when she sings Can't Get You out of My Head'. Linkin Park were completely missed out of that list, and I think they should definitely win.
Em, England

In response to Dave E and others who complain about "manufactured music" - just wait until you get a little older. When I was at school and university, it used to be vitally important to be into the band or style that was hip to like at the time, be it Oasis, when they first appeared, drum and bass, trip hop or whatever.

Having left uni a good few years ago, and finding myself closer to 30 than 20, I can assure you you'll soon sing along to any old tune that sounds good in the shower, and being "cool" becomes a very low priority!
Suf, London, UK

Good to see that the Strokes are a creditable third in this poll to date, given that the picture of Kylie at the top of the page is likely to sway a few voters.

Kylie has had an outstanding year - long may she reign into 2002.

Jan, UK
Kylie this year released truly a fabulous single, loved by practically everyone on the planet - but much of the praise should be credited to the writers (he of Mud fame - I kid you not!) and the producers. Anyone could have sung the song and it would have been a winner, wouldn't it?

Meanwhile, the Strokes tuned up this year with some great new, pop angst tunes written by themselves and blew everyone else out of the water.
Simon Mansfield, UK

I've voted for Kylie simply because she was the best of a bad lot. 2001 has to be one of the most awful years in UK music. Britain has lost its way, dominated by America. It was a case of style over substance and a desperate attempt to be the 70s, 80s and even the 90s.

We have simply run out of ideas. There are no decent songs and the message is overwhelming - a former Australian soap star who had her first hit nearly 14 years ago is the most popular act in the new century.
Richard Medlycott, UK

2001 was the year for Kylie! At the age of 33 she can still sing, dance and look great! Long live Kylie!
Pritesh, England

Kylie has had an outstanding year. Long may she reign into 2002.
Jan, UK

This was definitely Kylie's year, and deservedly so. Her kind of long-lasting appeal is something all artists strive for but few actually achieve.
James Pozzo, England

Yet another year of rubbish, manufactured pants! Can anyone make real music? Please!
Dave E, UK

The public seems to have confused the words "music" and "sex" this year.
Martin Camilleri, England

Nice to see that 2001 continued in the grand British tradition of bland pap in the charts. One day an artist will be successful, I'm sure, but the army of clones will simply have to do until then.
S Hodgson, England

How is Dido not on this list???
C Wharton, USA

I think Mariah Carey is an amazing artist. Far better than Kylie!
Kelly, California, USA

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