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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 August, 2003, 13:26 GMT 14:26 UK
Magic fails in Rowling fan drive
JK Rowling with fans
JK Rowling: The Nobel Prize For Jo campaign was launched in July
A campaign to get JK Rowling considered for a Nobel prize has failed to work its magic on Harry Potter fans.

Not a single person sent a letter to the Nobel Committee suggesting her for the 2004 literature award despite an internet crusade asking them to do so.

Although more than 100 people e-mailed, the Nobel Prize For Jo site asked fans to send letters by post to Sweden.

The campaign was started by US author and artist James Downey to demonstrate the power of the internet.

His site said: "I bet if we sent them a few hundred thousand letters, they'd pay attention.

'Global task'

"E-mails probably wouldn't hurt, but letters will make the real difference," it added, giving the address in Sweden on its front page.

"Uniting millions of people around the globe to attempt this ostensibly impossible task is a new kind of performance art," he wrote.

Mr Downey was also behind a project to get people around the world to point lasers at the moon in an attempt to make it change colour in 2001.

Even if the public had responded to his Harry Potter campaign, official rules mean fans cannot nominate an author for the prize.

They have to be nominated by literary professors, past winners and members of literature academies.



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