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Contestants enter house for BB10

Big Brother contestant Noirin
Noirin has already agreed to have her eyebrows shaved for a task

Sixteen contestants have entered the Big Brother house to kick off the 10th series of the Channel 4 reality show.

The first of 16 contestants to enter the house was Oxford graduate Freddie, 23, from Market Drayton.

Once in, they were told they were all "non-housemates" who must complete tasks to become housemates.

Brazilian student Rodrigo completed the first task by shaving the eyebrows of Noirin, 25, and drawing a moustache and glasses on her in permanent marker.

Big Brother had given Rodrigo, 23, four minutes to find someone willing to be subjected to the treatment and to carry it out.

Both he and retail manager Noirin, from Dublin, have now earned the right to be fully-fledged housemates.

Host Davina McCall said that more challenges would be set to give non-housemates the chance to win housemate status.

Enjoy the show everyone, this is the summer of love 2009

In a live show on Sunday night, viewers will be able to save their favourite non-housemates.

Freddie, who was brought up in his parents' stately home, was booed by the waiting crowd as he became the first contestant to enter this year's Big Brother house.

"Enjoy the show everyone, this is the summer of love 2009," he shouted as he ran towards the house.

He was followed by spiky-haired Lisa, 41, from Birmingham, who was shown in a taped interview saying she loved to "turn" straight women.

Next in was blonde glamour model Sophie, 20, from Cheshire, who was also roundly booed.

In her taped interview, she revealed she had recently had breast implants.

Nose fear

Sophie was followed by visual merchandiser Kris, 24, from Shrewsbury, who considers his hair to be his best feature.

"It smells like Allied Carpets in here," he said as he entered the house.

He told the other housemates that, when he was walking in, he had thought, "I'm going to land on my nose here - game over".

Housemate Angel
Angel, 35, says she was a rock star in her native Russia

Next in Noirin, meanwhile, told those already in the house: "Oh my god that was so scary, my top kept falling down."

Performing arts student Cairon, 18 - who was born in London but brought up in Florida - was next to enter the house.

Female boxer Angel, 35, who says she was a rock star in her native Russia, entered the house in a top hat and tails, incurring the wrath of the crowd who shouted: "Off, off, off, off."

"I love you all," she shouted back.

Next in, unemployed model Karly, 21, from Fife, said in her taped interview that she liked footballers because they were "well groomed" and that she had always been able to "wrap guys around my finger".

Hairy-faced window fitter Marcus, 35, shook hands with crowd members on his way in.

"You look like a man who use motorbike," Angel told him as he entered the house's living room.

'Fastest' entrance

Study support assistant Beinazir, named after former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, received one of the warmest receptions of the night from the crowd.

The 28-year-old Londoner told housemates to call her Benny for short.

Housemate Saffia
Saffia says she hates to be labelled as a single mother

Banking assistant Sophia, 26, also from London, seemed overwhelmed on her way into the house, screaming and laughing all the way through the doors.

Rodrigo said in his taped interview: "England is turning me gay."

Job centre adviser Charlie, 22, from Newcastle, ran straight from his limo into the house in an entrance dubbed "the fastest we've ever had on Big Brother" by host McCall.

Mother-of-two Saffia, a 27-year-old beauty consultant, said in the taped interview shown before her entrance that she hated to be labelled as a single parent.

Student union president Sree, 25, who left India for the UK to study for a masters degree in business, received some of the biggest cheers of the night

Siavash, 23, who was born in Iran, was the last contestant to enter the house.

"Daddy is home," he said as he walked down the stairs inside the Big Brother house.

Non-housemates will only be allowed to live and sleep in the living room and the garden with no access to the kitchen or bathroom.

Big Brother will give them cold porridge to eat each day and if they want to wash, they will have to fill a bathtub in the garden from a cold tap, using a bucket with a hole in it.

Official housemates have access to the rest of the house, with one bedroom for the boys, one for the girls and a bathroom.

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