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The Rooneys, the rain and the Riviera

by David Sillito
Entertainment reporter, BBC News

The bride wore white decorated with pearls, Wayne was 'sporty but elegant.'

Rooney and McLoughlin
Wayne and Coleen enjoy a meal in Portofino the day before their wedding

The pictures of the happy couple, though, were under lock and key.

Even wandering near the venue for the reception brought a flurry of agitated security guards.

What they were protecting was not the safety of the couple, but the safety of OK! magazine's exclusive photo shoot.

It's a mark of how far Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin have come since he first proposed on the forecourt of a service station.

Then, they were teenage sweethearts from Croxteth in Liverpool, today they are multi-millionaire celebrities.

Coleen has turned being a 'Wag' into a lucrative business. It has made her a style icon, a best-selling author and a perfume brand.

Guests arrive in blacked-out limos

No wonder that when the limousine swept out of the Villa Durazzo in Santa Margherita Ligure, where the couple were officially married, it was pursued at speed by a swarm of scooter-riding photographers.

A photo of Coleen in her wedding dress has huge value - even though OK! will publish an entire photo spread in a few days' time.

One photographer did manage a quick snap of Coleen as she stepped gingerly off the yacht and into an awaiting limo, but after the ceremony all most people saw was a convoy of cars.

Nevertheless, just that one picture could dent sales of the official photos.

Guests travel to the reception in fleet of limousines
Guests arrived at the Villa Cervara for the reception in blacked-out limousines

The court case over snatched pictures of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas's wedding lasted for years.

But Portofino, which is used to celebrities and the very rich, is taking it all very calmly.

During the week the couple had a meal in the town and paid a visit to Gucci. If you're interested she ate pasta and lobster.

For a woman who says she is very interested in fashion and labels, Portofino's collection of designer boutiques was perfect.

For Wayne, the town wasRooney flying its local flag - the cross of St George.

A little reminder of two facts: first, that the flag of England is not unique and secondly, why Mr Rooney has so much time on his hands during a summer in which much of the rest of Europe is taking part in Euro 2008.

Rain in Italy

Fireworks explode to celebrate the end of the wedding
A fireworks display at La Cervara abbey drew the reception to a close

However, for the British tourists who had been hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple's big day, it was a major disappointment.

All anyone saw was a convoy of cars, scooters and bemused residents.

Photographers vainly tried to see if their flashes could penetrate the murk of the blacked-out windows.

And when, occasionally, a face was visible, few had any idea who it was.

The hype before the event talked about it as a festival of every football-related celebrity imaginable.

In the end it was a relatively modest gathering of friends and family.

And who cared that it was raining and felt more like Liverpool than the Italian Riviera?

In Italy it's supposed to be good luck when it rains on a bride.

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