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Last Updated: Friday, 24 August 2007, 22:02 GMT 23:02 UK
Double eviction from Big Brother
Kara-Louise Horne (left) and Tracey Banard leaving Big Brother
Kara-Louise (left) and Tracey just failed to make it to the final week
Kara-Louise Horne and Tracey Banard have become the latest housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

They were up against Jonty Stern who narrowly survived the double eviction and will see out the final week of this year's Channel 4 reality series.

Tracey, 36, who has been in the house since the show began, faced the public vote five times.

Lines opened for viewers to vote which of the remaining seven contestants should win the show's 100,000 prize.

The show's host Davina McCall revealed Tracey got a 38% share of the public vote, while Kara-Louise had 30.8%, just 0.1% more than Jonty.

Twins favourite

In a post-eviction interview, Tracey, who says she has not worn make-up for 15 years, admitted to feeling like an outsider when she first went into the house.

"When I walked in, it was a house full of ladies."

Meanwhile, Kara-Louise, one of a clutch of new housemates who joined the show at the end of July, said she had found it harder than she expected.

Jonty is one of seven people left competing to win
"When you are watching, you feel like something is happening all the time. When you get there, there are great periods of time when there's nothing to do."

Bookmaker Ladbrokes reported that 85% of all bets were on Kara-Louise and Tracey - the highest number ever for a Big Brother double eviction.

The two evictions leave seven people in the running to win the series - or six, since twins Amanda and Sam Marchant are counted as one.

Student Kara-Louise received the most nominations from her fellow housemates earlier this week, with five.

The twins and Carole Vincent - who was saved from eviction by the other contestants last Friday - were the only ones to avoid getting any nominations.

The Marchant sisters - who have agreed to be treated as a single person - are the only housemates to have gone throughout the entire series without receiving a single nomination.

They are favourites to win the show's 100,000 prize when the show ends on 31 August - but will have to split the cash if they do.

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