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Last Updated: Monday, 30 July 2007, 11:46 GMT 12:46 UK
Critics savage Lindsay Lohan film
Lindsay Lohan
Comparisons are being made between Lohan and her character
Lindsay Lohan's latest film - a psychological thriller - has been slated by several US film critics.

I Know Who Killed Me, which was released on 27 July, stars Lohan in a dual role as a student and a stripper.

Some reviewers drew a parallel between the US actress's contrasting film characters and her private life.

The Chicago Tribune's Metromix said: "It's uncomfortable to watch someone who's hit rock bottom in her personal life play such a sleazy character."


The film relates the disappearance of good-girl Aubrey Fleming, who shows up some months later with parts of her right arm and leg sawn off, claiming she is exotic dancer Dakota Moss.

Trade publication Variety added: "Much like the ongoing real-world meltdown of its troubled star, Lindsay Lohan, I Know Who Killed Me is a disaster that exerts a perverse fascination."

And the Los Angeles Times described the film as "ostensibly a horror thriller in the slice-and-dice vein of Captivity and Saw", adding it "bagged as many laughs in its blood-bath finale as anything in The Simpsons Movie".

The actress has been in some "lousy films", according to the New York Daily News, which said "the fact that she would choose a project as blatantly cheesy as I Know Who Killed Me is baffling".


"Although Lohan's performance is the best, that's saying very little, since everyone else appears mortified. And who wouldn't be?

"Accessorised with chaotic flashbacks, gratuitous nudity and torture, and a piano-banging score, the movie clearly belongs on the straight-to-DVD shelf," the newspaper said.

Other reviews were more forgiving. The Washington Post said the film is "a credible piece of pop entertainment of the hottie-in-distress genre" which gives Lohan "a chance to show she knows a little something about the acting trade".

The comments follow the actress's arrest on suspicion of drink driving and possession of cocaine, and her recent stint in rehab.

The News York Times commented that the movie offers "the intriguing image of Ms Lohan trying to stitch herself back together - a scene just begging for a metaphorical reading".

Directed by Chris Sivertson, the 105-minute film is rated R (children under 17 must be accompanied) for grisly violence including torture and disturbing gory images, and for sexuality, nudity and language.

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