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Last Updated: Monday, 16 July 2007, 07:47 GMT 08:47 UK
Luna Lovegood actress talks Potter
Evanna Lynch
Evanna says her bedroom is a shrine to Harry Potter
Irish actress Evanna Lynch, 15, who plays Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, talks about her passion for the Harry Potter books.

I was eight and stuck in a phase of reading Tintin books, but my mam wanted me to read something else that didn't have pictures.

She said: 'Oh, there is this great book called Harry Potter,' but I said I didn't want to read about a boy with glasses... I just thought it sounded silly.

But she forced me to read The Philosopher's Stone. She read me a chapter when I was in bed, and I took it from her because I loved it so much. Tintin went on the bottom shelf.

I love Harry Potter because it's fantasy. It's like in our world but somewhere else, so you can escape from all the boring stuff of this world that you don't want to know about.

But also Harry is very normal, as are all of the characters. They are just people who have talents.

I've read each of the books loads of times
Evanna Lynch
I'm dreading Deathly Hallows being the last book. I do wish it could go on. But then again this makes it special.

I like it that we are having a very special period with the Harry Potter era. I've read each of the books loads of times. I like going back to them if feel like I want to read a certain chapter.

My favourite book has to be Order of the Phoenix, not because I'm in the film - but I suppose that helps!

It's the spirit of fighting back and getting ready for Voldemort that I like.

In the sixth one, everything changes - and I love that one too - but it feels like everyone is dying all of the time, while in Order of the Phoenix everyone is confident they are going to win.

When book six came out, I queued up from 12 midday to midnight, which is not very long by most Harry Potter fans.

I was there by myself and I had stuff written all over my face and arms like 'I love Harry Potter'. It was great.


Come to a bookshop on the 21 July and you will see another side of me. I will be jumping about!

It is the most exciting thing that will happen all year. The film premiere will be great too, but this is the end of the series, it is the end of Harry, it is the end of a lot of people's lives.

There will be tears, Waterstone's are setting up a helpline for addicts!

This is my schedule - I get out of a summer course on Thursday night, go to the bookshop, start queuing, queue all day Friday with my biggest Harry Potter fan friends, then read all of Friday night, all of Saturday, and then Sunday is a mourning day.

I guess some people might recognise me in the queue, but everyone is just going to be so excited for the book that they won't care about me.


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