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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 June 2007, 03:44 GMT 04:44 UK
Male housemates join BB house
Gerry Stergiopoulos
Gerry is an art gallery researcher
Two more men have joined the latest series of Channel 4's Big Brother.

Charity worker Seany O'Kane and art gallery researcher Gerry Stergiopoulos are the second and third males to enter the reality show, which has 10 women.

Seany, 25, a devoted Michael Jackson fan, and Greece-born Gerry, 31, a self-confessed snob, join after Emily Parr was told to leave the show.

Emily, 19, was removed on Thursday for using a racially offensive word, but has denied being a racist.

'Big attitude'

The Bristol drama student told the programme's sister programme, Big Brother's Little Brother, she had been "completely wrong" and was "so sorry".

"I am not a racist, I can't stress that enough. I've got plenty of friends from different backgrounds," she said on Friday.

"I have worked for six months... towards something I really wanted to do and (with) a slip of the mouth, a stupid, stupid moment, a stupid mistake, it's all just gone and I am devastated and ashamed."

According to unofficial overnight figures, about 4.6m people watched on Thursday as Emily said to housemate Charley Uchea: "You're pushing it out, you nigger."

Seany O'Kane
Seany is a passionate Michael Jackson fan

The broadcast prompted 140 complaints to regulator Ofcom, but Channel 4 said it had been important to show Emily using the word to demonstrate its "unacceptability".

Friday's planned eviction, for which Emily had been nominated alongside Shabnam Paryani, was cancelled and the two new housemates were introduced instead.

Seany, originally from Derry in Northern Ireland but who now lives in Manchester, travelled to California for Michael Jackson's child abuse trial in 2005.

Outside the courtroom, he waved an Irish flag with the message: "Michael, Ireland believes in you!"

He says he would like to live up a tree in the Lake District and describes himself as having "big hair and big attitude".


Gerry says he is teetotal, a yoga enthusiast and would like his own butler.

He does not like "uneducated, common people" and his ideal housemate would be Sigmund Freud.

Gerry, who moved to the UK 12 years ago, has degrees in history of art and classical archaeology, but says sex is his only vice.

The pair join 26-year-old model and music producer Zak Lichman who has been the only male in the house for a week.

The two new housemates were later given a letter that said only four people will be able to make eviction nominations next week.

Gerry and Seany will nominate and will choose another two housemates to make nominations.


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