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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 May 2007, 08:36 GMT 09:36 UK
Child visits ban for Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff with daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley
Taylor-Ann (left) is believed to have recorded the tape in Las Vegas
Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has been banned from seeing his two teenage daughters after appearing in a video while apparently drunk.

A judge in Los Angeles suspended the 54-year-old's rights to visit his children for at least a fortnight.

The actor, who filed for divorce last year, has acknowledged that he was a recovering alcoholic who had relapsed.

A young female voice on the video, who was understood to be one of his children, urged him to stop drinking.

"This videotape changes the landscape, it just does," said Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas, who arranged a further hearing for 21 May.

He added that he wanted to know if the material was authentic, and precisely who had been responsible for its release.

'Promise me'

The video showed Hasselhoff wearing only blue jeans and lying on a floor while eating a hamburger.

The voice of a girl - thought to be 16-year-old Taylor-Ann - was heard saying: "Dad, you need to promise me you're not gonna get alcohol tonight, OK?"

David Hasselhoff and his wife Pamela in 2004
The Hasselhoffs were married for 16 years until divorcing in 2006

She adds: "If you get alcohol tonight, you're fired from your show tomorrow and a doctor's coming over here in the morning to check your alcohol level."

Debra Opri, a lawyer who represents the star's former wife Pamela Bach, said her client was "devastated" that the clip had been seen by the public.

"When a mother hears this from her daughter, what does she think? 'I haven't protected my daughters'."

Last week the actor pledged that he had "learned" from the broadcast of the tape, adding: "I am back on my game."

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