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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 May 2007, 14:28 GMT 15:28 UK
Hazzard car 'attracts $10m bid'
Actor John Schneider looks at a replica the General Lee
Actor John Schneider said he would use the money to make a film
A Dukes of Hazzard car owned by one of the US TV show's stars has received a winning bid of more than $9.9m (5m) in an eBay auction.

But an eBay spokeswoman said the bid was not confirmed as genuine.

If it is, the 1969 Dodge Charger will become the most expensive item ever sold on the auction website.

The car is owned by John Schneider, who played Bo Duke. It was not used in the original series but is signed by the cast and did appear in a Hazzard film.


"In my wildest dreams, two people would get into a bidding war at about $2.5m (1.25m)," Schneider told the Associated Press.

"I would have been delighted with that. However, I'm three times as delighted as that now."

The eBay spokeswoman said the company told Schneider when bidding escalated to take bids only from pre-qualified eBay customers who could confirm financing and provide other details.

"The way it works is the money and vehicle swap hands between buyer and seller, but until we hear from buyer and seller we have no way of verifying whether the transaction happened," she said.

The previous eBay record was $4.9m (2.5m) for a private jet several years ago.


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