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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 10:56 GMT
ITV rapped over Blair chat report
Tony Blair in March 2006
Mr Blair said he believed God would judge his decision
An ITV News report that Tony Blair was guided by God ahead of the Iraq war breached rules over accuracy, regulator Ofcom has said.

An interview on the Parkinson chat show in 2006 carried an exchange asking if Mr Blair prayed before sending troops.

Some viewers complained subsequent news bulletins, including the caption "Holy War", were unfair and inflammatory.

Ofcom has ruled ITV did not reflect other interpretations of Mr Blair's reply. ITV has not yet commented.

History's judgement

In the interview, host Michael Parkinson asked: "So you would pray to God whenever you make a decision like that?"

Mr Blair replied: "Well I don't want to go into - this side of this but it's - yeah I... but you of course, it's... you struggle with your own conscience about it because people's lives are affected."

ITV said the answer justified the report that faith in God had played a part in the decision to go to war.

Earlier in the interview, Mr Blair said he would have to live with his decision and he would be judged by others, including God.

Ofcom said the interview was at times difficult to interpret as both people were talking at the same time and ITV had focused on only one possible meaning.

It added: "Taken together, the only statements that are clear are that Mr Blair struggled with his own conscience about the decision to go to war and that he believes history and God will make the judgment on whether he was right."

Ofcom said there would be no further sanctions against ITV.

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