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Last Updated: Monday, 8 January 2007, 14:21 GMT
Quiz star describes 250,000 win
Laura Pearce has become the first contestant to win the 250,000 jackpot on UK TV quiz Deal or No Deal.

The 24-year-old, who was born in South Wales and is now a civilian staff member at Gloucestershire Constabulary, told BBC News entertainment reporter Kevin Young about her experience of being on the Channel 4 show.

We recorded the show on 14 November. I've had to keep it secret but it got leaked to the papers a couple of days after I'd filmed it.

Laura Pearce on Deal or No Deal
Laura Pearce was seen winning the prize on Sunday's programme
A lot of people presumed that I'd won it, but it's nice now that it's been aired, and I can actually talk about it.

I was surprisingly quite calm and I thought I'd be much more nervous than I actually was.

The fellow contestants, Noel [Edmonds] and the audience really help you and support you.

There were, obviously, stages throughout the game when I got a bit more anxious.

It was quite nice to watch it on TV last night because I couldn't really remember much - it was all a blur.

'Pure luck'

Noel was really, really nice, and very professional.

When I was getting a bit anxious or stressed, he was really good and was trying to calm me down and getting me to focus - just trying to help, really.

Laura Pearce on Deal or No Deal
Ms Pearce said she was "in shock for days later" after her victory
There's no skill involved at all.

It's just pure luck, really.

It's just picking the boxes and hoping that they haven't got the big numbers in them, and obviously knowing when to say 'deal or no deal', and go in when you think it's your time.

I was obviously just very lucky on the day.

I was in shock for days later.

'Great feeling'

When he opened the box, all these streamers came down from the ceiling and these rockets went off, and I was quite shocked.

I think I remember all my fellow contestants coming towards me, and I just jumped out of my chair.

Laura Pearce on Deal or No Deal
The 24-year-old from Gloucester was born in the Rhondda Valley
I think I cried at some point as well. But it was a great feeling - a really, really good feeling. Pure excitement and happiness.

I've given quite a big amount of the money to my dad and my sisters.

I've treated a few of my friends to some things, and gone on a few shopping trips with them.

I'm going travelling in April for at least six months, so I'm going to use a lot of it for that, and I'm going to buy myself a house, because I'm renting at the moment.

That's my main priority when I get back from travelling - to get myself on the property ladder and buy a little car.

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