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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 January 2007, 14:32 GMT
Profile: Donny Tourette
Donny Tourette
Tourette has now escaped from the Big Brother house
Singer Donny Tourette, who has escaped from the celebrity Big Brother house, fronts the punk rock band Towers of London.

But the "celebrity" status that earned him his short-lived spell in the Big Brother house is as much down to his antics off stage as to the band's limited success in the singles chart.

His swaying, swaggering entrance into the reality show - followed by his decision to jump fully clothed into the house's spa pool, urinate in the shower and tell the lecturing Big Brother to "shut your mouth" - led to "Donny Rotten" headlines and suggested a position as a modern-day punk icon.

And the tabloids' fascination with his on-off romantic link with Peaches Geldof, the socialite daughter of Bob Geldof, seems set to keep him in the gossip columns for some time yet.

Number 30

Tourette, whose real name is Patrick Brannam, formed the Towers of London with his brother Francis - who took on the name Dirk Tourette - in 2004.

And although they have yet to enjoy massive chart success, they have gained a certain notoriety with their Spinal Tap-style antics in their own reality TV show on the Bravo network.

The programme followed the five band members - the Tourette brothers, The Rev, Tommy Brunette and Snell - as they started out on the path to fame.

They have toured with Guns N' Roses, and released four singles off their only album called Blood, Sweat and Towers. Their single How Rude She Was was the band's highest entry in the UK top 40 charts after getting to number 30.

They are also renowned for their partying off stage, with the band themselves claiming that they bedded 500 female fans during their time on the road.

And an appearance at the Download festival in Derby ended in uproar when they were banned from the event for fighting backstage with another group.

Court case

In October last year, the Towers caused trouble during a performance by the American rock group, My Chemical Romance at a record store in London.

A scuffle broke out between tour managers from both bands after Dirk Tourette allegedly flicked a cigarette butt at a band member.

The Towers of London
The band was formed in 2004 by Donny and his brother Dirk

Donny Tourette brushed with the law in March 2005 when he was charged with criminal damage and assault after a gig at Anglia Polytechnic University Students' Union in Cambridge, which he initially denied.

He was ordered to pay 775 in compensation, fines and court costs.

In true rock 'n' roll style, there is mystery over Tourette's age. Big Brother introduced him as a 22-year-old and the date of birth listed on some websites backs this up - but Tourette gave his age as 23 in that 2005 court case and many newspapers now report his age as 25.

Tourette was the eighth person to enter the Big Brother house, with host Davina McCall describing him as "smelling like a brewery" as he walked through the door.

During his introduction to the show he swore and flashed V-signs at photographers and the crowd, who booed and chanted "who are you?" in response.

Because of his decision to take an early exit, Tourette only gave viewers of the show 48 hours to discover the answer to that question.

Donny Tourette's escape from the Big Brother house

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