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Friday, 28 January, 2000, 11:28 GMT
Posh admits weight worries

Posh meeting Parky: Rumours have spread about her health

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has told the BBC's Michael Parkinson she visited a doctor to allay her fears over losing weight.

The 24-year-old singer has been at the centre of media speculation about her weight, and has denied rumours she suffers from an eating disorder.

But in an interview screened on BBC One on Friday evening, Posh Spice said her weight loss had concerned her.

Victoria Beckham believes her weight loss may run in the family
She told Parkinson: "I started to get paranoid so I went to the doctor's and said look, is there anything wrong with me?

"I wanted to be totally checked out because I was eating perfectly fine, exactly as I always have done, and I was losing weight.

"They said it's just something that happens when you have children. My mum lost three stones after she had my brother, so it's hereditary. I think I could probably do with putting on weight, but I just eat what I eat and this is the way I am."

It's quite sad to think you can't even go to the toilet because if you do, people are going to think you're throwing up
Victoria Beckham
The wife of Manchester United footballer David Beckham said she was "freaked out" by the press interest in her weight.

She said: "We were out at dinner the other day and I was absolutely bursting for the toilet and it's quite sad to think you can't even go to the toilet because if you do, people are going to think you're throwing up."

Security worries

Beckham told Parkinson the couple had hired a bodyguard for their 10-month-old son Brooklyn.

"There's been a lot of stuff in the press about people wanting to kidnap Brooklyn," she said.

"That was serious, I did have threats, the police were fantastic. Brooklyn has a bodyguard with him now.

The Beckhams have hired a bodyguard for baby Brooklyn
"It's something that's really worrying, that's every parent's worst nightmare, something happening to their child. That's scary."

She said the baby has already been signed up for a private school.

"I'm not going to send him to Eton or anywhere like that but I'm putting his name down at lots of different schools up north and down south.

"You know, who knows where he will be? I have to be so bloody diplomatic all the time it drives me mad."

The Spice Girls star also said she is planning a solo album - and she has her eye on other career opportunities too.

"Acting is something I definitely want to do - you know, films. But I am also going to write an album myself. A solo album."

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