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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 November 2006, 12:41 GMT
Jackson demands racial slur ban
US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson
Reverend Jackson wants ban racial terms banned in TV and film
Racial slurs should be banned from TV and film, US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has said following the row involving Seinfeld's Michael Richards.

Reverend Jackson will meet with TV and film executives to discuss banning the use of derogatory expressions.

"We want to give our ancestors a Christmas present," he said.

Last week Richards, who played Kramer in the sitcom, was forced to apologise after racially abusing two hecklers during his comedy show in Los Angeles.

Anger management

Michael Richards
Michael Richards became angry after being heckled on stage
Richards appeared on TV's The Late Show with David Letterman and Rev Jackson's own radio programme, Keep Hope Alive.

The comedian denied being a racist and claimed he was provoked by "humiliation". He has since started anger management therapy.

Richards' former co-star Jerry Seinfeld condemned the incident.

But Rev Jackson, who had condemned the outburst as "hateful" and "sick", is now calling on members of the public to boycott sales of the seventh series of Seinfeld.

Footage of Richards' outburst at the Laugh Factory venue was caught on a camera phone. It eventually ended up on the entertainment website.

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