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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 13:00 GMT
Beckham backs Blue Peter appeal
David Beckham
Beckham is a Unicef goodwill Ambassador

David Beckham is to appear on children's TV programme Blue Peter to back its latest charity campaign.

The ex-England football captain is throwing his support behind the Shoe Biz Appeal to raise money for Aids orphans in Malawi.

He said he was backing the campaign as his time as a Unicef goodwill ambassador has shown him the problems that African Aids orphans face.

The appeal target is 500,000 shoes to help set up 22 children's centres.

Beckham donated a pair of his own personalised boots and said there was now a chance for them to make a difference off the field.

Facing loss

He said: "Just a simple thing like giving a pair of shoes, giving a pair of trainers, any sort of shoes, to this appeal is going to make a big difference.

"There are many children out there who've lost their mum and dads to HIV Aids so something this small can make a huge difference, so please give as many shoes as possible."

The Shoe Biz Appeal will be working with Unicef to set up Children's Corners which give children the chance to play and take time off from looking after themselves and their brothers and sisters alone.

Children's Corners also help them to deal with the loss of their parents and encourage them to find ways to remember them.

By recycling the shoes, money will be raised to set up and run the centres.

The show will be broadcast at 1700 GMT on Wednesday.

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