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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 09:58 GMT 10:58 UK
Clooney rules out political race
George Clooney
Clooney has been a vocal campaigner on Darfur
Actor George Clooney has played down talk of running for political office, saying "you don't want me in politics".

Clooney was at an event aimed at banning investment in the troubled Darfur region of Sudan, with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He was asked a number of times about calls for him to enter office, replying "I think they're probably kidding".

Clooney's father, Nick Clooney, previously attempted to win a seat in Congress for the Democrat Party.

'Still Batman'

The Oscar-winning actor has become a vocal campaigner on the situation in Darfur, addressing the UN Security Council.

He was in California to back the state's bill on preventing pension funds being invested in businesses that profit from Sudan.

Asked again if he would run for office, Clooney said "that's a bad idea".

Clooney and Schwarzenegger starred together in the much-maligned 1997 film Batman and Robin, with the now-governor playing baddie Mr Freeze.

"He's gone on to be governor, and I still think I'm Batman," Clooney said, to put down talk of his political ambitions.

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