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Last Updated: Friday, 14 July 2006, 08:54 GMT 09:54 UK
Kylie 'a prisoner' during therapy
Kylie Minogue
The singer spoke about her treatment in an interview with Sky One

Kylie Minogue says she was "virtually a prisoner" in her home after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

"The days you didn't see me or no-one saw me were the days that I simply could not get up," she told Sky One.

Minogue said the moment she received the news was "like a bomb has dropped" and that it was "still sinking in".

The 38-year-old singer completed chemotherapy in December but her treatment continues as she tries to make a full recovery.

She is due to resume her Showgirl tour in Australia in November.

'Doom and gloom'

Asked about her treatment, Minogue said: "I don't want to go into the doom and gloom of it. It's hard".

"It's really hard for me to express how I felt or even the chain of events.

It was like you're a child, you're a helpless child again
Kylie Minogue
"It's such a personal journey, even though you need the people all around you.

"I would just quietly go to my bedroom and just have 20 minutes to myself and try and deal with everything."

The singer admitted her parents had been upset when she chose to receive chemotherapy in Paris, where her boyfriend Oliver Martinez lives.

"I was quite determined that I should do it there. So of course my mum came with me."

"I couldn't imagine what it was like for my parents," she said. "It was like you're a child, you're a helpless child again.

Minogue also had a message for other women battling breast cancer.

"I love to say: 'You can get through it. You can.'"

The full interview will be broadcast on Sky One at 2100 BST on Sunday.

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