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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2006, 15:40 GMT 16:40 UK
'In one album he defined the Sixties'
Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett: Changed Sarah and her brother's perspective on music
Reader Sarah Daw, in Basel, Switzerland, one of many to send in comments and tributes after the death of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett, muses on his influence on her life.

My brother died last year and now Syd.

When I heard the sad news of Syd Barrett's passing it tore into the paisley fabric that I had loving wrapped around the memories of my late brother and our teenage daydreams.

Barrett had provided the soundtrack to our coming of age.

He had shown us with his music wild tricks of light, mind-mending sounds and took us where no one had before or would ever again.

When I lost my brother half of my childhood left with him.

When Syd Barrett died it fell silent.

'Whole other trip'

It was a full decade since Syd Barrett had left Pink Floyd and went to live like a gnome in his mother's home when my brother and cousin came back from a shopping trip in London with the acid-induced album with the strange name.

Little did I know that Piper at the Gates of Dawn would change our whole perspective on music.

Up until that point our main influences had been Aerosmith, The Who, and Led Zeppelin.

Barrett opened a musical side entrance that would welcome in the likes of David Bowie and Brian Eno.

From the first sliding chords of Interstellar Overdrive you knew this was going to be a whole other trip.

Barrett showed us twisted word play and echoing insanity with a genius and humor that Pink Floyd lost the day Syd became Roger again and slipped away on his Bike.

He made have had only a had short stroll across the rock 'n' roll stage but his footprints can still be seen three decades later. In one album he defined the Sixties.

It was as wild and free as the times.

It explained an acid trip through sound.

It never apologised for not always making sense and they had a good laugh along the way.

Come to think of it that would exactly how I want to remember my brother, too.

Shine on!

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