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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2006, 18:13 GMT
Digital broadcasting: Industry answers
Some of the leading figures in the broadcasting industry have answered your questions about TV and radio in the digital age.

The BBC News website asked for your queries about the way new technology is being used - and the eight sharpest and most pertinent questions were put to the virtual panel.

Click on each question to read the answers. The opinions given are those of the experts concerned, and are not endorsed by the BBC.


Despite living in one of the major towns in the south-east, according to the Postcode Checker I am still not in an area covered by Freeview. What is being done to ensure all major towns and cities are covered? Vince Williams, Stevenage, Herts

  • Ford Ennals, Digital UK:

    Mr Williams is not alone in being frustrated by Freeview's limited coverage. Currently, about one in four UK households cannot get Freeview and one in five cannot get Five through their aerial.

    The good news is that the process of switchover will resolve this situation. By turning off the older analogue signal, we can boost the digital signal strength and make it virtually universally available in the same way that analogue television is today. At the end of the switchover process, 98.5% of households should be within coverage of Freeview and other digital services delivered via an aerial.

  • Brian Sullivan, Sky:

    Around a quarter of all UK households won't be able to receive Freeview before analogue switch-off and a further quarter need to upgrade their rooftop aerial. But there's no reason for viewers who don't have access to Freeview to miss out on subscription-free digital TV. There is a digital satellite freesat package that offers over 200 digital TV and radio channels available nationwide without a monthly subscription that includes all the BBC digital channels.

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