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Last Updated: Friday, 24 February 2006, 12:36 GMT
Four versions of Housewives made
stars of Desperate Housewives
The US show was named best TV comedy at the Golden Globes
Four new versions of hit US series Desperate Housewives are being made for Latin American audiences, each with its own cast and cultural references.

Spanish versions will be broadcast in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, with a Portuguese version shown in Brazil.

Each version will be filmed on one set in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will follow the format of the US original.

Producer Buena Vista International aims to broadcast the first episodes in Argentina this summer.

Switch profession

Fernando Barbosa, senior vice president of its Latin America division, said the new versions of Desperate Housewives would resemble telenovelas - a traditional Spanish and Portuguese TV serial format.

Each version will be adapted to reflect its culture of its audience.

"In the US version there's a plumber (actor James Denton) in that neighbourhood," Mr Barbosa explained.

"In Latin America, a plumber is very unlikely to live in such type of neighbourhood, so we'll have to switch that profession."

The Hispanic couple played in the US version by Eva Longoria and Ricardo Antonio Chavira will reflect permanent immigrants in each community.

In the Colombian version, for example, the couple will be from Ecuador.

Actresses have already been cast in the Argentine version, with Araceli Gonzalez playing Gabriela (Gabrielle in the US version), Gabriela Toscano as Susana (Susan), Carola Reyna as Elisa (Bree) and Mercedes Moran as Lia (Lynette).

The first episode of the second series of Desperate Housewives topped the US ratings last September, drawing 28.2 million viewers.

It was named best TV comedy for the second year running at the Golden Globes but its four lead stars of were beaten to the TV comedy actress prize by Weeds star Mary Louise Parker.

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