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Oscars panel: Amanda Hepburn

My movie watching joy stems from the female line of my family.

I can remember cinema trips almost every week of my childhood.

Oscar night was always marked on the calendar in the halcyon days when the BBC had sole British rights to the event.

As a budding young actress I wrote my Oscar acceptance speech at the age of 10. I can retrieve it from the dust covers if any film director would like to give me a chance.

Amanda Hepburn
Name: Amanda Hepburn
Lives: Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, UK
Occupation: IT officer
Favourite all-time film: Chocolat (it always makes me smile)

Movie viewing is still a great pleasure and the award ceremonies provide a chance to recall movie memories of the past year.

It's healthy for the film industry that there is such a debate over movies and we can all safely voice our own opinion.

I always keep a keen eye on the Baftas to check the differences in nominations/winners between the two Academies.

I doubt any moment at the Oscars will provide quite the impact of Lord Putnam's Fellowship speech at this year's Baftas.


It is a crime this wonderful man no longer makes movies.

There have been years when I have been stunned by the choice of award winner, wondering if the Academy panel have watched the same movie.

The greatest Oscar miscarriage of justice in my lifetime occurred in 1981.

John Gielgud received best supporting actor for Arthur and deprived Ian Holm of the reward for his superb portrayal of Sam Mussabini in Chariots of Fire.

I thought at the time that the American Academy had not wanted to give another award to the British film and Ian Holm suffered the consequences.

Sometimes I think the judging panel get carried away with the actor/actress/director/film subject instead of appraising skills.

Let's hope this year's awards praise those film-makers that have dared to break the mould and produce thought provoking truly deserving winners.

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