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Oscars panel: Debra Tysall

Ever since I was a little girl, the Oscars have meant the world to me.

I was raised in a household where my mother knew all the old Hollywood stars, and she passed on that love to me.

I know people who profess to loving movies, yet could not recognise Rita Hayworth or Errol Flynn!

I still get excited with all the pre-Oscar build up, and living in LA certainly adds to the va va voom factor!

It's fun to think that you might be sitting next to a future Oscar winner as you sip your Starbucks! Everyone really is writing a script on their laptops, or maybe their acceptance speech?

Debra Tysall
Name: Debra Tysall
Lives: British but live in Los Angeles
Occupation: Several jobs, used to be a chef
Favourite all-time film: Shawshank Redemption with LA Confidential also up there

By and large I think the Academy usually gets it right, although there have been some truly great movies that ended up with no Oscar glory at all, movies like ET, Some like it Hot and It's a Wonderful Life come to mind.

And Hitchcock never won for directing. And Richard Burton, how could he not have won an Oscar?

If I was asked to choose one film that should have won an Oscar but didn't, it would be It's a Wonderful Life.

I don't have a most memorable Oscar year, there have been so many great moments, but highlights would include David Niven's streaker quip, Roberto Benigni's sheer exuberance at winning for Life is Beautiful and I have to say that Russell Crowe's acceptance speech for Gladiator was truly memorable, and with no notes either.


Turning for a moment to the Baftas, very disappointed that The Constant Gardener won just one of the 10 nominations, how could that happen, particularly for Rachel Weisz?

I really though she had her name on the trophy. Other results fairly predictable I thought. Just goes to show, you can never be sure.

Come Oscar, there will always be surprises, elation, disappointment, it's the way it always has been. And that is, I guess, the magic of it all.

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