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Oscars panel: Megan McLeod

Crash left me cold. Robots did not charm. Revenge of the Sith made me howl with laughter. The good movies showed up late, just in time for Oscar.

Good Night, and Good Luck is my pick for best picture, but Brokeback Mountain will win.

I'd like to see The Constant Gardener nominated, but it's probably too politically sensitive for the Academy to get the prize. Walk the Line will pop up in this category too.

Megan McLeod
Name: Megan McLeod
Age: 28
Lives: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Non-profit admin/popcorn monkey
Favourite all-time film: Too many to list but Singin' in the Rain and Brazil are right up there

Philip Seymour Hoffman's turn as Truman Capote was brilliant, but I'm rooting for David Strathairn, who may have been channelling Edward R Murrow from beyond the grave in Good Night, and Good Luck.

With one puff on a cigarette, he could convey dozens of thoughts and emotions.

Heath Ledger will earn a nod and I hope that Cillian Murphy sneaks in for his work in Breakfast on Pluto.

Charlize Theron really wants another Oscar, but North Country isn't the vehicle. I think this award will go to Felicity Huffman, and I hope she is nominated, even though Transamerica has yet to open in this neck of the woods.

Rachel Weisz might not be campaigning for lead actress, but I hope she is.

Finally, for best director, I imagine Ang Lee will win the big prize, but I hope to see George Clooney (I can hardly believe it either!) and Fernando Meirelles in the competition.

Both Good Night, and Good Luck and The Constant Gardener are filmed with such care that their directors need to be recognized with a nomination.

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