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Last Updated: Friday, 23 December 2005, 10:27 GMT
Lost cast named top entertainers
Matthew Fox in Lost
Lost follows plane crash survivors who are stranded on a desert island
The cast of TV drama Lost have been named entertainers of the year by US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

The publication said the castaway drama was one of the "biggest cult breakouts since The X-Files".

The 40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell - who played the boss in the US remake of The Office - was second. King Kong's Naomi Watts was third.

The first instalment of Lost's second series was seen by a US audience of 23.4m people in September.

In the UK, six million UK viewers watched the first episode of the first series on Channel 4 in August.

Entertainment Weekly, announcing its annual list, said Lost's group of air crash survivors were "treasured islanders".

Talent list

The series won two Emmy awards in September, including the best drama prize.

Steve Carell in The Office
Steve Carell plays Michael Scott in the US Office

Carell, who played the David Brent character in the US Office, told the magazine he had no idea where he got his talent for playing roles with a "pathetic nature".

The team behind the US version recently scored two nominations for the Writers Guild of America's annual awards.

Rapper Kanye West was fourth in the Entertainment Weekly list, while actress Felicity Huffman, who plays Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives, was fifth.

Making up the top 10 were George Clooney - who directed the film drama Good Night, and Good Luck - Wedding Crashers star Vince Vaughn, singer Gwen Stefani, the character of Harry Potter and actor Terrence Howard, who appeared in the films Crash and Hustle and Flow.

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