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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 December 2005, 12:08 GMT
Miniature Tardis prop at auction
Tardis stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space
A 17-inch model of Doctor Who's Tardis first used as a prop in a 1965 episode of the classic BBC science fiction series is being auctioned.

The plywood time-travelling device is being offered for sale at Christie's auction house on 14 December.

The famous blue police box is expected to fetch up to 6,000 and was built at the BBC visual effects department.

The Tardis returned to screens in a new series of Doctor Who this year and a special episode is on at Christmas.

According to Christie's, one of its last screen appearances as a set-used model was in the first appearance of Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor in 1970.

It was then photographed for use in the title sequences for the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

The idea to use the Police Box design was originally conceived by Anthony Coburn, author of the first episode The Unearthly Child; it is believed that this particular model was built by Ron Oates, said Christie's.

David Tennant will make his first full-episode debut as the Doctor in the Christmas Day episode to be shown on BBC One at 1900GMT.

Also for sale in the auction are stormtroopers' helmets from Star Wars and a Hogwarts school gown from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


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