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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005, 14:34 GMT
Judge our Mock Turner final
Foiled Movement in Blue 'Leaping Bananas' What do you See? A Bigger Wave Out of the Mouths of Babes Untitled, Joe Simpson General Carbuncle Cat on the Rails Spring Panic Actor
Mock Turner Prize nominations

This is your chance to help choose the winner of the BBC News website's Mock Turner contest.

It is the second year of our search for the best image or artwork submitted by the public, running at the same time as the official Turner Prize.

We have had an incredible 300 or so entries, so a big thank you to everyone who entered.

Some of you clearly have more art training than others, but this is, after all, a general contest.

It was a difficult job whittling the entries down to an initial 40.

BBC arts correspondent David Sillito was enlisted as judge for the semi-finals, choosing the final 12 in a marathon stint locked in a News website office for two hours.

His comments on what he thinks of the final 12 are included with each artwork image.

But now it's up to you.

Take a look at each of the 12 artworks and decide which one you think should win. Then vote for it on the right of the page.

The vote will keep a running total during the week, so you will be able to see immediately who is in the lead.

We will close the vote at 1000 on Monday 5 December, the day of the Turner Prize.

The artwork with the most votes at that time will be declared the winner - so good luck to all the finalists (please note there is no prize on offer).

Mouth of Babes, No. 6 was the most humorous fittingly with the spirit of this contest.
Mandell, Los Angeles, USA

Cat on the rails is a work of genius. I can't take my eyes off it. A Meow-na Lisa for the 21st Century.
Austin Fisher, Auckland, New Zealand

Some of the comments suggest that people are taking this Mock Turner way too seriously, after all it's only a bit of fun. And frankly, all of these are way better than anything the Turner has ever produced.
James, Brisbane, Australia

Foiled by Matthew John Judge David Sillito: "It could be a science experiment, a mushroom cloud, or what it is - a bit of tin foil. But it makes you look and it makes you think." This picture reminds one of the TERMINTOR man who melts and comes out again through the metal door or water. Excellent.
Firozali A. Mulla, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

This competition reminds me of the Daily Mail's 'Not the Turner Prize', which celebrates mediocrity and completely inoffensive daubings. The only piece here that shows any wit or intelligence worthy of attention is 'Out of the Mouths of Babes', but even this is let down by the poor photo. People will always knock contemporary art, as it's always easier to laugh at something, than engage your brain and figure out what it means to you. It's a shame that the BBC have to plumb such tabloid depths.
Ian, Brixton, London

Presumably Mr Hall comes from the school of thought that says an unmade bed or a pickled half cow is not art unless its done by someone with the training. Context seems more important than composition. I suppose it depends on what you define as art. Most of us define it as I like it and I'd hang it on my wall, the debate will go on and on no doubt....
Harv, Yorkshire

Turner entries tend to be pretentious - at least, to us in the outside world. These Mock Turners, however, show that humour does not have to be lost in modern art - in fact its quite refreshing - if Leaping Bananas can be described in this way.
Edgie, Huddersfield West Yorks

I was torn (quite literally) between 3, 8 and 6, but the intrinsic agony projected from number 5 made me think again, resulting in a coin-toss that number 9 won.
Terry Bulsmell, Manchester

"I may not know much about art but i know what I like!" Actually, I DO know quite a bit about art, shame the same can't be said for those who judge for the Turner prize. As to what I like.... quite a lot here. There is an array of true talent in this contest but I settled for the one that wins by composition alone. It simply spoke to me of beauty. Spring.
Chris Heath, Surrey, UK

This reminds me why we abolished student grants.
Jason, Hook, Hampshire

Some much needed Monday lunchtime laughter. Cat on the Rails is a superb specimen of Photoshop wizardry. I would love to see this extended, not just as a one off. Leaping Bananas...Leaping Bananas...
Elli Robinson, Bonn, Germany

As your article states, some of the candidates have more sophistication than others, and some I didn't vote for brought smiles (General Carbuncle is one). So I went with my gut response. Spring is a wonderful, gentle representation and I think we all could use a bit more gentleness.
Alan Crooks, Zakynthos, Greece

Looking at the votes so far, I think some people are taking this far too seriously.
Ian, Nottingham

It was a tough decision between (2) and (8). In the end I plumped for (2) because (8) relied on me seeing something in real life to truly appreciate the sculpture, which I couldn't. I liked (2) because it had an supernatural quality and evoked beauty.
Tim, Preston, UK

I voted for Movement in Blue because it makes you feel calm. Foiled, was a close second because you can imagine it being almost anything (part of the skill is with the lighting). I'd put Leaping Bananas third as it does look comical. The Untitled one deserves a special mention as I did a double-take when I realised it was not a photo!
Francisco, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

I can't believe the cute little kitten with the lovely red nose isn't winning!
Alex, Reading, UK

Actor, by Jeremy Cloot. A very dramatic painting which is in contrast to the pink colour used. The pink colour lifts the image.
Evelyn Phillips, Wormley, UK

Unfortunately most them are too good to be worthy of a Turner Award - too many of them were clearly created by intelligent individuals with artistic talent. Let's face it, how many of them can compete realistically with a can filled with human excrement?
Adrian, Reading, UK

Too many modern artists believe themselves to be comedians. Their art rests on the impact of their joke and their jokes are nearly always tiresome and weak. I voted for number 12. At least it wasn't trying to make me laugh - and the pink was rather racy.
Matt Howell, London

This work shows how stupid the real modern art world really is. I thought most of the final submissions in your competition were much better than pickled sharks or tatty tents/unmade bets.
David Baldwin, Brighton, UK

It would be much better if you let people vote in order of preference, or at least for more than one item. The end result of your current vote will be that something will win with only 15-20% of the vote.
ikd, London, UK

I usually view the real Turner Prize entries as utter rubbish, with a few rare exceptions, but I thought the 12 finalists here were almost all far more worthy of praise for their efforts. I don't normally like 'every-day object' sculptures, but I thought that Mouths of Babes had a fantastic tongue-in-cheek sense of humour that is usually lacking is the 'serious' art world.
Grahame, Aylesbury, UK

So much better than the real thing, every one of them!
Tess, Redditch, UK

Something Rene Magritte would have been proud of.
Steven Moscrop, Broxburn, Scotland

This is all just mediocrity: nothing else. Why celebrate it?
David Derrick

I voted for Movement in Blue, mainly for the momentary capture of tonal change which I feel the artist(s) achieved. It made me want to wallow in its lava-lamp inducing calmness instilling a moment of calm in my busy day. I feel that Zyllan has a future in modern art, but is probably best kept away from sharks and Mr Hirst.
Jamie Holden, Bristol

There are some great pieces this year. But that's missing the point - it's supposed to be a mock Turner prize, not a parallel art competition. I want to see more bizarre works make the final cut.
Michael Hughes, Oswestry, UK

Cat on the Rails has a certain 'knocked up in a lunch hour' feel about it. Spontaneous and well composed though.
James Rawlings, Milton Keynes

I voted for Mouths of Babes because it was: [a] imaginative, [b] clever, [c] attractive, [d] popular or populist. None of the other entries seemed to me to combine all of the above features.
Peter Morrell, Stafford, UK

David Sillito is clearly extracting the michael. A badly photoshopped kitten? Bile-coloured "fish"? Mock the Turner Prize if you must - and this year it is disappointing - but don't stoop to the level of comparing it to this rubbish.
James, London, UK

The joke with General Carbuncle, of course, is that the car is a Morris Ital. Carbuncle indeed.
Hayden Clark, Macclesfield

They're all really bad this year...last year's was tons better!

I loved some of these - but to me the clear winner was the dummies. This was interesting and made all sorts of comments on the way we bring up children. Second was General Carbuncle - endless patience and a huge collection of Dinkies required. Finally, third, my office deals with 90% of all the UK's banana imports - so you can guess which one got my vote! Loved them all though!
John White, Deal, Kent

No 3 - Leaping Bananas - would sit well under Salinger's title to a short story "A Perfect Day for Bananafish".
Tony Ramsay, Norfolk, UK

It was a close call between Leaping Bananas and Mouths of Babes, in the end Bananas got it, it had more laughability. Mouths of Babes was uncomfortably close to home!
Neil Hibbs, Cheshire, UK

How can Cat on the Rails be in this competition? It's rubbish!
Mark, Chipping Sodbury, UK

You should have had an option "None of these"....
Paul, Edinburgh, Scotland

Few of the entries have, for me, that pointless, 'anyone-could-do-it' lack of evident artistic skill associated with the Turner. Too many are just too darned explicable - and that's a handicap in the Turner. There is a lot of good, unpretentious, skilled work being produced out their by unsung artists. Spare a thought for them.
Mark, Reading

Why not have a 'Mock Turner' exhibition, like the old Salon Des Refusees in Paris? Look what happened to all those artists.
Michele Harrison, Hastings, UK

Mouths of Babes made me laugh out loud, then pause and reassess. Good stuff!
Ed, Edinburgh, Scotland

Untitled by Joe Simpson is fantastic. I love the random shot. To me it's got great humour.
Peter Heighes, Southampton

Disappointing entries this year. Not in the same ironic, mocking spirit as last year.
Tim, UK

Actor was the only one that got a conscious response. Not that I liked or disliked it, but I responded to it.
Ken, Dublin

Leaping Bananas is a work of genius and would make a fantastic art card or poster!
Candy, Birmingham, UK

Is it significant that the order of magnitude for votes cast follows exactly the numerical order?
Mark Child, Fareham, Hants

Cat on the Rails has a haunting quality about it which is enhanced by the palette use and the composition of the cat taking centre stage. It is a piece of art which i would gladly buy.
Tessa Robinson, Guildford, Surrey

They're all too good (compared to the real thing)
James, Surrey

This "spoof" makes me so angry I could nail my head to a canvas and call it art. The Turner is a competition well respected by the public and to mock it in this manner undermines the skill, talent and sheer hard work of the artists contributing to the genuine Turner. The art work displayed in your "competition" shows none of the finess of Emin's "My Bed" or Hirst's Shark.
Robin Hall, Letchworth, UK

While the two paintings, What Do You See? and Actor, show perhaps the greatest technical skill, this is a Mock Turner and not just any art competition. For Turneresque modern-art well-thought-out pretentious nonsense, Mouths of Babes has to win.
Tom, London, UK

I liked A Bigger Wave. Living in Spain I don't often see empty beaches. Of all the pictures this is the one that I would put up in my living-room; it's nice to look at and you can imagine more or less whatever you like about the reasons for the empty beach. I wouldn't pay thousands for it, but then again I wouldn't pay thousands for anything.
John Larkin, Madrid, Spain

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Which artwork should win our Mock Turner contest?
Foiled (1)
Movement in Blue (2)
Leaping Bananas (3)
What Do You See? (4)
A Bigger Wave (5)
Mouths of Babes (6)
Untitled, Joe Simpson (7)
General Carbuncle (8)
Cat on the Rails (9)
Spring (10)
Panic (11)
Actor (12)
22973 Votes Cast
Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion

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