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Last Updated: Monday, 14 November 2005, 15:40 GMT
Longer Pride for US Austen fans
Pride and Prejudice
Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are the central characters
The US release of Pride and Prejudice is eight minutes longer than the UK version because British test audiences hated the extended romantic ending.

Matthew MacFayden, who plays Mr Darcy, told USA Today UK audiences disliked the more "sugary" ending so it was cut.

In the US version, the two main characters Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy embrace at the end.

And Donald Sutherland, who plays Mr Bennett said it was decided the US needed a "sweeter film".

'Insults the audience'

In the worldwide release the film ends with the line "if any young men come for Mary or Kitty, send them in, for I am quite at leisure" uttered by Mr Bennett.

Sutherland added that US audiences preferred the version with "Darcy and Lizzy together".

But some members of the Jane Austen Society of North American were less than impressed with the US version.

"It has nothing at all of Jane Austen in it, is inconsistent with the first two-thirds of the film, insults the audience with its banality," said former society president Elsa Solender.

A UK petition has been started by fans demanding the longer ending be added to the DVD version before its release, with more than 500 signatures already added.


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