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Last Updated: Friday, 8 April, 2005, 11:30 GMT 12:30 UK
Critics lay into Hirst exhibition
Damien Hirst
Hirst has admitted some past work was "silly"
Critics in the US have panned British artist Damien Hirst's New York exhibition, with one calling it "flat-footed" and "off the mark".

Hirst's exhibition, The Elusive Truth, at the Gagosian Gallery, features photo-realist oil paintings, many of which were created by his art team.

Michael Kimmerman of the New York Times wrote that "Warhol had done it all better years ago".

Hirst is famous for his creations such as a shark or sheep in formaldehyde.

His latest exhibition contains about 30 new works which were created over the past three years, and is Hirst's first New York show since 2000.

Village Voice's Jerry Saltz called Hirst's new show "ordinary and academic".

Under the headline The Emperor's New Paintings, he said the works were "proficient and inane".

Hirst had failed to capitalise on his past achievements by choosing "run of the mill sensationalist subjects in such a run of the mill way", he went on.

Hirst just can't make paint live - which is bad if you are, say, a painter
James Gardner, New York Post

James Gardner of the New York Post called the exhibition "obvious and fake".

'Wincingly passe'

"A series of portraits depicting the ravages of crack addiction are far less poignant than the photographs on which they're based," he wrote.

"Hirst just can't make paint live - which is bad if you are, say, a painter. But at least most of them are big, and that's apparently the important thing. "

Mr Kimmerman in the New York Times weighed in, saying "the era of the giant strutting ego as the amusing subject of art at this moment seems wincingly passe".

Hirst himself recently said that some of his own creations were "silly" and "embarrassing" in hindsight.

"Certainly everything you make is not a masterpiece," he said.

But he believed some of his work would still be displayed in 200 years, he added.

Hirst 'sorry' for rotting remains
03 Jun 04 |  Gloucestershire


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