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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 March, 2005, 12:45 GMT
Jackson trial: Week one
A day-by-day account of the Michael Jackson trial, with all the key evidence, quotes and witnesses.


Witness: Davellin Arvizo, 18, sister of Mr Jackson's accuser Gavin Arvizo, returns to the stand for a second day.

Key evidence: The jury is shown a video made by Michael Jackson in which the accuser's family appear to praise Mr Jackson. The video was recorded two weeks after Martin Bashir's damaging documentary was aired.

Key quotes: "[Mr Jackson] was a loving, kind, humble man and all he wanted to do was good and happiness. I took to him pretty quick," Mr Jackson's accuser was heard to say on the video.

"He spreads his wings. He makes sure my kids are safe and happy - happiness they have never had. He's a true family man. He is an ideal family man and I appreciate him with all my heart," the accuser's mother said on tape.

Ms Arvizo told the court the family had been coerced into making the video: "We had been given a script."

Describing the singer's behaviour towards her brother: "[Mr Jackson] would constantly be hugging [him], kissing him. Any time I saw them, really."

Outside court: Asked how the first week of the trial had gone, Michael Jackson said: "It went very good."


Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch
Jurors saw a video taken inside Mr Jackson's Neverland ranch
Witness: Davellin Arvizo, 18, sister of Mr Jackson's accuser Gavin Arvizo.

Key quotes: "When I walked into the wine cellar, I saw Michael Jackson pouring wine into cups. It tasted funny and weird."

"Michael Jackson wanted for us not to watch it, the Bashir tape. He was kind of like upset about it. He didn't want to see it."

"We were scared. It was very aggressive," she said of a stay at the star's Neverland ranch.

"Me and my brother are very, very close. During all this, he didn't want to talk to me. He didn't want to be near me."

Evidence: Jurors saw a video taken inside Neverland, including Mr Jackson's bedroom, during a police raid in November 2003.

His bedroom, where the abuse is alleged to have taken place, contained a grand piano, an array of toys and dolls, piles of videos and pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple.


Witness: PR expert Ann Kite, hired to handle "crisis management" after Martin Bashir's documentary was shown.

Key quotes: "I felt it was absolutely beyond a disaster for Mr Jackson." Ms Kite on the Bashir documentary and leaked details of a 1993 allegation.

Ann Kite
Ann Kite worked for Mr Jackson for six days in February 2003
"This was a 25," she said when asked to rate the "disaster" on a scale of one to 10.

"Don't make me believe that these people were hunted down like dogs and brought back to the ranch," she recalled saying on being told the accuser's family had been taken back to Neverland.

"They had her on tape and they were going to make her look like a crack whore." Recalling a conversation with Mr Jackson's lawyer and her ex-boyfriend, David LeGrand.

Outside court:
"He's shown more anger than anything else. I haven't seen any depression. I haven't seen any dark side other than the anger." Mr Jackson's spokesperson Raymone Bain on how the star was coping.


Witness: British journalist Martin Bashir.

Key evidence: Prosecution presents Martin Bashir's documentary Living With Michael Jackson for the British ITV1 channel.

Key quotes:
"Well, Mr Bashir?" defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau asks of Martin Bashir each time the reporter refused to answer his questions.

Martin Bashir
Mr Bashir invoked a Californian law to stay silent
"Basically, I was accused of not representing the entirety of what I was doing to the person," says Mr Bashir, of a complaint upheld about a previous documentary.

"Kind of what you've been accused of here?" Mr Mesereau responds.

"It's a real ticklish area," says Judge Rodney Melville, as he considers a defence claim that Mr Bashir is in contempt of court for refusing to answer questions.

...and the defendant:

Michael Jackson nods his head to the beat of one of his songs as the documentary is shown to jurors.

He dabs his eyes with a tissue as he hears himself talk about his love for his children.

As he leaves court, he tells reporters he feels "good" but "angry".


Key quotes from opening statements:

Prosecutor Tom Sneddon:

"The private world of Michael Jackson reveals that, instead of cookies and milk, you can substitute wine, bourbon and vodka...

"It's not children's books, but visits to internet porn sites... magazines like Hustler, Playboy, Barely Legal...

"This case is about a conspiracy, it's about the train wreck caused by the Bashir documentary. This is also a case of Michael Jackson's exploitation of a 13-year-old boy, a cancer survivor."

Defence lawyer Tom Mesereau (who concluded his statement on Tuesday):

"The... children's DNA was never found in Michael Jackson's bedroom after searching and testing. The DNA isn't there because the molestation claims are false...

"Michael Jackson will tell you one time at Neverland he got a very bad feeling about these people" (reference to the accuser's family).

"Mr Jackson will freely admit that he does read girlie magazines from time to time. He absolutely does not show them to children."

His comments suggest the star may take the witness stand.

Michael Jackson on trial

Michael Jackson Jackson show
How the star's style has changed during lengthy trial








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