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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 12:55 GMT
Afghanistan pulls cable channels
Afghan people watch a movie in Kabul
Cable TV was popular with many in Kabul after the Taleban's fall
Cable TV channels showing raunchy Bollywood movies and foreign music videos have been taken off air in Afghanistan by the government.

Viewers have been able to watch foreign channels, including much-loved Indian films, since the Taleban fell in 2001.

Bollywood movies were banned under the hardline Taleban rulers.

Cable TV was also banned for a time in 2003 for being un-Islamic following complaints about "half-naked singers and obscene scenes from movies".

The BBC's Roland Buerk in the capital Kabul said cable channels had been off air for two days and it was unclear whether the ban would be permanent.

Waheed Mujda, a spokesman for the country's supreme court, said: "The high session of the ministers have decided to ban cable TV until a cable broadcasting law is made."

More than a dozen cable stations broadcasting from places such as India, Pakistan and Dubai have been available in Kabul.

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