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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 June, 2004, 14:51 GMT 15:51 UK
Last Frasier episode shown in UK
Frasier cast on set
Emotional farewells at the final taping of the show earlier this year
The final episode of hit US comedy Frasier was shown in the UK on Wednesday night.

The hour-long double episode, shown in the US last month, began at 2250BST on Channel 4, its UK home since 1994.

The comedy, focusing on pompous Seattle psychiatrist Frasier Crane, began as a spin-off of the comedy Cheers in 1993.

As the final series has drawn to a close on UK TV, internet retailer said sales of Frasier DVDs had risen 800%.

"Frasier has a huge loyal fan base and they appear to be very sorry about the imminent conclusion to their favourite show," said Rikki Price, Amazon's DVD editor.

25m viewers

"We first noticed a rise in sales over the last three months, when the series was announced as ending in the States," she said.

"Since then, sales have soared and we have seen an 800% increase in the lead-up to the last ever show this evening."

The last episode of the show drew 25 million viewers in the US - much lower than the 51.1 million who saw the finale of Friends.

The finale saw Niles Crane's wife Daphne give birth, Martin Crane marry his fiancee and Frasier attempt to set up a new life.

Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Former Cheers star Grammer has played Frasier Crane for 20 years

The show has won 31 Emmy awards - the TV equivalent of the Oscars - during its 11- year run.

Created by Cheers writers David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee, the sitcom poked fun at the highbrow neuroses of Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer, and his brother Niles, played by David Hyde Pierce.

Channel 4 broadcast a retrospective of the series at 2100BST called Frasier: Analysing the Laughter. It was followed by My Favourite Frasier, with celebrities picking their top moments from the series.

Are you sad to see the end of Frasier? What are your favourite memories of the show?

I'll be sad to see Frasier go. Whilst I didn't care much for Friends by the end, Frasier has managed to stay funny with its unique blend of slap stick, farce and gentle digs at bourgeoise pomposity. For me, the whole of the current series has been great. Shame is has been scheduled so late in the evening.
Debbie , London, UK

Frasier was undoubtedly the most well written sitcom of all time. The whole Niles infatuation with Daphne was pure genius and it will be sorely missed.
Liam OConnor, Glossop, United Kingdom

I loved Frasier, it was one of the wittiest and freshest comedies about and that it will leave a legacy is not in doubt. Am I sad to see it go? No. It was allowed to stagnate for too long to a point where, like Friends, it needed to be ended for its own sake. Yes it made money but the impact of the show would have been both bigger and better if it had been ended around the seven year mark. Certain shows, like Angel and Wonderfalls, have made their impact due to their abbreviated lifespan. Frasier's impact will sadly only be for its long run as the best years of the show are far in the past.
Alexander Wright, Manchester, England

I was a big Cheers fan and am still a big Frasier fan. They will always be like family members to me and I hope they make many come-back shows. One of my favourite shows was the Winnebago one and the line from Niles that goes something like "I am your brother, that means you are entitled to one of my kidneys or a donation of my blood but on no account does it mean that I have a duty to go on holiday with you and father in the Winnebago".
Louise, London

I think Frasier is the best comedy on television. It is extremely well-observed and the performances of all of the cast are first class; I've never seen a bad episode. That said, a show needs to stay fresh and I believe does have a natural life span. I will be sad to see it go, but what with all the 'classic' cable TV stations around, I'm sure will be seeing the repeats forever!
Imogen Dangerfield, Suffolk, UK

Am I sad? No. I watched every episode for the first few years but then I discovered just how much he is paid per episode. No one is worth that much and I have not watched it since. No flowers.
Paul, UK

Frasier will definitely be sorely missed from our screens - ever since watching my first episode at 13 I have been a faithful fan, the only consolation? Dire Friends went before it. I have a feeling that it may not be too long before we see one of the immortal characters showing up in a spin off series of their own.
Paddy, Belfast, N.I.

It will be missed by all fans such as myself but I think Channel 4 will miss it more as they don't have anything to replace it.

Frasier will, without a doubt be remembered as the US comedy show with class. It deserved every one of its Emmy nods, the acting was excellent, the writing top notch and the production values always top notch. Shame it has to end, but now was the time. Better than friends any time.
Will, Horley, Surrey, UK

Very sad to see it end. It was the best comedy on either side of the pond in the last 10 years. I hope that the next time that something of this quality comes along, Channel 4 won't relegate it to a virtually unwatchable slot for people who have to work the next day. Even the final (hour-long) episode doesn't start until nearly 11. Disgraceful.
Rebecca, London

Good show, good ending. For its ever-diminishing fan base it was a fitting finale. Frasier may not have had the viewing figures of Friends, it may have been moved to a later time slot in recent months, but Frasier never wanted to be the most popular TV show. It simply wanted to be the best, and it was.
Dave O, Paisley

I will miss everything about Frasier, especially Niles who l think is the funniest character ever. Well done everyone for such an entertaining series.
Jena Elliott, Manchester, England, UK

Frasier was a great comedy and I will miss it very much. Its upper class wit made it extremely funny. Favourite episode was when Frasier and Nile go to their old home and think their previous landlord had killed his wife, (turns out to be a skull from Shakespeare's Hamlet.) Makes me laugh every time. Sorely Missed.
Stuart Watson, Glasgow, UK

I'm in love with Eddy.
Gregory Andrew, London, UK

My favourite moment was watching the final credits roll for the last time on this smug, self-satisfied, middle class pap.
Mark Gregor, Bristol, UK

A wonderful series and a credit to Kelsey Grammer, he gave the rest of the cast so many wonderful lines. Unfortunately every episode that featured Daphne's family was a disaster and last night was no exception. It also says everything about the current Channel 4 thinking that we had 50 minutes of puerile garbage between Frasier On the Couch and the last episodes.
Ken Park, Rochdale, England

The first episode I watched of Frasier was my most memorable as it made me realise how good it was and I haven't seen it again since, it's the one where Niles keeps falling asleep and he falls asleep in several comic positions, like in the fridge. Extremely funny stuff and sad to see it go.
Daniel, Manchester, U.K.

My favourite episode is where Frasier and his Dad attend the opera, Frasier fancies this pretty women at the opera with her Mum. Frasier wants his dad to get close to the Mum so that he can get close to the daughter. Frasier's Dad makes out he's gay so that the Mum doesn't fancy him...and the plot continues: brilliant.
Gary Neill, Belfast Northern Ireland

I loved this show in the early days, but recent seasons just seemed stale. I think it should have ended after Daphne and Niles got together as it was never the same after that.
Dean Osborn, Cambridge, UK

I am sad to see "Frasier" come to an end. Over the years it has been one of the most consistently intelligent and hilarious US shows. That said, the final episodes were rushed and unfunny. Robbie Coltrane, Anthony LaPaglia and Richard E Grant were AWFUL (Why did all of Daphne's family have different accents?). A shame to end a great show on such a low note.
Iain Laurie, Edinburgh

Yes, definitely will miss Frasier. One of the few programmes that had a reasonably intelligent sense of humour throughout. Far too many excellent moments to narrow down - better off by concluding that overall it was a superb show populated with genuinely witty moments.
Phil, Hampshire, UK

I am very sad to see Frasier end. It was warm, funny, touching and witty. I have enjoyed all of the episodes, in particular the one where the whole family go away to a cabin and they have a French ski tutor Guy. The line from Niles "Guy I am not gay" makes me cry with laughter every time.
Abby, London

I have followed Frasier from his days in Cheers through to his own show. Both were excellent shows. There are so many things I loved about Frasier - the characters were all so wonderful (Roz being my favourite), the interplay between the characters, and most of the situations. Who can forget the flour child episode or the Moon Dance episode? Frasier's earlier staring matches with Eddie? Martin's chair? Roz meeting the parents of Alice's father? The sibling rivalry between Frasier and Niles? There are so many wonderful moments that make me laugh out loud or smile and yes, even cry. Thanks for 20 years of Frasier, 11 of those in his own show.
Stephen Carlin, Bangor, Northern Ireland

I'm very sad to see the end of Frasier, as it was, in my opinion, far better than Friends. It had better writing, was better acted, and was overall, funnier. It was an enjoyable 11 years. I don't honestly think that they will relaunch it again, despite all the talk. Part of its success was all the characters playing off each other. As he has moved, they won't be there, and new one's will not be the same. It's better to end it now, for good.
Neil, Oxford, UK

I watched it last night with a crying and a laughing eye. It was a good ending to the show, much better than Friends and I am sad to see Frasier and especially Niles leave. Compliment to the writers for delivering such high quality over all these years!
Franziska, Sevenoaks, UK

The funniest moment I remember is when Mrs Moon falls through the ceiling on the bed with a prestigious artist that Frasier and Niles were holding a party for. I laughed for 15 minutes after watching that episode and always bring a smile to my face when I remember it. Also who can forget the episode where Frasier books an orchestra for a 15 second promo for the radio station! Absolute class, well done, you will be missed.
Dean , Sheffield, UK

Without wishing to sound as pompous as the Frasier-meister, it really was a show that UK audiences could appreciate and relate to as it has a very classical, British-sitcom style, very much in the Hancock mould. Thanks be for the Paramount channel for keeping it alive and perhaps a UK channel would keep it alive, if they could afford the stars?! Phoenix Nights and Frasier evening Channel 4? Please.
Julian, Aylesbury, UK

The show will definitely be missed; Frasier has been a big part of my TV schedule for a long time. I was rather disappointed with the last episode, though; the first half of the two part episode was far too rushed as they scrambled to tie up three or four major plot lines. Whilst I can understand them wanting to finish things off, and to do so in their usual style of things not going quite right, it ended up looking clumsy. Perhaps a triple episode would have served the situation better.
Adam, London, England

Frasier is one of my favourite shows. There's depth to the characters, so it was sad to see the show end, but it was done really well. Frasier's character has developed a long way from his roots in 'Cheers' (my favourite show) and the style of the show is very different and well scripted. I didn't find Daphne's brothers amusing, but I don't think there's ever been a bad episode of Frasier. My favourite ones are those when Frasier got involved with the beautiful station manager and their activities were broadcast live on-air. I hope the rumoured spin-off goes into production soon. Will he ever get back together with Lillith? Ideally I'd like to see the re-union of the 'Cheers' team again.
Rich Allen, UK

Its a shame such a fine series like this was shoved away in a late night slot on a weekday after Big Brother. Why was this never given the massive exposure like Friends or X-Files. Another great US comedy leaves with very little to replace it.
Tony, Peterborough, UK

I used to be a big fan until about 2 years ago. Somehow Frasier lost its sharp wit and appeal. It became tedious. I guess all good things come to an end....
ML, London, England

I will miss the pompous prig and priceless one-liners enormously. A classy sitcom if ever there was one.
Susie, Edinburgh, UK

I'm sad to see the show go but at least it went out on a high. Over all the years Frasier has always remained great and constantly funny. Farewell Frasier.
Michael Newton, Hertfordshire

Without a doubt the best comedy on TV for a generation and it will be sorely missed by my whole family
Andrew Culley, Staines UK

One of the best US comedies for years, the latter series lost some of the sparkle but it matured well. Best episode for me was the radio play, so many funny lines in that one, especially from Roz.
Paul, Sittingbourne, Kent

I watched it last night and laughed out loud a few times. It was a good ending to the series with the character of Frasier starting a new chapter in his life. I am glad they ended the show well; there have been some episodes that were lame but at the same time some shows have been sublime; like the one where Frasier meets up with his ex-wife, the children's entertainer, and their libido's get them into trouble during a live stage show. What am I going to watch now?
Manjit, London, UK

Frasier was excellent and very, very funny. The later seasons were however very poor and seemed to lack any new ideas. The first part of the 'double bill' was rushed and very average. The second part was much better and had two excellent scenes (Niles holding a baby monkey and everybody thinking Frasier was dying!). What made the show stand out was the fact you knew the characters so well that you knew what they were going to say before they spoke a word. Also the mixture of humour including the relationship between the two sons and their father - abit like Only Fools and Horses. There are too many classic episodes to mention but one thing I have never worked out is why in Cheers did Frasier say his father was a Scientist and had died. Yet, years later his father was an ex cop and alive!
PD, Manchester

Without doubt the best US Sitcom of all time. The sublime comedy dialogues between Frasier and Niles were a tonic to the dire self-loving tripe that was Friends. It ended at the right time, and who knows, Frasier Crane may resurface in Chicago on our screens one day! In the meantime, hopefully Paramount will see fit to release the series' past number 4 on Box set!
Iain Fraser, London

It's true that after the Daphne/Niles storyline was resolved that the show lost it's 'centre', it still provided a few good moments. It was one of the great shows and it ending was quite moving
Gavin, London, UK

An excellent show that I've watched with much joy over the last 11 years. In its last years some schedulers moved its time, but Frasier stayed as brilliant as ever. I didn't miss Friends ending, but I will miss the end of a great Comedy.
Jordan Dias, London, UK

My mother will be gutted she is in the US for the final UK screening! We loved Frasier, but what were Channel 4 thinking, airing the last episode so late?? We'll certainly miss it.
Sarah, Northants, UK

Brilliant, Brilliant programme and to call it a sitcom is almost an insult - its so much more. Very rarely do programme have characters that feel like friends. It may be American but it was really a British comedy in that it was warm, quick witted and incredibly funny. A league above the dire friends. I don't think it really had a rough patch that some others talk about and am disgusted that Channel Four let its last two years be lived out in a graveyard slot. But what a fantastic ending - will be missed
Adam Thorn, Southampton

Great writing, great performances, and just like Cheers - a sad loss. But C4 killed it for many two seasons ago by burying it in a midweek graveyard shift. Not acceptable! What the hell were they thinking of? DVD purchases no doubt ensue...
James , Sheffield, UK

I have to agree with the comments on Daphne's family. They were excruciating! Why did the programme makers bother?
Calypso, Oxford, UK

Shame to see such a great show end, but that's life. What is appalling though is the shameful treatment it has received from Channel 4. When you look at the frenzied build up afforded the final episodes of Sex in the City and Friends it is a real indictment of the Channel 4 management that they should schedule the last two series of Frasier in the graveyard slot on a Tuesday. They have afforded it no dignity at all; they should be ashamed of themselves.
JJ Jackson, UK

Our favourite memory of the show was the 15 minutes with just Niles and Eddie the dog which ended up with Niles's trousers on fire that was a classic piece of acting.
Dawn & Mike, Likeard, UK

The final episode was very enjoyable although I do think it should have been given more exposure. I will really miss all the characters but especially Frasier's wit, OTT reactions and his pompous behaviour. I really liked the apt Tennyson poem he recited at the end too. Pity to see the end of a refreshing, intellectual comedy.
Sarah , Belfast, N.I

Early Frasier was an oasis of excellence in a desert of sitcom dross. The high quality of the writing and ensemble performances has rarely, if ever, been equalled over the last fifty years of television. The introduction of inappropriate characters, played by Anthony LaPaglia and Millicent Martin, signalled that the best years of Frasier were over. However, the wittiness of the scripts and the comedic talents of David Hyde-Pierce in particular will live long in the memory.
Dez Eldridge, East Sussex, UK

It's sad to see one of the best shows on TV finish. It a shame that the end of Friends got all that press and Frasier was practically forgotten about. I admit I liked Friends but even a not so great episode of Frasier was still better than any episode of Friends. It's a sad day for television. Thanks for the laughs.
Thomas, Coatbridge, Scotland

I too was sad to see Frasier go. Too bad, as others have said, that the last series was put on so late - why ? My favourite episode is the literary-themed Halloween party in Niles' apartment; Ros is waiting to hear is she's pregnant but Niles thinks Frasier has impregnated Daphne. Priceless.
Sam Vaughan, Oxford, UK

Frasier will be sorely missed. Friends lost its edge years ago, but Frasier remained funny - to the very last episode. I doubt there will be another comedy as well written and witty.
Tammie McCaulsky, London, England

Frasier is the best comedy from the US to hit these shores and will of course be missed by all who watched and appreciated the excellent writing and acting. Bad boy and naughty girl has to be the best episode with Niles airbag exploding in his face in the car....classic! Also who could forget the Radio Play episode...pure genius!! Its a shame Channel 4 relegated it to 11pm on a weeknight...the controller of programming needs shooting!!!!
Lee S, Basildon, Essex, UK

Great show; sad to see it come to an end. The best line for me was where Frasier had ordered a sort of "build your very own brain" model kit as a Christmas present for his son. After it was sent by accident to a Crane family in Kennebunkport, Niles delivered the line: "So the Cranes in Maine have got your living brain?" Class.
Tom, Bradford, UK

The funniest American TV show ever. Extremely clever and appealing to us Brits. Will be missed for its outstanding writing characterisation. Wept tears of laughter every time Lilith appears....and the episode in the lodge with the French skiing instructor was painfully funny!
Martin Hughes, Wiltshire

I hadn't watched Frasier for two years, until last night. I wish I had now - there isn't any other half hour comedy that comes close for quality of writing & characterisation (save the odd blue-ribband episode of Coronation Street). For anyone who's ever been the odd one out, Frasier has 5 superb characters to relate to! And its wonderful to know that not everyone else likes it. Niles & Daphne will be remembered as the comedy romantic duo of the 90s. Roz as TVs best adjusted slapper. Martin as everyone's favourite Uncle. And the central character himself - the sturdy scaffolding to the whole shebang. Thanks Frasier.
Simon , Hertfordshire

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