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Last Updated: Friday, 24 September, 2004, 15:22 GMT 16:22 UK
Rembrandt gets 25.5m price tag
Art dealer Verner Aamell with Rembrandt's Minerva In Her Study
Art dealer Verner Aamell hopes it will stay in Sweden
A Rembrandt painting with a price tag of 25.5m is due to go on sale in Sweden on Saturday.

The 369-year-old painting - titled Minerva In Her Study - is regarded as one of Rembrandt's masterpieces.

The asking price is believed by art experts to be the highest for one of his works.

Swedish art dealer Verner Aamell said the painting will be on public display in a gallery in Stockholm where it is hoped the painting will be sold.

'Significant' painting

He said he hoped the painting would stay in Sweden, adding it would not be auctioned.

"In that case, it will probably end up at the National Museum in Stockholm," he said.

"It's not exactly a painting you hang above your couch."

"We don't know if we'll be successful [with the sale], but we hope so," adding that several foreign art collectors have expressed interest in the painting

Art expert Claes Moser said the Dutch master's painting was the most significant painting to come on the Swedish market.

He said: "It's pretty spectacular that someone is offering a Rembrandt.

"We have a very small art market, since we're a small country. We're not exactly spoiled with works like this."


The most expensive art work sold in Sweden was a painting by the writer August Strindberg, which sold for 1.6m in 1990.

In July 2003, a self-portrait by Rembrandt was sold at auction for 6.26m ($11.3m).

Minerva In Her Study depicts the ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and war wearing and blue and grey dress, sitting at a table illuminated by light.

Before her is an open book and one hand marks the spot she is reading.

Behind her is a golden helmet, globe, spear and a shield bearing the head of the gorgon Medusa.


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